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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I spent a good part of the day in bed

But I've been up for a couple of hours, have dealt with the mail, have spoken to some people on the phone, and wished Brandon and his family happy trick or treating. It doesn't feel like Halloween. At work we dress up and the kids come around the offices to get candy. I had not decided what I would go as before all this happened, so I don't know what I would have come up with.

It's also Samhain night, a religious holiday for remembering the dead, among other things. Having had my brush with death this month, I'm just glad to be among the living.

It's hard to believe it's almost November. I need to go online and register for my work benefits for next year. I think I have until the 13th on that. On the 14th, of course, I had planned to fly to Chicago. That isn't happening. So November's going to be a good deal quieter than I had expected, just a few doctor's appointments and the like. At this point I don't know whether I'll be able to visit with my family for Thanksgiving. My mom's house has these steps that are pretty steep, and they're wearing out. They've gotten my grandmother up them in a wheelchair using a couple of stout boards, but my grandmother is tiny. I don't think I can get up them at all. It depends on where I am in my recovery, I guess. So I'll probably be alone for the holiday.

I really want to clean the house. I've dropped a few things here and there, and now that I'm spending more time here I see things that need to be worked on. When I'm better, I'm going to really have to consider de-hoarding some of my stuff; Brandon's three-year-old is right, there's way too much. It's not particularly valuable. A lot are books of course, but in my living room I also have two cathode-ray monitors that really need to go to the recycling centre, stuff like that. And maybe it is a little silly for a 45-year-old woman to have a lot of stuffed animals. Maybe.

Tomorrow I'm going to really try to do the dishes, at least the ones I can load in the dishwasher, and water and cull some of the plants. I'm still having trouble with those white fluffy bugs on the violets. Thank goodness Jill, my roommate in the library, is watering my plants there for me. I also need to take a baby wipe bath and change my clothes. Washing my hair may be an option once I get the dishes squared away, depending on how my balance is. It's been over a week; I've just been using the dry shampoo. What I do not want to do is stay in bed all day.

That said, I think I'm going to go back in there and read for awhile. Have a happy Halloween, and a good Samhain (it is also the time when in Celtic tradition, the old year gives way to the new). So happy new year (or one of them, anyway) :).

Got up a little later than normal

If anything I've been getting up earlier, but today I didn't get out of bed until 10 am. I'm not sure why I slept so long; maybe yesterday took more out of me than I realised. I've got 'X-Files' on the television (on BBCAmerica, which is a little odd). It's the fluke monster one. I was very much a fan of 'X-Files' when it was on, and even subscribed the comic book and I have the trading cards. Most of my T-shirts for the longest time were X-Files shirts I got while working at the comic store. I have a couple of mugs that say 'The truth is out there' but when you put warm liquid it it it changes to 'Trust no one.'. :) It's still a very good show, I must admit, even though I know most of them.

Now that that's over, though, I think I'll go do some reading.

Here's to shelter from disasters for everyone who needs it

Nowhere to run: Homeless battle elements as Superstorm Sandy hits
James, a forty-three year old homeless man, told the journalist that once a person has been in the system for 18 months, he can’t return for at least one year. “I can’t go back to the shelter system for another two months," he said.

James also stressed he couldn’t go to an emergency shelter, because those were aimed at people made homeless by the storm – not those who are permanently without a home.

“They don’t want us there. These shelters are for the good folks, the families that get evacuated. There is no room in there for me,” he said.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I think

I just ate the biggest apple in the history of the fruit. It was a Honeycrisp and took 15-20 minutes to devour, even though I was eating it enthusiastically. I think my appetite is coming back. I ate two tuna sandwiches as well. I'm craving fish (that's twice I've had it today), probably as some part of the healing process.

I was reading in the bedroom, basking in new-found light, when my mom called to check on me and I got to speak with my grandmother for a bit, as well. Then I texted with Brandon for awhile and realised I was hungry, so I came out here and fixed everything. I may be slow and have to employ nylon bags to carry things, but I get the job done. Tomorrow I'm going to try to tackle the dishes.

I hate that I really haven't had anything of real import to write about lately. The news is mostly about the hurricane (and my thoughts are with those affected), but I'm not directly experiencing that (thank goodness). The second biggest news story is Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm, and the potential of new Star Wars movies coming out. In fact, that was trending on Twitter earlier, as opposed to the hurricane. For YKWIA's sake, I won't post about the discovery of nine new species of tree-dwelling tarantulas.

There was this, which I think is kind of a sad commentary of the times:

Beaverton teacher named Oregon School Librarian of the Year but is no longer a librarian
The Beaverton School Board recognized Jenny Takeda Monday night for being named Oregon School Librarian of the Year.

But Takeda, who was the district librarian overseeing the circulation program for all 51 schools, is no longer a librarian in the district. She's a substitute teacher.

Takeda learned in late August that she had been named the top librarian, but it came a week after the district transferred her to teach third grade as part of its layoff/transfer process because of budget cuts.

I never actually fell asleep

but I almost dozed a moment or two. It wasn't the pain. I think it was just being a little revved up from going out. Plus every now and then I got an e-mail and the sound it makes on my phone is the same as for a text message. If I'd turned the phone down, I might have missed a call. So, I kept waking up with each e-mail, mostly political, 'vote for us' stuff. Since I've already voted, it's doing no good for them, and I'm not sending in money that I don't have within 10 days of an election. I'm irritated with all the e-mails I've received from the party and the campaigns--and yes, I'm talking about the Democrats, but I'm sure the Republicans are just as bad. They were averaging about five-seven a day for awhile, and I was also receiving some from some Florida Congressman whom I've never heard of and can't vote for because I live in an entirely different state. Also, 'come knock on doors' in Ohio seems kind of pushy since I'm not in Ohio. Well, you get the idea.

Regardless of all that, I did actually get some rest, and feel somewhat rejuvenated. I surfaced for food (another half portion of tortilla chips with black bean dip, as well as some sugar-free shortbread cookies). It looks positively dark and icky outside. My computer says it's 38 degrees. Winter really is just around the corner. We've been spoiled by relatively fine weather, I suppose. But I won't complain, because this is what we're getting of Hurricane Sandy, and millions of others are affected horribly. I am so glad that I do not live on the coast. With my mobility down, I would be at a higher risk for problems in the centre of a major disaster like that. I only today got some keys made for Brandon and YKWIA so if I fall or otherwise need help, I can call and they can get into my apartment.

I also talked with A earlier on the phone. He thanked me for his gift (a CD of the Zombies from the 1960s) and he's off for a few days' vacation so he may come visit me soon. When I was over earlier, he asked me when a good day would be and it amused Brandon terribly that I had to think because of course, with the exception of an appointment coming up, I'm home. I don't really have a full calendar these days. :)

Okay, I think I'll check on the news and then head to the bedroom for some reading. I had to charge up the Kindle. I hadn't been able to read in the dim light very well, so I had let its battery run down. I also have some books out from the library I'd like to go through.

I'm tired

Brandon took me out today for some errands and to go to the store. I mostly stayed in the car, but at Kroger I went around on one of those motorised buggies. We found a way for him to help me up and down the stairs that does not involve me climbing on all fours (it was raining), although I'm not quite sure how good it is for his back.

One of the things I did was deliver a birthday present to my friend A, who catches up with me in age today. I stayed in the car and he came out and talked for a bit, although we kept it short because it's pretty cold outside. I had not seen him in over two weeks so it was nice to.

After getting back, Brandon changed the light bulbs, put a lamp together for me for the bedroom so I can read properly, fixed my bed clothes, and took out the trash. His son lit the way with his Transformers action figure with a little red flashlight on it. :)

I think it's time for a nap. Then maybe I can try out the new lamp and read. It is a floor lamp with one light going up and two small side lamps for reading. :) I just hope I can reach the switches okay. It's another gloomy day (with a mix of rain and maybe a bit of snow) and I'm ready for some sunshine, although I'm not sure when that might happen.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Thinking of this as I watch the leaves on the wind outside

It's around by Libana:

Autumn time, red leaves fall
While the weeping sky looks over all.
Demeter sadly walks the land,
the dying grasses in Her hand.

It took me three days to eat through a

Whitman's sugar-free chocolate sampler; I still have some of the sugar-free Turtles as well. I thought that was pretty darn good considering my normal level of self-control. For lunch I am having half a serving of corn chips and spicy black bean dip from the Desert Pepper Trading Company that is, indeed, spicy, and it is also very good. I'm also going to eat a banana. That's a big meal for me these days. I'm looking at my Golden Wok calendar and considering ordering bean-curd Szechuan-style tonight for dinner. That would probably make three meals. Too much salt, probably, though. Wouldn't want to get too much of that.

It's gloomy and cold today and I think it's supposed to be the same tomorrow. So far I have made something like ten phone calls and received three, plus much texting. Brandon came over to put something in the bank for me and dropped off some mail. Tomorrow if I'm feeling up to it we are going to do some errands if possible, and he's going to help me with some things around the house, like getting light bulbs in, taking out the trash, and maybe making my bed. My sheets are coming off the mattress. I'm making a list of needs and wants for tomorrow. So tonight I'm going to try to get cleaned up and changed and ready for tomorrow's challenges.

Last night YKWIA cheered me up (I was bored and a little down) by giving me Big Bang Theory clips to look up and play on the tablet while he was on the phone. That helped a lot.

I've been up for awhile and now I'm getting sleepy. Is it bad just to go back to bed when it isn't even noon? It does seem like I'm heading that way. I need to look up a couple of things online first, though. I'll write later.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

I almost watched something on TV this morning

It was the pilot episode of a show I really enjoyed as a kid, called 'Voyagers!' with Jon-Erik Hexum and Meeno Peluce. It was on G4 and there were a couple of other episodes after. But it hasn't been remastered and the video and audio quality were such that I decided not to watch. But I remember the show well. I had a crush on Jon-Erik Hexum. He sadly was killed during filming of another series where he put a gun loaded with a blank to his head and pulled the trigger, not realising it had enough force to kill. I remember that too--didn't have to look it up.

'Voyagers!' was the story of a young boy plucked out of his time by a time traveller who had a watch-like time machine but who didn't have the operating manual or a great sense of history, either. They got into adventures in the wild west, during Nazi times, etc. It lasted a season. According to Wikipedia, it had 20 episodes and is on DVD. I wonder if the quality is any better on that?

Jell-O can give you perspective

This morning it was orange Jell-O for breakfast, with a spoon, obeying all safety precautions, and it all got where it was supposed to be this time. Sometimes life gives you a recheck on your perspective. A couple of weeks ago I was worried about tons of meaningless things; now I'm just focusing on getting better.

I need to call my family doctor on Monday to ask about adjusting my insulin. My glucose is running much lower than normal--not dangerously so, but normal, just not normal for me, so for now I've halved my medicine and am monitoring it closely, adjusting as it seems fit, but making sure I don't go too low. Once I'm well, I need to remember to eat one or two small things every two hours rather than actual meals, because this seems to be working to keep my blood sugar on track. For example, breakfast was a Jell-O cup and a trail mix bar. Lunch may be a serving of vegetarian chili and probably not even crackers. That sort of thing. I can tell I've lost more weight, but not how much. I wouldn't recommend it as a weight-loss approach, but there might be some good that comes out of all this.

I don't know

If my skin is dry, or just where it's not been technically bathed in awhile, or if I am at risk for skin breakdown from being in bed so much right now, but most of the entire back of me is itching. This leads me to conclude it's not the medicine, which would presumably affect my front equally.

I am keeping as much as I can clean with the baby wipes, but I can't reach my back. I shift position and get up and sit for awhile each day, and I have baby lotion for dryness. But I searched online for prevention of bed sores anyway. Since I am my own caregiver, and I am not trained medically, things that nurses or nursing aides know are not so obvious for me. Fortunately there is the Internet, and I am skilled at evaluating information sources.

It is the middle of the night, and I am awake, but I did sleep about five hours and feel better than I did. I very rarely just lie awake in bed like I have of late--usually when I have a bout of insomnia I am up at the computer. It makes me wonder, as I lie here, staring at the ceiling, what babies think when they are quietly in their cribs doing the same thing. We reflect on our experiences. What do they do, with their limited backgrounds? I would love to know what goes on in minds that young.

Okay, I'll check the news and try to go back to sleep. Good night.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

I am burning up

No, I don't have a fever; I checked. It's 68 degrees in the apartment with no heat on and 48 degrees outside. I don't feel well, but I couldn't stand to be in the hot bed anymore, even with the large fan, so I'm out in the living room with the little desk one going.

I was going to have a drink of cold diet soda, and so I put it in a bag, along with some Jello-O and a fork. (Yes, a spoon is the preferred way to eat Jell-O, but I was out of them, and it can, if you're careful, be done.) But I punctured the soda can when the fork went in and had to drink it quickly. Then when I went to eat the Jell-O, half the cup fell off into the floor, because of course, I'm messy at the best of times, was using a fork with Jell-O, and for some reason ever since this happened I shake a bit when I eat sometimes, ensuring that the Jell-O went to the nether regions of the floor. I can see it, but I can't get to it. So there's your fun visual for the day. Welcome to my life at the moment.

PS I managed bit by bit and with a great deal of determination to get the Jell-O off the wooden foot massager it was on and into a plastic bag to be thrown away. Yes, the universe mocks me, and tells me it is better to go ahead and wash your spoons than try something silly like eating Jell-O with a fork.

Up again

I didn't realise how tired I was. I went back to bed and just went out, dreaming, but I don't remember the dreams, just that they were vivid. I got up, got some ice water and microwaved a hickory-smoked veggie riblet from Morning Star Farms and ate some bread, and I'm stuffed. Then A called to check up on me.

The mail man just went by and is no doubt going to work his way back to here, so it's good I'm up. I'll check after he fills up the boxes. Since they're on the other side of my living room, I can hear when he comes. I'm sending out a thank-you card. Ah, he's walking up right now. Yay!

Okay, back in (it took a little while to get out and back). I got a couple of pieces of important mail, and a couple of junk pieces. But the thank you card was sent; they don't always see to take the outgoing mail.

Okay, I'm going to try to do something useful or at least enjoyable. Take care.

I did manage to fix the aquarium

So yay for me. Maybe I'll tackle the dishes later. There aren't many, and I might be able to if I can sit and do them. Trash is right out I am afraid, so I may have to wait until someone comes over for that. There are three steps in front if my building that I can only get up and down with some help, and a garbage bag would only make it worse. There is a back door, but it goes out into a sloping uneven yard with exposed tree roots.  I might be able to gather it all into a big bag for later, though. I have a small trash can in the bath, a grocery bag hanging on my bedroom door, and a slightly larger trash can in the kitchen, so it's no bigger than a standard kitchen bag, even altogether.

But for now I am sleepy and am considering going back to bed for a little while.

I had some insomnia last night

lying awake in bed for the longest time, finally falling to sleep around 4 am and waking up at 8. So I'm still a little tired. But since I've been up I've eaten some Jell-o, written out a thank you card to my wonderful co-workers, put it in the mail box in the hall, moved some dishes to the sink, filled some ice cube trays and put them in the freezer, all very slowly and deliberately but I did pretty well.

Brandon's almost-four-year-old was horrified the other day that I wouldn't be celebrating Halloween. I told him I couldn't really pass out candy (I didn't tell him we rarely get kids in the apartment complex). At work we normally dress up and the kids come around the offices trick or treating. It's fun. Halloween is my favourite holiday, both secularly and of course it's also a pagan religious holiday, Samhain (that's pronounced Sow [like the pig]-un). I might try at least to observe the religious side this year. Benjamyn also volunteered his mother to clean my house, because as he rightly noted, it is messy and there is too much stuff. :)

I'm actually at the computer right now, with the little fan I had at work plugged into it that Jill brought me. Today I need to check on the status of my library books and see which are coming due soon, especially if it's before my next appointment

What I wish I could do today:
  1. Work on the aquarium. The pump is working, but there's a clump of greenery that is in the intake valve and it's not really circulating the water well. But I'm doing pretty well to feed the fish and water the houseplants here.
  2. Take out my trash and recyclables-they're starting to get full.
  3. Wash the dishes (I'm not quite up to that; perhaps soon, when I have better balance and feel more confident).
  4. Visit my friends and their pets. Right now, I'd get knocked down, and they dogs wouldn't want to be separated from me very long so eventually they'd knock into a painful spot.
  5. Deliver A's birthday present. His birthday is the 30th. He's catching up to me, 45. I could mail it, I have a small bubble envelope, but I don't know the postage and don't want to put a whole bunch of stamps on the thing that would either waste postage or not be enough and it be sent back. Even the absentee ballot took $1.10, and this would be heavier.
It's been raining outside and has turned cool, so I'm glad I'm missing that. I did turn the air conditioning off (I've pretty much kept a fan running somewhere every moment I've been in the house. I feel better if air circulates.)

I feel like I could go back to sleep. Mabye it's the lack from last night, or the medication, or the gloomy weather. But I'm already feeling sleepy. I didn't really nap yesterday at all, except maybe for fifteen minutes every now and then.

Okay, time to get away from the computer and get everything that needs to be elevated up. I think I'll stay in the living are for awhile, though--the light's better. I have a feeling before this is all over with, someone's going to have to stand on my bed and change a couple of light bulbs; it's gotten rather dim in the bedroom.

I am doing a decent imitation of being clean

On tomorrow's agenda was getting cleaned up. I had basically been in the same clothes since Tuesday night, had gone through my period, and was, well as YKWIA put it due to his sensitive nose, pungent. And that was yesterday. Plus, I hadn't had a shower since the 12th, and I can't take one till who knows when.

So even though it's past one in the morning, it really was time. Enter the baby wipes and dry shampoo he got me yesterday. Every surface that could be wiped (they're not conducive to scrubbing--I tried) was, and the stuff was sprayed and massaged through my hair. Not great, but better on that front. I brushed my teeth. Add some baby lotion and deodorant and clean clothes from the laundry Wanda did for me, and I smell better than I have in days. Consequently, I feel better.

I also took all the well-wishing cards I received from work and taped them where I could reach them on the door as a reminder that people care about me and wish me the best. That was earlier, though.

So what is on tomorrow's agenda? A quiet day at home, I think. I don't have to go back out until rent time, around the first to the fifth, sometime. That's awhile.  I am going to try to sit up some rather than just lying in bed, even if it's only to watch TV or read.

I keep thinking tomorrow's Friday and I can make some phone calls I need to, but it's not and the places are closed on weekends. I lost a day or so, I guess. So that will go on Monday's agenda.

I wish we could play the game Sunday, but I am just not mobile enough, and the books for reference are across town.  So it may be awhile.

I'm not really sleepy, although I've been awake almost all day. I may play Jewels Legend (a fun Android game, and incidently, free) on the tablet or read the news for awhile.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Out of limbo and back home

It's been a difficult three days or so, but I am doing better and am hopefully on the mend.  I continue to appreciate the caring people in my life who are helping me get to appointments, making sure I'm eating enough and have the little things like baby wipes and waterless shampoo, and keeping me cheered with cards, e-mails, and phone calls.

I sent in my absentee ballot today, so I have voted. You have to sign several places and keep a flap attached to the inner envelope, really dot your i's and cross your t's, for it to count.

Really just wanted to say, yes I am in the world of the living and should be blogging more frequently. Hope your week is going well. Now I think I am going to rest for a bit. It's been a rough few days.


I am overwhelmed by the generosity and good cheer of my co-workers during what is a difficult time for me. I am truly blessed to know them both as colleagues and as friends. Thank you. It is most appreciated.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I just want to thank you

for reading this blog, whether you've been doing so for years, or if you're new to it. I started it eleven years ago (as of the 18th of this month) in an attempt to put my feelings into words. For the first time, I was able to really keep a journal. I chose to make mine public, and I probably overshare to some degree. Blogs like mine are part vanity, part personal journey, part information. It's never been a high-traffic site, but it's had a steady following, and I really appreciate that. I find it somewhat comforting that people out there actually are interested in what I say, at least to some degree, and that I'm not just writing things out into the aether, but there are real people sitting in front of their screens reading my words.

Tomorrow will be a difficult day for me. I can't go into the details, but I'm very nervous and a little scared. I've had reason to examine my own mortality of late, and while it is highly unlikely that anything so dire will happen tomorrow, it will happen sometime, so let me just take this opportunity to thank you for following along on my journey. May it be a long and (mostly) happy one for years to come.

For my friends and family, thank you for being with me and supporting me at a time of stress and pain. I love you all, and wish you the best.

Maybe I shouldn't read the news

Seriously? How could any human being do this to another for bike parts??? And at 15 and 17, they should clearly know right from wrong.

Brothers killed 12-year-old NJ girl for bike parts, authorities say
Two teenage brothers have been charged in the death of 12-year-old Autumn Pasquale, whose body was found in a recycling bin, a New Jersey prosecutor says.

Gloucester County Prosecutor Sean F. Dalton said Pasquale died in a manner consistent with strangulation.

"Preliminary investigation shows no signs of sexual assault,” Dalton said, adding “she was lured to the juveniles’ house where this crime was committed," Dalton said.

"It was for the purpose of obtaining parts from the BMX bike," he said.

Autumn was last seen around 12:30 p.m. on Saturday leaving her Clayton home while riding a white BMX bike to a friend's house. The girl’s parents called police after she never made it to that friend's house.

How terribly sad.

I can hear and see the little birds outside my window

Seeing birds almost always cheer me up, especially the small sparrows that flit about. I know over the years I've written about what the geese are up to, or various bird sightings. I'm a very passive birdwatcher; I don't go out seeking them. But I am fascinated by their delicate natures, their repertoire of noises, and their ability to fly. There is just something cheery about a fluffy sparrow chirping, or a mockingbird's song, or an owl's call. I don't even mind a crow's caw, and I can't help but count them. But maybe I'm a bit odd on that one.

I just had a wonderful breakfast

courtesy of Wanda, who brought me some things yesterday. It was a banana; a spinach salad with feta, walnuts, cranberries, and dressing; some orange Jell-O, and a diet Pepsi. Okay, maybe that's not everyone's idea of breakfast, but it's the largest meal I've had in days, bigger than last night's dinner of black bean veggie patty and lentil soup. My appetite is slowly coming back. I lost three pounds last week (and frankly, I can afford to lose some more).

It's sunny outside and sixty degrees, even though it's not even 10 am. I think this is our last hurrah before autumn really kicks in. I haven't been out since Friday, so I'm not sure just how nice it is. Unfortunately I don't have the leverage to open the windows. It would be nice. Tomorrow is supposed to be even nicer, and I do have to go out then, so at least it won't be raining and cold or anything.

I am determined not to let my lavender plant die, even though every couple of days it needs water. I'm keeping some water nearby so I can just tip some in. It really needs to be in a better pot, but that will have to wait. There are several plants that need to be culled; I'm afraid they've become infested with those little white fuzzy mealy bugs and there's no saving them. I can't put the lavender in with the pepper and rosemary for more efficient care (the others don't need to be watered as often), because it's been exposed, even though I can't see any on them. I remember my mom railing against those stupid bugs when I was a kid, and her sometimes fruitless efforts to save plants with them (especially jade plants, which seem particularly susceptible; that's what mine came in on).

Today I'm going to try to actually read and watch some TV. I have something set up in the living room where I can sit comfortably. The light is much better in the living room; there's more natural light and two floor lamps. In the bedroom I have trouble sitting up straight at my headboard (I need one of those study pillows, sometimes called 'husband' pillows, the ones with the arms on either side), but even then there's one bulb in an overhead light. I'm hoping that one holds out; otherwise someone is going to have to climb up on my bed to change a light bulb, and it sure isn't going to be me. :)

The last couple of days I've spoken to my aunts on the phone for quite some time. One lives in Georgia. She's my mother's sister, and the family constantly call me 'Sharon' accidentally because we're very much alike (especially in terms of talking) :). We both work in libraries; she works in a public library there in a rural area of south Georgia. The other one is my mom's brother's wife, also named Sharon (although being in the South, we have Sharon Sue and Sharon Ann to differentiate) and they live in San Antonio. We don't get to see or talk with each other much, so it was very nice to get to chat with them for awhile.

I'm having a little trouble remembering what day it is, and the date especially, and would be totally lost without appointments to go to. It's like I'm home for one long Saturday that never seems to end. I have a friend who is not grounded in time at all; seasons, day and night, that sort of thing he can do, but dates and days he's always mixing up. I'm beginning to see how easy that can happen. I'm trying to stay on top of the date, at least, because I have some library books due tomorrow and Thursday, unless I can get them rechecked. I haven't tried yet.

They're doing some sort of work at my apartment complex in a few of the other buildings, putting in some sort of pipe in front of them. This little loader of some sort keeps going back and forth between there, past my window, and to a giant pile o' dirt that is over by one of the Dumpsters. Last night they were still working after dark. It was a little odd.

I realise my posts have been a little, well, ho-hum. That's how things are around here lately. I'll try to get into the swing of things again and start posting about the news. To be honest, I haven't seen much. Something major could have happened and I'd have no clue. I think I've checked the news online maybe three times since I've been home, as opposed to my normal three times or so a day. I didn't watch the debate last night. So, I'm a little out of the loop. Of course, I already had my mind up in terms of candidate, and I'm hoping I get my absentee ballot today so I can send it back as quickly as possible.

Okay, I think I'm going to go answer the call of nature (never put that off when you're on low mobility) and then ensconce myself in the living room to get a little more serious stuff done before trying to actually do something to keep from being bored other than playing Jewels Legend (I'm up to level 31 or 32 now. There's over 200 levels per 'world', with two 'worlds'.) :)


'Big Bang Theory' is not on Netflix streaming. How disappointing. I do have the DVD subscription as well, but still. I actually was awake, got out of bed, and came out to watch it. Ah, well, perhaps another short programme. I am not up for a movie tonight, although YKWIA was telling me about a good version of A Wrinkle in Time that is on the streaming plan. I do hope to watch that soon.

Monday, October 22, 2012

I've never watched

'The Big Bang Theory', believe it or not, but YKWIA has been calling me with YouTube video descriptions to type in on my tablet, and we've been watching them 'together' over the phone, since I am stuck here for now. I think they are quite funny. Several people have said I would like the show, and they're right. Maybe when I am feeling a bit better, I'll try to catch up with them on Netflix. I know what it's like to be around a super-genius, after all. Fortunately the one I deal with on a daily basis is more grounded and multifaceted than Sheldon, although he does have his moments.  :-) I certainly wouldn't trade him for the world, no matter how much I feel like his Watson/Igor at times.

I never really got out of bed much yesterday

and didn't blog from the tablet, either. Sorry about that. Today was better. I've sent in some paperwork, have spoken to numerous people on the phone, and got something delivered that I couldn't go out and get that I really needed. A co-worker is bringing over a few things from the store and has offered to do my laundry. I really am amazed just how great people have been, although I did have to order YKWIA not to be comforting because he was going to tell me all the things that could go wrong, because he would find it comforting. Me, not so much. :)

Just a little later...Okay, my laundry is gone and she even took my trash out for me. I think it's time to get something to eat and drink and then head back to bed. Good night, unless I blog later.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

I feel less down now

Brandon gave me a pep talk both my text and phone even though he wasn't feeling very well himself, and that really helped. Later A called and checked on me. Bless his heart, he even said he'd do my laundry for me.

Despite that, it's been a gloomy day where I could barely keep awake most of the time. I kept falling asleep for an hour, wake up, fall asleep, wake up. I feel like today was some sort of half existence. Maybe things are just catching up with me, I don't know. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

I woke up at a loss

for what to do today. The ballot application is already in the mailbox. My mound of paperwork is almost completed and will be sent out Monday. But my Saturdays and Sundays are normally just as full or fuller than my workweek, and I'm just not used to not having a schedule, not having to go out and do things, or not having someone depending on my for something. So this morning I woke up and I knew I didn't want to stay asleep, but didn't really know what to do next, because I don't really feel up to much of anything. Even the Internet can work its magic only so long.

What I should do is get some breakfast and embrace a new day. But I'm not hungry. I could play some more Jewels Legend (I made it to level 19 last night), but I feel odd spending my life playing video games. Reading is more enriching, but I don't feel like reading much and haven't since my accident. I can't call YKWIA; it's Sabbath. And my other friends have been so good, but they don't need me calling and interrupting what they're doing just because I'm not feeling up to amusing myself. I don't feel like watching TV or Netflix right now. I don't know. Maybe I will go back to bed.

Be sure to watch this video all the way to the end

Missouri Pastor’s Fiery Speech Against Equal Rights for Homosexuals Has Stunning Twist Ending

The sad thing is in the article's comments, and the video's, a lot of people just don't get what he did at all. Thanks to George Takei for sharing.

I must say

That those light nylon bags LexTran gave out the last couple of Earth Days have been very handy. They fit over the handles of the walker and are great for carrying my phone (so many of my pants lack proper pockets), papers, food, any small, lightweight item(s). About the limit is a two-litre of water. I've kept one of those by my bedside, and I've been able to bring it in from the kitchen. The nylon could take something heavier, but I have to make sure the walker is balanced.

Friday, October 19, 2012

I got my absentee ballot application very quickly

and will send it back tomorrow. We have these locking mail boxes at our apartments (fortunately mine is on the other side of my living room wall), but when we want to send a piece of mail, we put a note saying 'outgoing' on our box and the postal carrier knows there's mail to go out inside. So, I'm glad for that.

I've had a hard time getting comfortable today. I wanted to take a nap earlier but couldn't fall asleep. I just ate a bit [roasted pine nut hummous and pita bread] and I think I'm going to try again.

I tried to watch TV earlier, but the only thing that was on that looked interesting was Thirteen Ghosts, and then I realised I'd already seen it, years ago with YKWIA, back when SyFy was SciFi. :) So I may watch a little Netflix later instead. It depends on how I feel.

It was kind of nice and sunny earlier, albeit windy, but now it's rainy and gloomy. It's cool, too. We're supposed to have a warm up next week, I think, and then autumn will really set in.

I had a double Filet-o-Fish meal at McDonald's today. That's four times I've had fast food (twice at McDonald's, twice at Taco Bell) in the last week, which is more than I eat fast food in probably three or four months at a time. I usually eat cafeteria food, but of course that's not happening now. Most of what I'm eating is pretty simple, usually cold or microwaved.

Brenda washed a few more dishes today and helped me with some things. I am very lucky to have good friends. We still haven't solved the laundry issue. I think another friend who has a washer and dryer in his house might do mine if I send it over with someone. That would be great.

Okay, I am definitely sleepy, and a little cold. I need to turn the air conditioner off, as the temperature is only 53 outside and will no doubt drop tonight. I don't normally run it in the autumn, but I was hot last night. I'll try to write later.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Long day

Normally, I would be waiting at the bus stop for the bus to take me home from work right now. On a good day, I might have just gotten home after a co-worker gave me a ride. I miss that place and the people there. They have been incredibly supportive, several sending me e-mails or calling on the phone to see if I need anything. I really am lucky, I think, to have such a workplace. Of course, I work for a charity; I suppose it's not surprising that many of them are caring and supportive people.

It's a beautiful day, breezy and the late afternoon sun is shining in on my plants, which have perked up since I watered them this morning. I had to be careful, and carried a two-litre container of water in a bag so I could still handle the walker, but I managed to give them some. The lavender especially was droopy.

I have been awake most of the day. I think you can only take sleeping (even me, who sleeps long nights) so far. Still I've been mostly in the bed, with my leg propped up.

I totally missed 'Supernatural' last night; I forgot to DVR it entirely. But the CW shows the episodes online, so that's good. I forgot it was Wednesday, you see. The days are already slipping into some sort of aethereal swirliness of confusion. I can only keep them straight now by when doctor's appointments are. That's kind of sad. I also missed the debate the other night between Obama and Romney. What is this 'binders of women' I keep hearing about?

Okay, I think I'm going to try to get something to eat and then head back to the bedroom, maybe listen to some music and try reading for awhile. I kind of wish I had a TV in the bedroom. It would be way too much trouble to try to reroute everything to there, though, even if I had people move things around. I'm not even sure I have an outlet in the bedroom. The loveseat just isn't particularly comfortable, although I guess I could put a folding chair with a pillow in front of me to watch TV instead of sitting sideways. Maybe I will Saturday night. YKWIA was telling me about an interesting British series he's been watching, and it'll only be the third episode. I don't know. I'm just kind of taking it one day at a time for now.

I don't know if I'll write any more tonight; I have to get up way early for an appointment. If not, take care, and hope you're having a good week.

Just for fun

I was curious, so I looked this up. This is what my horoscope said on the day I was hit by the car:
Changes may be taking place on the home front, Aries, perhaps unexpected repairs or someone moving in or out. Your household could seem frenetic and disorganized until the dust settles, which doesn't sit well with your love of peace and quiet. Whatever needs to be done is best accomplished one step at a time, with your mind focused on the results. It will help you stay sane!
[From: http://glo.msn.com/horoscopes/sunsign/daily?date=2012-10-12&sign=aries]

I know these things are general, as there are a lot of variables that aren't addressed unless they're looking at your exact time/place of birth, but yeah, I'd call this changes on the home front. Definitely unexpected. I am trying to focus on one thing at a time, though. It's really the only way to deal with what can easily be overwhelming.

Well, that was incredibly easy

Just called my county clerk and requested an application for an absentee ballot. I wasn't sure there was enough turn around time, but she assured me there was. I just had to give my name or social security number, verify the information they had, and they're sending out the application today. I then have to mail the application back, they'll mail me the ballot, and I have to get it in by 6 pm Election Day, so mail it back a few days before. Yay!

I'm getting a little better about using a walker

but going down stairs with crutches worries me. Unfortunately, I have three stairs in front of my apartment building (thank goodness I don't live on the second floor). Two are large enough for the walker; one is not, so I have to go up and down that one with crutches, and that's a challenge. I suspect by the time this is all over I'll be fairly good at it, but for now, it's not ideal by any means.

One thing I meant to ask Brandon was whether he was free on Election Day to take me to the poll, which is at Eagle Creek Library. I might manage to get in and cast a ballot...it's a short walk, in the meeting room right inside the library entrance. At lot will depend on how I am post-surgery, though. But on second thought, I could apply for an absentee ballot, but while there is time to apply, I don't really trust the mail getting it in in time, unless I'm able to really send it in with several days lee-way. The election is 17 days away, I think. Maybe I could do it. I'll call them later and see how likely it is. Because as bad as I am right now, surgery may make it harder for awhile, and I definitely want my vote to count.

The sun's coming up

I have never been a morning person, and until recent years was very much a night owl. I've discovered, however, that when left to my druthers, at least when on pain medication, I sleep for a few hours, then wake up and do some things, then go back to sleep, etc. I've done this on Saturdays sometimes, being up about four hours and sleeping about two for every four-hour block awake. Now it's more like sleeping for 2-6 hours, do something small, then going back to bed, of course, but that's because my body has undergone trauma and the medicine makes me sleepy. Yesterday I stayed up most of the day, though, then crashed for about five hours. Then I spoke to a couple of friends on the phone till late, went to bed around 2 am, and was awake about 6:45, just awake and ready to do something, anything.

Brandon is coming over and we're going to try to get me to the bank drive through for some money and then he's going to run into Kroger for a couple of things I need. Wish us luck.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Busy day

It's a good thing I have unlimited text and calls on my phone, as I've talked to lots of people over the last few days. In fact today I kind of got talked out. I also had a couple of visitors, including Brenda, who bless her heart brought me some things from other friends, including the world's largest package of toilet paper, I think, and who then stayed and washed my dishes and took out my trash, which was quite nasty.

I couldn't get comfortable at first after she left, but finally fell asleep. Now I am awake and feel better than I did earlier. I just cancelled my hotel reservation for the Chicago trip. That was the last detail to take care of for letting go of that. :-(

Woke up this morning

when the sun was properly up and realised that I had set my DOCLINE account (the service through the National Network of Libraries of Medicine through which we order interlibrary loans) to 'away' at least until the 30th and, but didn't reject the two requests in my received queue. I tried to log in to it via the tablet but my 'finger memory' for the account and password doesn't work when I'm swiping on a tablet keyboard. So, I got up, made it to the living room, and had no problem getting in at the computer. I went ahead and received them, then rejected them as 'OTH' for 'other'. There really is no other reason that covers oh, your solo librarian got hit by a car, and won't be in for awhile.

So that's taken care of, and those requests can move on. The people who set the account to 'away' are in Chicago, meaning they're probably just getting to work about now, so I did it before the request was set. I was afraid the two requests would get stuck as a result--I've heard of that before.

Feeling good (comparably) so far, although it's early in the day. I woke up about 6:45, went to the bathroom, took meds, checked my blood sugar, ate, that sort of thing, and went back to bed. I have to get my blood sugar down before the surgery. I've not been as vigilant with the diabetes as I could be because I've, well, been a little out of it. But the diabetes has to be in the best control I can do before surgery, and I'll have to watch it closely here on out because it will affect my wound healing. Trust me, I don't want to go from broken bone to wound care, to amputation. I may wind up in a wheelchair temporarily, but I want to stress the temporary part if I can.

I wish I could do something about the house. It's not bad, but there's stuff lying here and there, and there are dishes to do, plants to water, bathroom to clean, that sort of thing. I might be able to get a folding chair and get it to the kitchen sink (I probably should do that when I'm bathing anyway, since I just have the walker and one supposedly good leg. The water for the plants I could put in a two-litre bottle and in a bag. But that does put off the balance on the walker. I don't know. I don't want to take the chance on falling. I keep my phone in my pocket just in case when I'm up, and Friday after my appointment I'm going to get a key made for Brandon (who can get here quickly in a car) and for YKWIA (who should just have one on principle). I haven't been putting the chain on the door. If all else fails there's an emergency number for the apartment complex that I can use in the meantime to get them to open the door. And if I fall and hurt myself any more, I'll just call 911. That's the plan. Here's to no falls. The next time someone is over, maybe I can have them water the plants and take that chair over to the sink.

Okay, it's been awhile since I took the short-acting insulin when I ate. I'm going to go take the long-acting one and hopefully read for awhile. I haven't really done any so far; I haven't felt up to it. But I have several good books to choose from. One is one of the Jim Butcher books, which are set in Chicago. Maybe if I can't go, I can at least go there in my mind, reading. :)

I just remembered

There's a book fair at work tomorrow, one of those Books are Fun ones. Even though I was saving up for the trip, I'd been looking forward to it.  :-) Oh, well. They come every six months or so. I am sure they'll be back.

I thought it odd that I could go six hours with this medicine, rather than only four, then checked and it's a higher formulation than what the ER gave me. It certainly seems to be managing the pain better.

I think I am going to ask my office mate to bring me the fan on my desk for those rare times I am in the living area. I feel like I need air flowing and I only have the big fan in the bedroom.

Other things I need to ask for:
1) toilet paper
2) bread, oh, wait, I have some in the freezer, scratch that
3) hand soap
4) soda (a little; I've mostly been drinking water)
5) cheese
6) alcohol pads

The big grocery run is tomorrow, sans me, of course. I'll see if Brenda can bring me over these things and maybe return the library books I couldn't renew to the branch across the street. I have some due tomorrow. I'll check to see if more are coming due...the pre-op appointment Friday is on the same street.

Four days of sponge baths are leaving me feeling less than fresh. I also really need to do some laundry. Not sure how to work that out. Even if I had enough hands the laundrette is across the parking lot several buildings down, and down stairs. I have come to accept that someone is going to have to do it for me.

Okay, I'm getting tired. Have a good night. I think I am going to turn in.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Well, I had hoped for better

  1. I got the worst case scenario--I have an ankle fracture as well as the two metatarsals in my foot.
  2. If we can get the swelling down, I'll be having surgery on my ankle sometime next week. Good thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.
  3. I'm off work for now, unsure of when I will go back.
  4. I e-mailed the coordinator for the trip to Chicago and said that in all likelihood, I need to cancel. So, no Field Museum, no giant T. Rex skeleton as I take care of my bones.
  5. A little down tonight as a result. But I'm alive, at least. And also I have some more medicine for the pain, plus something to bring the inflammation down. This morning when they unwrapped my foot, it was this sickly swollen yellowy green, from the bruising. And, I'm back in the splint, non-weight-bearing still. And Brandon brought me pillows that are helping with sitting up and keeping the leg propped up.
  6. I have talked with a host of people today, whether friends, co-workers, business related to the accidents, etc. I am cheered by the willingness to help from all of them, and well wishes.
  7. Brandon took my by YKWIA's today, so I got to see him (albeit from the car. No trying to get me up any more steps than necessary.) It was good to see him. He is an odd best friend, and most people would not find him comforting. But I do, generally.
  8. I'm lucky to have good friends. I'm finding out I may have more than I thought. My definition of 'friend' is someone who you can count in in a pinch. And there seem to be quite more than I thought out there.
  9. Sooo, for now I'm going to count my blessings, and I'm going to try to focus on the positive.
  10. Really.

Terribly snotty this morning

Can't seem to clear my nose and head of the stuff. I'm out of the bedroom and dressed. I didn't wash my hair; it's 38 degrees out there. In quite a bit of pain, and it's only going to get worse in the next bit. Very uncomfortable overall. But I'm sitting up, have my (very light but packed) backpack nearby, and am ready for my appointment that's in a little over an hour. :)

Maybe I should just put it all by the door, take my phone with me, and go back to bed until Brandon gets here. The fan would help. Besides, I'm not hungry, but I should drink some more water. Oh, and as hope springs eternal I need a sock for a boot. Oh, please be a boot.

Okay, I'm off to find a bed and a sock.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Haven't really managed to post today, till now

The first part of the day was lots of phone calls to and from work, friends, insurances, hospitals, and doctor's offices. I even got one of those ocean liner calls where you've supposedly a won a cruise, but haven't really. Brandon came over to run an errand for me.

Then, I got in a funk. The pain pills are down to one half I'm saving for tomorrow morning's appointment. I got very warm (not feverish), and wound up taking everything off except the splint and lying in front of the fan. I'd turned the air conditoning off because it was supposed to be cold tonight. But the apartment is fairly warm as a result.

I've got an early appointment, earlier than it was originally, thank goodness as I want this splint off, too, so badly. Please send good thoughts. I need them. Best case scenario is a boot, worst would be surgery. I'll have to go with what is best overall, but I also want to go to Chicago and enjoy myself.  :-)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

I have not read the news for two days

One thing I am glad to hear about is the physical improvement and increasing support within Pakistan of Malala Yousufzai, the fourteen-year-old peace activist and advocate for girls'education who was shot, along with two classmates, by the Taliban. I meant to write about it here, and then well, you know the rest. I don't do cutting and pasting well on the tablet, so I won't link to a particular story, but I did manage to get her name right should you want to search.

I can't imagine living in such a repressive environment as that advocated by theTaliban, nor can I understand why anyone would try to kill a child for daring to suggest that all children should be allowed to go to school no matter their gender. School was such an important place for me as a child. I can't imagine not having that. My best wishes are for their recovery, and for peace and access to education for boys and girls alike in her country.

I actually managed to stay awake for about three hours

But then I crashed, big time, in the middle of a texting session with Brandon. I am hurting all over, not just the foot but my off knee and my arms from lugging myself around within the apartment occasionally. I called a coworker who had offered a ride if I decided to go in tomorrow and left a message to say I didn't feel up to it yet. I'll have to make a lot of calls in the morning to help them get my stuff done, but I have to go with what's best for me at the moment. About the only way I would feel okay about going in tomorrow is if I could use one of the larger wheelchairs there. I can keep it together for about ten feet on the walker at a time, whereas if I'm put in a boot Tuesday with some weight bearing I might be okay. Of course, they might cast me. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. I have seen the x-rays. They're not fun. So for now I am icing my splint a little and trying to stay awake.

I did speak to my mom earlier. She had not had her phone with her yesterday and had not seen the email I sent, so when I told her I was okay, she was happily giving updates on my grandmother and such, and then I mentioned the getting hit by a car thing and she was shocked. We talked for awhile.

I also was feeling a little lonely and spoke to YKWIA for awhile. He apparently told Brandon that putting me on crutches was like a boulder with toothpicks in terms of safety. I so agree with the visual.  :-)

There I am, getting tired again. I think I'll nap a bit after taking the ice off. Just a bit. And maybe listen to some relaxing music, like Loreena McKennitt.


Hair is washed, most of me has had a sink bath, and I am in shorts and a loose shirt. I played one level of Jewels Legend. I fed the fish and opened the curtain in the bedroom. Now I find I am sleepy again, so it's back to bed, I think.

It's amazing how getting cleaned up, especially washing your hair, can make you feel better, though. Or maybe that's just a girl thing?

Hey, I'm sitting up!

Not sure how long I'll manage it, but I am trying to give my CPAP (which has been running almost constantly for a day and a half) a break. So I am still in bed but mostly vertical, with the foot on a pillow, of course.

I want to take a sponge bath and wash my hair in the kitchen sink, but I'll wait for the medicine to kick in for that.

I have very little appetite compared to normal. Breakfast was a half a serving of broccoli casserole and some milk.

My arms are hurting from using the walker. If I continue to be non-weight-bearing for much time I'll hopefully build up some upper body strength.  :-)

I've tried to stay in good spirits and not complain too much. Hopefully soon this will be an unpleasant memory.
Okay, I think I'll play a game on the tablet for awhile and then try to read for a bit.

I'm in pain, but

I only have seven more pills, so I'm going to try to hold out for six hours between them rather than four for the rest id the prescription.

I sent my mom an email explaining what happened.

The walker is helping, although the hopping with the bad foot up only works for short distances, really, with my knee the way it is. I am beginning to get a grater appreciation of what our patients do everyday.

I think it would be best to go back to work after my doctor's appointment, when I'm out of the splint and into something better, and I have a better idea what's going on. Because I still do not have a backup person at work for part of my job, I've been thinking of ways to get it done, and I think I have a solution. As far as the library goes, I have email and can respond to article requests even on the tablet.  I'll have to set my Docline status as temporarily not receiving requests. The problem is the data entry. I have a backup on the referrals, at least. The other unfortunate thing is that while I have guides on how to do my data entry job, one of them becomes obsolete Monday, and it's something I only understood when we went over it as I was already familiar with the process. I am not sure I can explain it to someone who isn't over the phone. So that may have to wait for my attention Wednesday.

I haven't mentioned what this could mean for the Chicago trip. I won't know really until I see the doctor. It takes about 4-6 weeks for bones to heal without complications. The trip is in four. If I'm in a boot, there may be no problem. If I am in a cast, there may be, or, and please let us not have to consider this, if I have to have surgery, as that might mean having to cancel. So, I am not going to worry about it until I know more Tuesday.

PS I was looking at the police report, which includes a diagramme of the scene. I am a little figure on the ground, labeled Unit 2. Unit 1 is the driver, who happens to live in the same complex I do. It was apparently a Corolla that ran over my foot. Thank goodness it wasn't an Escalade our some other large SUV. The report is accurate. Yes, he should have yielded, but he apparently didn't see me at all. I am not sure why, as visibility was good. I won't speculate. I find myself oddly not upset at him. I just wish it had not happened, obviously.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Today I:

  1. Took a sponge bath.
  2. Dressed myself.
  3. Laid in bed most of the day, except for bathroom and food breaks.
  4. Got the police report of the accident, and all the details seem correct as I glanced through it.
I did not manage to wash my hair, and it looks hideous.

I haven't managed to get a hold of my mom, but I've talked to A on the phone, Brandon both on the phone and in person when he brought me some things (including Taco Bell, which I discovered can be comfort food. Messy comfort food, but nonetheless, comfort food.) I've talked to Rhoda on the phone and she's stopping by with some things, including a walker, to see if I do better with it than the crutches. If not, I don't see how I'm going to manage to go to work on Monday, although I am doing a tiny bit better with the crutches. Part of the problem is there just isn't a lot of room in my apartment. I have 750 sq. ft. filled with things like books, and paintings, furniture, etc. :) So we'll see if I can do better with the walker.

It's sad that I've been sitting up for an hour or so and I'm already tired again. After Rhoda leaves, I think it's back in the bed I go. Even most of my blogging has been on the tablet. My bed is a little nest right now, with everything I need within reach, or even in the bed. I've got a pair of loose pants with pockets I can put my phone in just in case I fall or something. Let's hope that doesn't happen.


The pain is waking me up every 4-6 hours like clockwork, so I go get a little to eat so my stomach's not empty and take some more medicine. My apartment is small, and not particularly known for wide, open spaces, so the crutches have been a challenge, but I think I'm getting a little better on them.

My toes look good, and the swelling has not been too bad so far. They told me to keep an eye on that and come back to the ER if there were any problems.

This is the most awake I've been in several hours. I really should read or something. Unfortunately my bed does not make for good reading, with two pillows, one to prop the foot up and one to prop me up with. I'll try to rig something up. And when I'm better, I'm going to go out and buy two more pillows. :)

Ok.I guess I'll go back to bed. At least I can turn off the wall switch with a crutch.

Friday, October 12, 2012


"I think this is what pain feels like."--Captain Hammer, Dr.Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

It's not unbearable, but bad enough whenever I move at all. I iced everything earlier (foot, ankle, and both knees) and that helped, including with the swelling. It's almost time to take another dose of pain medicine, after which I'll no doubt miss two hours as I sleep. It doesn't make me sleepy, I just go out. Can't understand why people abuse them, as they don't make me high at all. Apparently Percoset is the best thing for me. Now Lortab does make me high, and itch horribly, so I won't let them give it to me. I didn't like that feeling at all.

I had to charge my phone due to the well-wishes from my friends, coworkers, and Facebook people (some of that overlaps quite a bit). It was rather heartwarming. I remember last year when I was doing my advanced funeral planning, I remember thinking how many people would come. I don't have a ton of friends, after all. Well, I almost found out. The fact that it could have been far worse is still sinking in. If he'd been going faster, as many do at that light, if I'd hit my head, etc. I might have died. These are all very sobering thoughts. Fortunately, I may not have walked away, but I wasn't critically injured, either.

Okay, time for the pill, and back to sleep. I haven't felt like reading or doing much else today. Hopefully I'll feel up to more tomorrow.

'You can get hit by a car and live'

So said a former acquaintance's four-year-old daughter when she got bumped by a car years ago. Well, I have to admit, it's true.

I was crossing Richmond Road today on the way to catch the bus, obeying all traffic lights and laws, and in the crosswalk. A man turning left with the yellow caution arrow came into me, running over my foot and hitting me on the right side. Fortunately for me, 1) an EMT and physician on their way to work both stopped and prevented him from trying to move me, 2) they called 911 and stayed with me, giving me a quick once over, making sure I was breathing okay and knew my name and such, 3) they kept him in place until the police and ambulance arrived, 4) there was a police report and the driver does have insurance, and 5) if you're going to get hit by a car, it's always nice when you're within sight of a hospital.

The folks with the police, EMTs, and St Joseph Hospital were great. I'm not clear just how extensive the damage is--at least two bones in the foot are quite broken and possibly the ankle, judging from my paperwork. They put a splint on me and gave me crutches, and I'm to see an orthopaedic specialist to determine eventual treatment. I called and got an appointment for Tuesday. The biggest problem I have at the moment is the crutches. My right leg is my normally good leg, I have arthritis in my left knee. So I'm putting a lot of pressure on it since I can't put weight on the right. And of course, there's quite a bit of weight to put on one leg only. I had some crazy idea of trying to make it into work today after everything until I tried the crutches and found I am virtually immobile at the moment. I'll work with them tomorrow and see if I can get around the house. Then we'll tackle going back to work. Thank goodness I have a sedentary job.

Thank you to Brandon for getting me home, getting my medication, and getting me something to drink. He'll also be taking me to my orthopaedic appointment. [Bless his heart, texting 'Dont panic. I got hit by a car today' just didn't go over well, and I worried him terribly]. Thanks to A for calling and checking on me, and Brenda for her offer to get me food if needed or anything else I need. And thanks to YKWIA for letting everyone know what happened. Also to the folk at work for being understanding and offering to take me home.

Okay, I've eaten, had something to drink, taken a pain pill (I hate the things, but there are times they're necessary), and I am going to retreat to my bedroom and get my leg elevated.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Well, for better or worse, I put in for the extra day

I think I can manage the trip without spending much in the way of cash until I get paid, which will happen the first night I'm in Chicago. I called the hotel to make sure I would get the group rate if I went up early. The reservation clerk told me there were only 3 rooms left for that day. I talked to my boss, who approved the extra day (we had a miscommunication where he thought he had already done so, whereas I thought he was mulling it over). I sent in my travel request immediately and the folks in Chicago are starting to work on that. So, I committed to a three-day trip, and hopefully I'll get to do my sight-seeing. The museum I'm going to is only $35 for an all-inclusive pass to experience all the exhibits. I can buy a day pass for the L and buses at the airport. I plan on taking a cab back to the airport at the end of the trip, but that is reimbursable, as will my food on the last two days (some of which will be provided at the conference). I'll probably eat in the hotel on the first night and then go out with a group for dinner on the first day of the conference. So, yay! I feel much better today.

I also found out that part of my job is expanding somewhat in that I will be putting more entries in than I currently do. So, I'll have to make even better use of my time while still trying to do referrals, do all the data entry, and run the library. :) I'm beginning to think I should ask for a raise on the data entry job, as my 'added duties' are becoming a big part of my work life.

I got the package from Amazon today that had my friend's birthday gift and my desk fan in it. It's a five-inch black fan that folds up and runs on either USB or AC USB adapter. I got it approved by plant operations and then ran it this afternoon. It's got a little noise to it, but the amazing thing is, I did not become sleepy during my data entry at all. Normally I do, and I always chalk it up to my blood sugar being a little high, but I think the lack of air circulation tends to make me sleepy. I work in a fairly small cubicle, and sometimes it gets stuffy in the afternoon. This was like an instant wake-up pill. The fan only has one setting, but it was reasonably priced and seems to work well. It's angle is very adjustable. I'm seriously thinking of getting another fan (a bigger one) for the living area at home so I don't head to the bedroom to lie in front of the one there, or have to move it back and forth. Maybe then I wouldn't turn in so early.

Tonight I'm going to try to straighten up the house a bit. There's the couple of shows on TV I wrote about last night on; I may watch or DVR them.

Man, it's only 5:47 and the light is fading. Usually the sun is streaming through, at least when I get a ride home, like I did today. But soon it'll be dark when I leave and come home from work--daylight savings comes to an end on the first weekend of November. Not fun. It'll be even worse. It's a good thing my winter coat is light blue; otherwise the bus drivers might not see me. I'll definitely be wearing it tomorrow morning--tonight it is supposed to get down to the upper 20s to low 30s with a frost warning out My little pepper plant is in, with a few peppers started on it. I hope it does well for awhile.

Okay, time to get away from the computer for awhile. After all, I spend most of my day on it. :)

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Just watched

'Dr Horrible'a Sing-Along Blog' on TV (it was on the CW), and I must say it made the transition from webseries to TV pretty well, although on my tiny TV you couldn't see much of Bad Horse's posse. But it was fun to watch and sing along. I particularly like the songs 'My Eyes' and 'Brand New Day'. If you haven't watched, please find it online and do so. It's fun. You can learn more at DrHorrible.com.

Also, there were several commercials for the series premiering tomorrow on CW called 'Arrow' (based on the Green Arrow comic books. I must say the man playing the lead, Stephen Amell, is, well, hot (thankfully, I am not quite old enough to be his mother, unless I had him at 14, so I feel fine about lusting a bit). I may watch 'Supernatural' tomorrow and give this a go just to see what it's like while I'm on that station. (Incidentally, of the two Winchesters, I prefer Sam (Jared Padalecki), although two friends prefer Dean (Jensen Ackles). But it may just be me liking the more 'sensitive' character. Oh, well.

Okay, having partaken of Dr Horrible goodness (or, actually, evilness), I think I'm going to turn in. Good night.

It looks like I may not be able to go for the extra day in Chicago

I can pay off my credit card and have that before then, but my flexible spending account just flatlined and so I'm going to have to pay for some medicine I already have, which will eat into the cash I was going to have for the trip. The hotel is $200 for the night I'd be staying on my own coin, but for everything I'm thinking I'd need nearly $400 and I'll have more like $300. I would have enough money on the second day of the trip (I get paid then), but not on the day I'd be out doing things on my own. I don't know if I can juggle things to work out. I was going to use the credit card for the room, but if I used it on Wednesday and then paid for the room with my debit card after I got paid, it might be possible. If not, there's no sense in paying for that room if I can't do anything but sit in it. I don't really feel comfortable not knowing if I'll have enough money to pay for things in another city. I did that last year (although I was lucky enough to go to Chicago and back on $20. Really--but it was a source of much stress.) I have till Monday to decide. I'll run the numbers a couple of times to see if there's any probability I can swing it. I really do want to go to the Field Museum without bankrupting or stranding myself in the process. :)

Monday, October 08, 2012

Funny how

I ordered a package from Amazon, which left their facility in Hebron, Kentucky (home of the Cincinnati airport, which is actually in the northern part of our state and not in Ohio), which then zinged up to Indianapolis rather than coming south to Lexington. I do not understand the package transit system. :) Ah, well, I'm sure it will get here soon, they're very good about that. But I really thought it would come (mostly) straight to me, since it originated only 79 miles/1 1/2 hours away. Silly me. :)

How a frustrating game module became pretty fun

Usually in our game of 'Call of Cthulhu', which is based off HP Lovecraft's fiction and in our case is expanded to include things from other game systems, the campaigns (which take up a whole book) are the hard ones. But we were playing a seemingly normal module out of one of the books, just a single adventure, that seemed to be a straightforward missing persons/serial killer thing with a twist of evil, but it rapidly became horrific in many ways. In fact, last week's session was so terribly frustrating (we were totally brain dead, and being beaten by an evil bug thing that was possessing people and making them do truly horrible things) that Brenda and I begged to stop and have a week to think about our next move.

This week's session did better, although we wound up with five gravely hurt comrades put into a stasis so they wouldn't just die, plus one comatose and without a face. The evil bug thing had jumped from the evil cultist into three of our non-player characters in succession, doing such mayhem as slicing throats, causing arms to wither magically, and striking people mad. It jumped into one of our people, a necromancer with powerful telekinetic power (I know, those may not make sense if you don't follow sci-fi or horror genres, but trust me, it's bad), who then ran into a frat house. Carnage ensued. We were there, trying to get the bug out of him, and he was crushing each of the player characters telekinetically. In desperation my character, who can create fire psychically, set him on it, making him let us go and driving the bug out of our friend (who was horribly burning in a column of fire), used the magical net gun to capture the bug, skewered it with the sword, extinguished the fire with a thought (didn't know I could do that, or the column thing, having just thrown fireballs before), put the burnt necromancer and my companion, who was minus three on hit points into stasis, and then stacked everybody up like cordwood and took them to somewhere I could heal them over several days.

More happened, of course, but that was probably my shining moment, where I was forced to make some decisions that are going to have impact, and maybe will be for the worst, but in the end, we lived another day. Welcome to the exhilarating world of role-playing games (and not those things on the computer). Granted, most of the adventure was investigation. But the climax was quite good. Yes, we had a lot of missteps, but in the end, we triumphed. Of course, there is a swarm of these bugs in the fictional Goastwood across in England, so we may have to deal with those bugs again. And somewhere, there is a queen....

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Had a fun day with friends

doing things like making kugel and watching a movie, In Time, that was pretty decent. Now I'm home and I have to do the game notes. And of course I forgot the Ars Magica book that has spells that could have helped in the game. I'll have to see if I can get finished with the prep stuff early so I can get a look at it before Brenda shows up.

Brandon texted me a picture of the car he and his wife just got. Yay! It's a pretty blue and a hybrid, and not very old, so hopefully it will get them around quite well. And maybe me on occasion. :)

Okay, I've got things to do. Hope you're having a nice weekend. I'll write soon.

Friday, October 05, 2012

I'm burning up

The temperature is 67 degrees outside. I had all three windows open, with the fan in the bedroom on high, and I was very hot. I had to shut the windows for the evening, as 1) I live on the ground floor and 2) there's a line of storms bringing cold Canadian air through tonight, so it'll get down to 45 and only get up to 58 tomorrow at best, hence no reason to put on the air conditioner tonight. I don't know if it's just hot and muggy or if I'm having trouble regulating my body temperature these days. So I'm drinking something cold in the hopes of cooling down a bit.

On that note, I ordered a small fan from Amazon to circulate the air a bit in my cubicle. It's five inches across and plugs into either an AC plug or USB. It's not a major cooling fan like the fancy one I saw that you put water into a sponge, I didn't really need that. But I've been getting a bit stuffy, not so much hot as that. I'm hoping this works out. I also ordered a friend's birthday gift so that it can get here in time. We're going to Alfalfa's the first weekend of November (the weekend after his birthday) to celebrate. I haven't been there in awhile and I'm looking forward to it.

The drink isn't really helping. I feel just sticky. I think I'll go lie down in front of the fan without the comforter over me. I may have to break down and take a cool shower. Good night.

Was that just a senior moment?

You know it's bad when you realise your glasses case isn't in your purse, you wonder why, and where your glasses might be, and then you realise that they're on your face, that you wore them to work today, when you normally wear contacts.

Gee, either I'm tired or I'm losing it. Time for a nap to see.


It's always nice when Kentucky (and Lexington, in particular) gets good national coverage...

Washington Post: The Impulsive Traveler roams the public square of Lexington, Ky.

Apparently the Republicans (surprise) don't get computer gaming, and I think in this case it's going to backfire on them

This is absolutely ludicrous, let me just say that as a preface.

'World of Warcraft'-playing candidate: 'I'm a real person'
Colleen Lachowicz is a long-time health care worker who works with teens and young adults. She is a wife and a step-mom. And she likes to knit.

But this week, the 48-year-old Lachowicz — who is running as a Democrat for the State Senate in Maine — abruptly found herself a the center of a Republican smear campaign because of one of her hobbies. No ... not knitting.

Lachowicz is a gamer. More specifically, the Republican party of Maine discovered that Lachowicz enjoys playing the online role-playing game "World of Warcraft." And, on Thursday, the party launched a campaign to out what they are calling her "disturbing alter-ego" and her "bizarre double life."

The Republican Party not only launched a website, they sent out post cards to voters in her district and even issued a press release — all of which showed off the level-85 orc named Santiaga that Lachowicz plays in the game and also highlighted online comments she had made about the game....
Is her opponent's campaign so weak that it can't handle things like, oh, issues, and has to try to get voters to think she's a horrible person because she takes on a role in a fantasy world? Doesn't that just mean she's creative? Or that she's playing with people from all walks of life, all over the world. That's good, as far as I am concerned, from a political viewpoint. Or that she's somehow aberrant because she is a gamer (one of millions who play games online, on gaming consoles, or gee, the type I play, where you sit around a table with pencil and dice.)

Gee, I thought Mitt Romney was out of touch with real people. Seems the Republican party in Maine is as well.

Despite my love of fantasy books

I am not really a fan of Tolkien's books, of which I've read little, but I must admit, a trip to New Zealand, where the movies for both The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit were filmed, does seem lovely. My main trouble would be the many hours on a plane above water, and of course I'm usually cash-strapped and such. But it is so beautiful there, it would be nice to see.

New Zealand’s Hobbit Trail
The hill is perfect — steep, shaggy and as green as a radioactive shamrock, like the matching hills around it. The sheep seem pretty idyllic themselves: polite little nibblers who only sometimes block the road.

As for the oak tree on the hill’s crest, it is quite literally perfect. Every flickering leaf was handcrafted, right down to the spidery plastic veins, a tribute to the meticulousness of Sir Peter Jackson, the movie director who staged this place, even creating the pond. (Where better for Paradise Geese to land?)

You are standing in Hobbiton, the place where J. R. R. Tolkien’s furry-footed Hobbits came to life in Mr. Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy and will soon reappear in his “Hobbit” prequels. The sky is dramatic, with sunbeams radiating like spotlights from behind thunderheads. You are woozy from the two-hour car ride from Auckland on a twisting two-lane road (nonstop chatter from Mr. and Mrs. Fanny Pack standing next to you doesn’t help), but a few deep gulps of the agrarian air is restorative. And no matter how stubborn, cynical or reluctant you may be (we were all three), this place is most likely casting its spell.

How very sad

Bodies found after landslide buries Chinese school
The bodies of 18 children have been found after a landslide buried elementary school students and a villager in southwest China, state media said Friday. Rescuers found the bodies as they scoured through rubble at a village after the landslide struck the school and two houses in Yunnan province, state broadcaster CCTV reported.

One person is still missing, CCTV reported.

The students were studying Thursday during a public holiday to make up for classes disrupted by recent earthquakes.
Since then, another body has been found, according to:

Death toll rises to 19 in SW China landslide

My thoughts are with the families of those lost.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

After talking with YKWIA

for quite some time on the phone, I have decided to heed his advice concerning the tourist venue of choice (I do sometimes heed his advice, despite what he may tell you). Having a logical mind, he very rightly pointed out that I would enjoy the Field Museum more than an art museum because I have a science background, love natural history, and will actually understand what I'm seeing much more than I would looking a pretty pictures whose significance I don't really know much about (art history was something I learned as a conjunct to history and classics, but it would be better to go if I could take him along, since he has both studied art history and is an artist as well; sadly, I cannot do so.) Not to mention, the thought of a T. Rex skeleton (and I believe Sue is the one that Harry Dresden rode in one of Jim Butcher's books) warms my science geek heart. So the Field Museum it is. :) Now if I can just get that extra day off.


Since I left work today I have gone by the bank, done a major grocery run (filling my utility cart, my backpack, an nylon bag, and a regular grocery bag, and paid my rent. It took me almost an hour to schlep the stuff home on the bus, because I narrowly missed one and decided that I should wait for the next (they're 35 minutes apart during the day) despite having some frozen food, because the traffic was so bad I wasn't sure I could make two blocks, the majority of which has no sidewalk, carrying and pulling everything. My back and neck are not happy with me, but at least I didn't bring them the whole way by foot. Now I have put the groceries away (my refrigerator and cupboard are full to bursting, which is unusual; I'm hoping they last a couple of weeks and with winter coming I'm going to try to keep more food in the house). I brought the fan out of the bedroom into the living area and opened the windows. I'm eating some Tuscany bean salad, along with marinated artichoke hearts and mozzarella. Kroger has it on their Mediterranean bar. It's something I treat myself to on occasion.

I fell asleep last night before the so-called debate [I don't think they really follow the rules of true debate], but I printed off a transcript from CNN today. Nothing in it changed my mind in terms of voting, of course. I must admit, though, I will be quite happy when this whole election is over. I'm a staunch Democrat, for example, but I'm getting a slew of e-mails asking for money, even though I tried to opt out of them, at two different e-mail addresses. I haven't been able to give any, and I may not be able to this year, which I regret.

What I am trying to save my money for is the Chicago trip in November. I'm trying to stay an extra day beyond the conference so that I can do some sight-seeing. I think I can swing it (the extra night alone is $200 for the hotel, and that's at the group rate plus taxes, as opposed to the $100 more it normally is), but one of my bosses has to approve the extra day. See, I still don't have a backup person for one part of my job, and the data entry is on a time schedule. I'd been approved for two days, but we're going to have to work something out for me to be away three. Hopefully we'll do that. I have to turn in my travel request form by mid-October. How often do you get airfare and one night at a hotel paid for? Of course, last year I went up to Chicago with $20 in my pocket and neither credit card nor money in the bank, but I was extremely lucky.

I can't see everything I'd like to, of course. I'd have an afternoon and a morning to see things. The four big attractions I'm considering are the Shedd Aquarium, the Field Museum of Natural History, the Alder Planetarium, and the Art Institute of Chicago, but I'll probably only be able to do one or two of them. Good thing this gig lasts three more years after this one. :) Of the four, the Field Museum and Art Institute are top of my list. I've been to both an aquarium and a planetarium (although I'm sure these are larger and quite possibly better), but I've never seen a real Picasso or Monet, for example, or a T. Rex skeleton of doom.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Good for her!!!

TV anchor responds to bully's weight critique on air

TV news anchor Jennifer Livingston took a hurtful e-mail attacking her personally due to her weight and made it a teachable moment about how we are all responsible for being models of behaviour to children to prevent bullying.

Monday, October 01, 2012

Better late than never

As of today:
  1. I did laundry.
  2. Finished and submitted my book review.
  3. Renewed and took back library books.
  4. Took out the trash.
  5. Took out the recyclables.
  6. Straightened up a bit.

Saturday and Sunday were crazy busy

so I didn't blog, didn't watch 'Doctor Who' (even though it was the mid-season 'finale'), and didn't get much on my agenda done. I did spend some time with friends and did laundry on Saturday, so that got done, although I schlepped it across town and back (thank goodness for my little utility cart). Sunday was the cleaning, the Kroger run, and the game, which features an extremely difficult opponent and ended with Brenda and I begging to stop so we could regroup and think up something to deal with it, as we were becoming frustrated with our lack of progress, and several characters were incapacitated or near death. Afterwards the game master and I had a very good yet painful discussion on how I might be able to increase my effectiveness (my character was in charge), not only in the game, but in real life, by tackling a particular fault I have.

Last night I was awoken about 2 am by a dog barking furiously, something that in the eight years I've been here just doesn't happen. There's not much noise in my complex, there's a firewall between my bedroom and the next apartment, and I actually ventured outside to see if there was a dog in distress, it was just so unusual, and it sounded just like a friend's dog (for non-'animal people', each dog has a 'voice' of their own). I'm sure it was just a neighbour's dog. But it was a little difficult to get back to sleep.

Despite getting to bed at a reasonable hour, I'm having some difficulty with just how dark it is when I wake up, particularly on a day such as today, which was a soggy, rainy mess. I was not a zombie today. I went in and got a lot accomplished, including the book review I needed to get in.

Thankfully I was able to get a ride home, and I opened the windows and then promptly took a nap. (Not a sleep, but a reasonable nap. I find that if I lie down right after getting home, while the afternoon is not too late, I am much more likely to wake up and be productive later, rather than the scenario where I do things, play on the computer, and then peter out by 8:30 or 9 pm.) Now I have to get some things done around the house and if I have time, I'll watch the first of two 'Doctor Who' episodes I need to catch up with.

By the way, I meant to write the other day that as I stood at the bus stop Thursday, I was accompanied by a pretty orange butterfly who spent the entire 20-25 minutes in one place, fanning its wings (I think it was drying off; we'd had some rain.) I love butterflies (Eilir actually means butterfly), and it was nice to see one up close for such a protracted time. That is one nice thing about being a paedestrian rather than a driver; you get to see the details along the road.

One of my friends posted a quote on Facebook

Creativity now is as important in education as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status.--Sir Ken Robinson
which reminded me of this song by the late Harry Chapin. Another friend introduced me to it several years ago. I think all education majors should be exposed to it before they get near a classroom...