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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Maybe I shouldn't have put this reminder

On my phone,  but it counts down and shows on a widget how many days to an event.  I have this many (124) until I lose my job at Shriners Hospitals for Children, reaching the milestone of 20 years of service a short time before I am laid off.  But I thought it might encourage me in my job search and work on library decommissioning in the meantime,  so I wouldn't put things off.

It's the last of a long weekend

and it was a very pleasant day. I went over and cleaned my friend's house, and although I brought my laundry over, he wanted to hold off on that so he could take a shower, which didn't materialise before I left, so I'm going to do mine and his tomorrow evening after physical therapy, if I can. I left the clothes over there. I'm still good on clean clothes, after all, although sadly, my belt that I've had for something like 30 years old (and is technically three sizes too small, but it's one of those braided leather belts, so they stretch and can be put through the braid) is finally fraying to the point where I don't think jeans or my belted pants are an option. I found one in my size, non-braided, but with a double tang, for $9 at Amazon, so I ordered it. It's not eligible for two-day shipping through Prime, but the shipping was free if I waited till December 2nd through 8th. So my old belt just has to last till then, hopefully. I haven't been able to find anything suitable locally for less than $30 or $40, so I'm hoping this will work.

I also have a wallet case coming for the new phone and a fast-charging car charger, since the S7 has that capability, and I'd rather use a Samsung charger than a third-party one. But both were less than $10 each, so I thought I did alright.

I went out just a little while ago, feeling the need to stretch my legs, and I went to Rite Aid to get a sharps container (well, two, really, but they only had one out on the shelf). I also got toilet paper and some paper towels, because I hadn't gotten them in awhile and only had toilet paper because YKWIA had given me some.

I texted my stepfather about my mom today but haven't heard back. I guess no news is good news. I'll call tomorrow if I don't hear from him.

I got home about 6 or 7 this evening and have just kind of relaxed. I did fall asleep for about an hour, but got up and completed my goals for steps and activity level by going out. Tonight I have to get A at midnight, and then I need to go in just a little bit early at work because I have a 5:20 pm appointment with PT, and I have to pick up YKWIA on the way, which is a lot to do when you normally get off work 20 minutes before the appointment. I'm doing much better pain-wise; right now I'd say my pain is about a 3, and that's at the end of the day. I actually took my heating pad back over to YKWIA's so he could use it, as I haven't been. I'm moving much better as a result, which is good, because I have some materials on my table at work that really need to be moved, and I've been avoiding it until the flareup subsides. I also want to work on the house some, weeding books, this week, and maybe put up the holiday tree sometime, maybe into next weekend. I definitely want to get it up before my procedure, so I don't have to fool with it then.

Okay, I guess I could go look at the news for a bit--A is supposed to call me in a half-hour or so. Just from what I've gleaned from notifications on my phone, it sounds like Trump is tweeting madly as usual. It amazes me that anyone his age could act the way he does and not get a stern talking-to by an aide or publicist. But I guess when you have that much money, people tell you whatever you want to hear, which disturbs me in terms of the coming four years. Throwing a tantrum every time someone does or says something you don't like is not a way to 'lead the free world', and he's going to have to grow a much thicker skin to succeed as president. I mean, look at all Obama has put up with for eight years. But the man has dignity, which is something I think Trump will never have.

I've been recuperating from Thanksgiving

We put so much effort into the meal, and it turned out great, but I think we all (or at least the two people making the meal) had to relax a little over the next couple of days to fully recharge. I simply do not understand how people make Thanksgiving happen and then go out for Black Friday (or even on Thursday) and shop like mad. I don't do that. One, I do not have the stamina (if it's shop till you drop, I'd drop easily enough, at least after three days of Thanksgiving preparations), and two, I hate crowds. Absolutely. Especially crowds behaving badly. So my Friday morning was a matter of sleeping in, and then I went about 1 pm and picked a friend up and took him somewhere, and then returned home and relaxed. About 5:30 pm, I was having trouble with my phone, a two-and-a-half-year-old Samsung Galaxy S5 (the battery was finally starting to give out--it wasn't charging well, might even have been overcharging, and when trying to get into it at full charge, or sometimes at other times, the screen was flashing green, and then nothing; it was also turning itself off at 17%). I was considering going out to Batteries Plus and checking out the new batteries, but I stopped by T-Mobile instead, thinking they could at least verify what I thought was happening. They're in the same area anyway, maybe a few yards from one another.

Turns out T-Mobile was having a trade-in special to upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy S7 or iphone 7 for Black Friday. With the credit from my phone, which was in very good shape otherwise (just missing that stupid charging door, which had fallen off a mere two weeks or so ago), I just had to pay $8 down and will have to add $5 to my phone bill for awhile. Not bad, really. The majority was given as a credit on my next bill, the rest as a credit for the equipment charge, hence the $5 per month rather than the usual $15 or $20. I went ahead and had them put a screen protector on and got a couple of cases while I was there. They added that to the the equipment charge, bringing up to just over $5, and I paid another $6 or so out-of-pocket. Not bad for a $684 phone plus about $60 worth of accessories, really. So even though I don't 'do' Black Friday, I saved quite a bit.

They transferred some things (pictures, contacts, etc.) from one phone to the other, transferred my microSD card (which the S6 did not support, which is why I didn't upgrade before--there's a little tool that you use to open the drawer, actually, which was a little odd), and then they wiped the old phone while I looked on. The whole process took a little under an hour. They didn't go ahead and transfer applications, because I had over 400, but I went into the 'my app' area of Google Play and got the ones I wanted back, then got a couple I have through Samsung, and some from Amazon that had been on the old one. So a lot of last night was geeking about and setting up my new phone.

Today I went over early to YKWIA's because he had a vet appointment, so we loaded up the dogs and went up the road to the clinic. They got a great check up, he picked up some heartworm/flea medicine, and we brought them back. We hung out, watched a little 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' ('The Magnificent Ferengi', a great episode), and some other videos, took a nap at one point, and then I got a call from the hospital in the town where my mom lives that she'd been brought in by the EMS and they needed permission to treat. I gave it, then tried to find my step-father, as they said no one was there with her and they couldn't reach him. I even had the police there do a wellness check on him, as his health isn't great, and I thought maybe someone else had called the rescue squad and he didn't know what was going on. But they told me he had been the one to call, so we figured he was probably there and the hospital hadn't realised it.

I went to the store to pick up some things for both YKWIA and myself and to get more containers for the soup and salad I forgot the other day for myself and A. We loaded up the containers and I went on home. John, my step-dad, called me, and he'd been at the hospital the whole time and didn't know why they'd called me. We talked and he let me know how things had been going. He'd come on home, so she was doing pretty well for now. She has some chronic health issues that require regular treatments, and the University of Kentucky didn't do them over Thanksgiving, so she missed one, and it caused a flare-up. They just have to get her levels back down and she should be okay (for now). But she'd been in the hospital just two weeks ago, for the same thing, so that's troubling. Last year she spent most of the holiday season in the hospital, so it seems to get worse this time of year. I'm going to play it by ear and once the car is fixed this week, I may be able to go down and see her.

Later, the hospital called back, and was asking questions about her medicine, and I pointed out that her husband would know more about that than I; I live in a different city entirely, after all. I mean, I was nice about it, but it's like they're ignoring him or something. Then she said (this was about 9:30 pm), oh, do you think he'd still be up at this time--I hate calling people this late. And I'm thinking, well, you called me. I guess I'm still in the category of young enough that I wouldn't be in bed by 9:30, which is funny, because I was. :) Anyway, I'm glad they did call me. John's good about letting me know when she's having issues, but still. And it would just have delayed her treatment for them to hunt him down, even though according to him, he was sitting in the room with her.

I just got back from giving A a ride home (he gets off work at 1 am on Saturday). He's ecstatic over the University of Kentucky's win over the University of Louisville in football tonight. I don't really get the whole sports thing, really. I gave him his food, saw him to his home, and came on back. Now I think I'll head on to bed. Good night.

Friday, November 25, 2016

I think that counts as crashing

I came home, put the food away, did my little blog and Facebook entries, and proceeded to go into the other room, get into my p.j.s, and went straight to bed. I woke up feeling a little uncomfortable (my back, neck, shoulders, and arm are feeling much better, but my feet are really stiff--and I didn't stand as much as the others). I got up to take my medicine, brush my teeth, etc., and had a couple of things from out of the refrigerator. All in all, the hard work we've put in over the last few days, from slicing squash in two with hacksaws to whipping cream and sugar into stiff peaks, was so worth it. Things have been very difficult for all three of us this year, and so it was nice to come together for a good meal. We didn't do the salad or the gougers; we decided we could do those another day. For reasons I can't go into, difficult reasons, YKWIA decided to go all-out this year after all, when originally it was supposed to be scaled back. It was uncertain we were going to be able to pull it off, actually, and while I contributed a lot of work to the endeavour, I really didn't help with the finances, because I couldn't. Every spare dime I can drum up right now is going to the car repairs next week, and they're going to help me with it because I give them rides everywhere--otherwise it would have had to be put off, something that would not have been good considering the car needs a brake job and a new ball joint.

But it all worked out. It was a good day. It was almost like old times. I'm going to have to take some ibuprofen tonight (for reasons I won't go into, I may need to drive tonight, so I can't take the relaxants). I'm sore. Poor YKWIA laid down while we did the clean up. It really takes a lot out of him. I do a lot of the prep work, but he's the main cook, keeps all the recipes straight, orders them in terms of staging, etc. Plus he'd had a few 'sippy, sippy' moments as we cooked, and a small glass of wine at the table (A and I do not drink--I was driving, anyway, and I can't drink half a glass of wine without going under the table, plus I never really developed a taste for alcohol of any sort, and about the only thing I enjoy drinking is mead, which is very sweet, as it's made from honey).

Okay, I'm going to take my meds, brush my teeth, and try to go back to bed. I'm off tomorrow (yay). Good night.

Thursday, November 24, 2016


It was three to four days in the making, but here is what our Thanksgiving feast looked like (completely vegetarian--the round roast slices on the plates are Quorn, which tastes like turkey but is made from mushroom protein). We also had rolls, mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts with chestnuts and pearl onions, green beans with shallots, stuffed butterkin squash, pumpkin soup, cranberry port sauce, pumpkin pie with vanilla ice cream, and for drinks we had homemade lemonade and ice tea, with our host having a bit of wine as well. I'm thankful that we were able to spend good company together and for the leftovers that I'll eat for the next few days. :) Hope those of you who celebrate were surrounded by love ones and good food. Have a very happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Home again after 1 am

We cooked from 5 pm to 12:15 am with one break during which we watched 'Ugly Betty'.  I am pooped.  I am going to bed,  as I have to get A and ice and get them over to YKWIA's by 9 am. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who celebrate it.  Good night.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


We went to Good Foods Co-op and three Kroger stores,  hunting for ingredients for Thanksgiving.  Then we made pumpkin soup,  a vegetable dip (not for dipping veggies,  but rather made from veggies to put on crackers). YKWIA also made fish cakes for us to eat tonight.  I just got home.  At least it's a little earlier than last time.

Tomorrow is a run to Costco and Fresh Market,  and then we'll toast hazelnuts,  make cranberry sauce with port,  a pie, and put together an apple salad.  That leaves nine of the fourteen dishes to make on Thanksgiving.

Okay,  I'm going to go to bed.  Good night.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I found out the other day

That my phone will take panoramic photos.  This is one of my library at work.  It's small,  but it's home.  I will so miss it.  It's hard to believe that I have to dismantle it over the next four months. :(

It's after 1 am

And I just got home.  I went in early this morning to work,  got off work early as a result,  went across town to get some medicine for a friend and myself,  came back across town to go to my appointment,  which went well,  went to YKWIA's,  visited awhile,  took some food to another friend,  took YKWIA to Kroger for Thanksgiving shopping,  helped him out away groceries,  and watched the last episode of 'Little Britain'  with him.  I'm pooped,  and sore -- especially my feet.  I took some ibuprofen just now,  and some tizanidine, along with my other nightly meds. Here's hoping that helps. Now I'm in my pyjamas and while I haven't put the sheets back on the bed,  I'm just going to sleep tonight with a blanket and sort about the bed linens later.  Good night.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

I have been up a half an hour

and in that time I've gotten my laundry together, including stripping the bed, packed my book bag with all the stuff I'm taking with me, checked my phone notifications, opened the blinds, got the last of the bread with some honey, got some caffeine, and in a minute I'm going to take my medicine and after that hop in the shower. All in all, I'm doing much better than yesterday, especially as I went to bed at 3:38 am, or at least that's the last I saw the time. Oh, I also removed an application I'd tried on my phone. I thought it was supposed to gently wake you up with light, and maybe it does that, but when the actual alarm happens, it sends light in a pulsating pattern through the flash, and it's practically seizure-inducing. It's called Glimmer; it's a nice concept but it's definitely not for me. I don't have epilepsy, but I get headaches around pulsing light, like copiers (which is why I always close the cover) and strobes. It is one of the reasons I've never been into clubbing. (That and I don't drink, and have social anxiety. Okay, there's lots of reasons for me to stay out of clubs.) :)

It looks like it'll be a bright, happy, if cold day (46 for the high). I'll be inside most of the time, though, except to take the trash and litter out and dump the mop bucket. If I can get all my work done, and we can watch the movie, then maybe I'll be home before or a little after dark, and can work on more books. That reminds me, I should take books over to YKWIA's, but I need another box, or it'll be too heavy to put them all in there. Hmmm...maybe I can temporarily put them into the grey totes I have. That's a thought. Ideally, I should just bring him to my place, I know, but I don't think that's going to happen. I know he'd rather me bring them to him. I wish we could do Thanksgiving over here in a way (his oven needs adjusting, which is putting the cooking time and temperature off), but I think my place is just too small to cook ten dishes for three people. Even using my table in the dining area (which is also where the microwave is) would not really work, I don't think, but I'd give it a try in a pinch. I have a kitchen island in the kitchen with a drop leaf, but it's hard for more than one person to work in there at a time with that leaf up, and the leaf goes towards the oven. Also, he hates cooking on electric. But we'll see. And I might get more pierogis for Thanksgiving, as A hasn't had any yet. The four cheese ones are still over there, but the feta/spinach ones are excellent.

Okay, I've eaten and had some caffeine. Time for meds and shower. Have a great day!!!

I feel a little like Goldilocks

The last time I bought a toothbrush, I accidentally got 'medium' and well, I have sensitive teeth, and it's kind of harsh. Then the dental hygienist gave me one that was 'sensitive' that is so soft, the bristles are starting to bow after a very short time. Enter the brush my dental insurer (Aetna) gave us at our benefits meeting last month, all packaged up with a travel cover, and it's just right, 'soft' without being too soft, and it's got one of those doo-hickeys on the other side for your tongue (funny, I just brush my tongue). Anyway, I'm all ready for bed; brushed, flossed (yay for Habitica), medicine taken. I've had a lot of caffeine, so I'm not sure how long it'll take to sleep, but I feel good. Even my arm, shoulder, neck thing isn't hurting much, just a twinge. I realised, looking at the calendar, that I didn't make an appointment with my physical therapist on this upcoming short week, but it may be okay. I think I'm almost back to normal. We'll see, anyway. And I have it the next week, so if I start hurting there's that, or I'm sure he could try to work me in if needed this week. Of course, I have an appointment after work on Monday, and YKWIA has one on Wednesday, so I'm not sure how that will work. But if I feel as well as I am right now, I'll be back to my old self.

I got on the computer to look at feeding dried brine shrimp to goldfish. You can, but they're rich, so they're not everyday foods. I'm almost out of their regular food, so the shrimp might help it last awhile longer, especially if I crumble it up fine. I want to get pellets next time for the goldfish food, as they're better than flakes and don't make as much mess. I have Betta pellets, but I don't know if those will work. I guess I can Google that as well. [The answer is not really--Bettas eat a lot of protein, as carnivores, and goldfish are omnivores. It won't hurt for a feeding or two, but it shouldn't be done regularly.] If I recall, goldfish have fairly small mouths, although they're just a fancy carp, so I might have to cut the pellets with my fingernail. I just have to get through three more days, though. Also, I'm having a bit of a toilet paper crisis (how appropriate, given my earlier post). Tomorrow I will have to ask YKWIA for some; it the meantime I still have those supposedly flushable cloths made by Cottonelle (they really shouldn't be flushed, you should see what they do in the sewers) to tide me over.

I hope I get one of these jobs I've applied for so that I won't be going down to the wire like this on a regular basis. Most of my next cheque is going to the car repair, even with my friends' help. But hey, even though it's 15 years old, it just passed 62,000 miles, so it's doing pretty well, and I'd like to keep it that way. :)

Okay, it's 2 am. I'd like to get over to YKWIA's for laundry, housecleaning, and the movie Ant-Man from Netflix by 9 am if possible. That may also be a 'we'll see' sort of thing. :) Anyway, have a good night. Hope your weekend is going well.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Well, the closet so far is a success

There were gaming and older books from the early- to mid-twentieth century in there.  Roughly two-thirds of them are now in an overflowing box to be taken to YKWIA's and,  if he's not interested in them,  to the Lexington Public Library.  That leaves some comics to go through and a shelf of collectible cards,  including a complete set of 'X-Files' cards from 1996 that can be sold to a collectibles store or put on eBay. All in all,  I think it was successful.  The gaming books were the hardest to part with,  but I was brutal,  and really asked myself which I might ever really need.  The other books were easier....Will I ever read The Five Little Peppers?  I kept a few, like Black Beauty,  which I adore and might read again happily.  But Nancy Drew and the Boxcar Children went.

The idea is to,  after the closet books are taken care of, begin weeding other shelves to make room for those books.  The shelves in the closets,  which are metal, can then be taken out  and either be put to better use or gotten rid of.  I may use them for plants in the living room,  if I can put them so they don't actually block the windows. Or they may go in the walk-in closet for small items that can survive if the ceiling,  where the air conditioner pan is,  leaks. We'll see.

So I've read,  listened to music,  relaxed,  made bread,  and worked on the books.  I've also been online a bit,  blogging and going on Facebook and Habitica.  I'm going to try to contribute in Habitica by answering questions and the like for newer folks. I've joined guilds for people interested in contributing to the site.

Okay,  I think I'll do a little more reading--lighter stuff this time. I am also charging my tablet after finally finding the cord during an intensive search.  :)  One of these days my house will be as organised for myself as much as I organise other people's collections.

Today is World Toilet Day

That might bring a smile to your lips. Sounds silly to you, even, maybe. It's serious. Well, except for the poo haiku, below.

With thanks to Fred King, who forwarded this yesterday to the MEDLIB-L list from the USAID list:

World Toilet Day

Today, 1 in 3 of the world's 7.4 billion people do not have access to a toilet. In recognition of World Toilet Day, tomorrow, we call attention to what a significant issue this is around the world. A lack of toilets in health facilities and at home is a major cause of illness and poor health outcomes, including diarrhea. Women and children are affected disproportionately by inadequate access to sanitation services. Without adequate access to them, women and girls are liable to miss school or work during menstruation or may be put at an increased risk of sexual assault. Investments in sanitation can help prevent childhood diarrhea, which is a major cause of under-5 mortality.

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and its partners work to save lives and advance development through improvements in sanitation access and use. USAID invests in sustainable sanitation improvements for schools, health centers, hospitals, and households to enhance public health and unleash greater economic potential in partner communities around the world.

Since Fiscal Year 2014, USAID and its partners have helped 4.3 million people gain access to improved sanitation.

Learn more:

* Learn more about USAID's water, sanitation, and hygiene efforts. https://www.usaid.gov/what-we-do/global-health/maternal-and-child-health/technical-areas/water-sanitation-hygiene-wash

* Listen to a podcast by Cheryl Hicks on World Toilet Day 2016. (and)
* Read about our new partnership with Toilet Board Coalition. https://medium.com/usaid-global-waters/world-toilet-day-2016-usaid-announces-partnership-with-toilet-board-coalition-a57c38f48994#.ffpr1i2co

* Read our Response to the Global Sanitation Challenge: More Than Just Toilets [PDF, 523KB]. https://www.usaid.gov/sites/default/files/documents/1865/E3-1SanitationReport_FY15.pdf

* Read DefeatDD's 2017 poo haiku winners. http://www.defeatdd.org/blog/defeatdd%E2%80%99s-2017-poo-haiku-calendar-poo-ets

Well, today's been pretty much a bust

Mainly because I've been moving slowly with the temperature change and I've had no caffeine to speak of. I didn't even get up and take a proper shower till about 3 pm. I've gone out now and spent $3.54 of the last $3.74 I had on caffeinated soda, so I can get through the weekend. I really should break myself of this stuff, or at least learn to drink coffee.

So except for some music listening, I've done practically nothing of what I should. I'm usually better motivated than this. On the other hand, I'm not going to beat myself up about anything. Brenda is in North Carolina, so the notes do not have to be finished tonight. I think I can go to the library the day after Thanksgiving and do my research (although I will have to take that book by the book drop tonight or tomorrow morning, as it's due). Reading I can still do. The closet I can work on this weekend, before my session on Monday. So it'll all work out.

Being home, resting, and watching the autumn colour out my front window, the birds, the folks walking their dogs, all reminds me of the three months I was off with my ankle break four years ago. It's hard to believe it's been that long since I was hit by the car. It's the longest continuous time I have ever been at my home. I tend to find reasons to be out of it. You'd think I'd be comfortable alone and at home by now. I am much better, though, very much so. But I still tend to stay over-long with friends as much as I can so I don't face a silent apartment. I always feel lonely here, I guess.

I found out the other day the downside of questing with a party on Habitica. Someone didn't do their dailies, and the entire party took so much damage that I lost all my health (although it did let me revive), a level of experience, all my gold, and a special item. None of us were pleased. I nearly left the party over it. But I stayed, and things have been better. I have discovered that I'm probably the oldest member of the party--there's a 25-year-old Dutch student, and an eleven-year-old who has something like three accounts and has a lot of levels that I think he finagled somehow, rather than building up over time. But hey. To each his own. I'm at level 109 after almost a year. It would have been 110--I'm almost back to that, at least. I've found all the regular pets, plus two special ones, have made all the regular pets mounts, and found them again. There is a key you can purchase in the shop that will let all your beasts and mounts go, and you can start collecting them in your stable again. I'm considering it. The achievement stays, but I'd get to use the eggs, hatching potions, and food I find to start over with that. There is also an orb that can, for free, start you out in another class after level 100 is achieved, so you can work towards going through all the classes (mage, rogue, warrior, and healer). I think I'll wait till my anniversary, which is in December, for that.

I've nearly completed the Earthsea and Greek reading challenges. I'm only 1% through Aristotle, but once I get through his complete works, and hopefully can do that before the end of December, then I'll have completed that. I'm working my way through The Other Wind now, and the bonus is Tales from Earthsea. So, it's coming along.

Okay, Sabbath ends shortly. I think I'll read some Aristotle now that I have woken up and it's nice and quiet, in case YKWIA calls after dark. Actually, I'll probably call and check on him. Hopefully he had a nice, quiet day. I suspect he has been more productive. But you know, I rarely have an entire 'day off', so I'm not going to feel guilty about not doing much. And there's always tonight. But first, there's Aristotle.

PS I did look to see how much the bread yeast was, and it was on sale, but for $4.99 a jar, or $4.49 for 10 packages. Too rich for me. Maybe I can borrow some from YKWIA to get me through till Wednesday. Because we normally would get paid on Thursday, which is Thanksgiving, we should be paid on Wednesday this week. Here's hoping.

I had a rare sleep-in today

It's turned very cold, just in the 40s, and I did get up early this morning and turn the heat on, although I must say, my little apartment stays pretty warm, as it hasn't kicked on yet. It's hard to believe that yesterday was sandals and open windows.

YKWIA is supposed to e-mail me if he needs me for anything (he can't call, it's Sabbath), and so I slept-in, then listened to some music in the bedroom, and now I'm up making lunch (farfalle and Italian tomato sauce), and baking my last loaf of bread, this time oatmeal bread. That'll take a couple of hours at the most. I'm thinking about going to the library and doing some research from their system to make sure I understand all their databases, etc., in case I get called about one of the positions I applied for. I also need to go return a book, and maybe take a few others back.

Other things I'd like to do today:
  1. Work on the game notes and get them out of the way.
  2. Work on the closet.
  3. Read.
That's it. That and the library. I'll also need to pick A up tonight at 1 am, and maybe after Sabbath (after sunset) I'll hear from YKWIA, so my plan is to do those during the day. At least the sun is breaking form the clouds, so maybe there will be more light in here to work by and I won't have to turn lights on all over the place.

Friday, November 18, 2016


The part that says it will be 32 degrees colder tomorrow than today.  It's 62 degrees at 10:30 pm. It was supposed to be 78 today,  and I wore sandals and Capris comfortably today.  Not so much tomorrow.  And I think Sunday will be cold as well.  I will probably ache tomorrow with that sort of drop.  I'm not really looking forward to it.

There's an hour-and-a-half of my life I will never get back

So I took a fairly short nap (for me) and got up about 8:30 pm, deciding that I was in the mood to watch television, something that almost never happens when I'm by myself. I like watching things with friends, but not so much alone. Well, I don't have cable for that reason, just a little digital antenna, but I do have a Smart TV that can connect via Wi-Fi to Netflix and other services. I mostly use it for Pandora.

So I go into Samsung's Smart Hub, which updates, then into Netflix, and it won't sign in, because I'd changed my password since the last time I was on, and it wasn't giving me the option to re-sign in. I got out of the application, out of Smart Hub, went back in, and it did let me sign in. Then I thought to myself, I'm a Prime member again with Amazon (on a monthly basis), why don't I set up Amazon Video, too, since that was something I never really got into. So my hell began.

See, the password for that had also changed, so I went to put in the e-mail address and new password, to no avail, as it kept giving an unexpected error. That's what it said--an unexpected error has occurred when you tried to sign on. Sigh. So I poked around the Amazon website, as I was given an error when I tried to go back, an error that didn't show up in their code list. I finally deregistered the TV, tried to register it again, but when I chose that option, no code was given, just a spinning circle followed by nothing changing. So after trying this a few times, I called Amazon. Treyshawn was very, very helpful. [I mean that literally, not sarcastically. I say that because tone is not possible on a blog, He was very professional and kept me calm when I was getting a bit frustrated]. He had me turn off and unplug the TV, then had me put it back on again, and he walked me through the steps I'd done, and that didn't work for him either, so he did some checking and apparently it is a known issue on their end. So he set up a followup where they will e-mail me when the situation is resolved. So there is no Amazon Video possible on my TV at the present, but at least I wasn't doing anything wrong, and he reassured me that I can actually operate technology competently. I asked if it were just a Samsung problem, and it is, so the Roku in the bedroom should work fine. I proceeded to set up both Netflix and Amazon Video on that box, so I can at least watch either in the bedroom now. I've gotten pretty decent at putting things in via a remote control tonight.

Sadly, I spent so much time trying to set things up, that frankly, I'm not in the mood to watch now, and I think I'll read instead. Books never fail me. Even my Kindle, which can lose power and I'm sure have other issues, seems pretty reliable. So, it's back to either Aristotle (which might be nice in the quiet of the evening) or The Other Wind, which I began earlier today. Have a great weekend. I think I'll sign off for now.

PS The pesto bread was good, but it occurred to me that perhaps I'd made a mistake in trying it, given that you can't really eat peanut butter or jam or honey on it, and I have only enough yeast to last for one more loaf. So I've had bread, and only bread, tonight. :( There's not much else in the house. I even had to borrow $10 from YKWIA tonight because I was on my gas light and wanted to make it home. Oh, well, this too shall pass. Good night.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

I've got the bread making, too

And I'm trying a different type than normal--Italian wheat with pesto. I happened to have an Italian pesto sauce left over from Kroger's 'Taste of Italy' promotion. All the bread has in it is white and wheat flour, water, salt, pesto, yeast, and sugar, so I had everything. I definitely only have enough yeast for one more loaf, though. :( The pesto has both cashews and pine nuts, along with garlic, basil, and olive oil, of course. I still have some basmati rice; I made too much. Now I have to figure out something that will go with it, as I don't have any more Indian food.

Okay, I've eaten. It was wonderful. The bread should be ready in a little less than a couple of hours. I've taken the half-tablet of my muscle relaxant I'm supposed to, and I'm going to do some reading. I'm feeling pretty decent--much better than the beginning of the day, which was kind of rough. Just in case I don't write any more, I hope you have a good night.


Not bad for a pouch of ready-made,  microwavable goodness and packaged naan.


My internet connexion is running slow as molasses. I can't tell if it's the connexion, actually, or the computer, but hopefully I can get a post written.

I applied for each of the two part-time jobs at the public library today, tweaking my résumé [I seem to be doing that constantly] and writing a cover letter. The jobs are identical, and in the same area, except for the schedule, so I went ahead and wrote one cover letter to cover both, but applied for each separately, so that I would be considered for both. It occurred to me after I applied that I had agreed tentatively to be a resource person for an upcoming Family-to-Family class sponsored by the National Alliance on Mental Illness, but that had been with the understanding that if I got a job, I might have to drop out, so I think it'll be okay. Only one of the positions is on Wednesday evenings, at least. The other varies on Thursday. The application period closes on November 25th, so I should hear something within a couple of weeks after that.

I am home, straight from work (for a change). I started out by unloading the dishwasher and loading it, and then washing the plastics and a few of the other dishes that suggest hand washing, like my cookware. I discovered that, while my left sink works fine, the right is clogged, and the switch for the garbage disposer (which I use only rarely) does nothing. So, I called, expecting to get a recording at the leasing office, got the agent, and put in a work order request that they'll do tomorrow. But at least I could wash my dishes.

So, after that I washed some basmati rice and I'm letting it soak for 30 minutes, which is what the directions say--I've never done that before, and instead I've just cooked it like regular rice. I have some Navratan Korma from Kitchens of India that is ready-made that can go with it, and there's small naan I got awhile back that once thawed can go in the toaster, so I have a nice Indian meal planned. Navratan Korma is a dish of vegetables cooked with cashews and Indian cottage cheese in a curry sauce. It looks very yummy.

While the rice is soaking, I've got the windows up, I've watered the houseplants, and I'm listening to the Evanescence station on Pandora on the television. I think I'll read after I eat, at least for awhile. I'm slowly working my way through Aristotle's Ethics, and I have The Other Wind by Ursula K LeGuin checked out from the library on my Kindle, as well. Part of me wants to take a nap, but the last two nights that's turned into sleeping for hours instead of just a quick nap. So, I'm going to resist. I have an empty box, and I think I'm going to start some of the weeding of books in the closet, which is my assignment for therapy. I see my counselor again Monday, so that will work. I could work on the game notes, but it's not especially imperative that I get them done yet--Brenda's out of the state for the next couple of weeks. I do hope she can get back before my procedure, which is three weeks away, as she is my driver, but I'll understand if she has to stay. I'm not sure whom else I can get, though, as most of my close friends do not drive. One time when I had a colonoscopy and she had a conflict, she had her husband drive me. Maybe that would work. I don't know. Considering it's a female issue, I'd feel a little more comfortable with her as my 'responsible adult' to give me information they pass on while I'm loopy from the medicine. But we'll see. Anyway, I've got plenty to do at home tonight. The trash and recyclables are fine, at least. I have the happy star fairy lights on and a scent warmer for scented wax as well. It's very dark already; it's hard to believe it's only 6 pm.

Okay, I'm going to check the rice. The timer hasn't gone off yet, but I suspect it will very soon (and there it goes as I type). :) I also plan on making some bread tonight, after the measuring cups and spoons dry. I'm getting low on yeast, but I think I have enough for a loaf or two, still. Hopefully I can stretch it out. I don't get paid for another week, have a fairly empty cupboard, and I'm low on gas in the car. I may have to borrow a bit from my friends whom I drive everywhere to get through to next week on the latter.

The last two days

I have come home about 8 pm,  gotten ready for bed,  and fallen to sleep,  then was up at 1 am.  Yesterday,  in fact,  I baked bread and boiled eggs in the middle of the night,  and I have been eating on that bounty all day.

Tonight I was at least able to take my medicine that relaxes my neck.  Yesterday I had to be up at 5 am,  so I didn't take them at 1 or 2 since they make me loopy.  As a result,  I've hurt a little all day.  So that wasn't good at all.

The meeting at KMLA was a success.  I've got some interest in my journals,  which need to be decommissioned.  I really got got along well with the librarian who drove us up there; we chatted the whole way up and back,  and she offered help with the physical aspects of packing and breaking up the library,  since I'm on my own for that. People were,  of course,  sympathetic to my situation.  I've known about this for awhile,  and had announced it back some time ago,  but now that it's a reality,  it seems more pressing,  of course.

This morning I got an Indeed alert of a part-time job at the Central Library in the Kentucky Room,  the history centre where people study genealogy and other aspects of Kentucky's past.  I looked into it,  and there are actually two positions.  They are associate positions,  not full professional librarian ones,  but the pay is better than that of some positions I've seen advertised in surrounding counties requiring a Master's degree. Also,  I checked with their human resources department to see if my library degree would,  according to some policy,  disqualify me somehow from consideration, (I saw no reason to waste their time if this were the case), but they just care if the minimum requirements (in this case a Bachelor's degree)  are met.  The only difference between the two positions is the hours, one on Wednesdays,  one on Thursdays.  Otherwise,  they are the same,  working Monday,  Tuesday,  and every other weekend.  I should apply for each position separately to be considered for both,  according to the woman I spoke with.  That would up my chances.  It's a great place to work,  I have a degree in history and a background in preservation and cataloguing,  and it would help with expenses,  allow me to save money before the job loss,  have some money coming in afterwards, and maybe,  just maybe,  get my foot in the door in terms of full-time employment.  So my plan is to apply to both tomorrow.  I don't think it requires certification,  but I'm going to send in my application for that as soon as I get paid,  and that may help.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


I'm going to Louisville for my very last Kentucky Medical Library Association meeting.  Here's to a great trip,  good company,  and fond memories. I'm going up with the new librarian from St. Joseph Hospital and her intern, so I don't have to drive (which is good,  as the car needs some major work,  which my friends (whom I drive all over the place) are going to help me with). Yay!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Feeling kind of blah today

I've mostly been cleaning YKWIA's house, even though there was no game, and doing my laundry. He's been working very diligently on a project on the computer, so we didn't really spend much time together today. When I finished, I went on home. I'm aching in general, my neck, shoulder, and arm is hurting, and I'm feeling a little oversensitive emotionally, maybe due to my hormones.

So I came home and immediately started putting flour and other ingredients into the bread machine for oat bread, scrambled some eggs, and made some hot chocolate. I feel a little better. There's not much in the house, other than pasta, crackers, peanut butter, and that sort of thing, but it hit the spot. When the bread is finished I'll have some peanut butter and jam on it. It should be ready by 8 pm.

I talked to my mom today. She'd just been discharged from the hospital, and her little dog, Sassy, seemed to be enjoying her being back home. It was hard to understand her and be understood, but I gather than in addition to the other things she seems to have broken her shoulder, although I don't know how. I'll check with my stepfather and see what's going on. But she clearly said something about a broken shoulder, and that they were seeing a specialist tomorrow.

The bread machine has stopped its kneading, which means it's safe to leave rising and baking (my machine 'walks' a bit, and I'm always afraid it'll go off the kitchen island if I don't keep an eye on it). I think I'm going to go put some music on and lie down for a bit. I just realised I have a headache, too. I think some ibuprofen is in order. I'll try to write later. Hopefully I'll feel better then. I have to get A tonight from work at midnight, so I can't take the muscle relaxants yet, so ibuprofen will have to do. But I think just lying down and stretching out should help.

I didn't go to Danville today

Mainly because with the issues with the car,  I didn't want to take a chance breaking down away from home.  The car made an awful sound earlier as I turned,  for example.  That might have been the ball joint,  which along with the rear brakes,  needs replacing. My car is also running rough if the defroster or heat is on. Apparently everything's breaking down at once.

I did call my mom at the hospital,  but no one answered. I'll try again tomorrow morning.

We're not playing the game for a few weeks.  Brenda's mom is having issues, too,  and she's going to go visit her for a few weeks out of state.  She'll try to get back in time to take me to my procedure in early December.

I finished Tehanu today, and I checked The Other Wind out from the library on my Kindle,  and I also put Tales from Earthsea on hold,  since the library only has the collection of short stories in print form.

Okay,  I'm headed to bed.  Have a good night.


Hillary Clinton blames FBI Director Comey for Election Loss

Okay,  it certainly didn't help,  and I think he had no legitimate reason to time it that way, but I think that Clinton has no one but herself to blame for the loss.  One,  the email fiasco was absolutely a stupid thing to do,  regardless of whether it was criminal or not.  Two,  she didn't really campaign well,  often just letting Trump run his mouth (and let's face it,  his worst opponent was not Clinton, but himself, but you couldn't count on that to win), and she allowed a very negative view of her stand in the mind of voters.  Calling Trump voters 'deplorables'  just galvanised them.  She underperformed with the people whom President Obama won over, including groups in traditionally Democrat strongholds.  A lot of people either voted for Trump, a third party, or stayed home,  because they openly disliked her. It's unfortunate that,  at the end of the day,  this election wasn't really based on issues so much as it was an unpopularity contest.  While I disliked Trump far more,  I did not like Clinton,  and resented feeling like I had to vote for her to vote against Trump,  especially given things like how the DNC favoured her over my candidate,  Bernie Sanders,  and the media's role was terrible, too.

Hopefully we'll have better candidates,  next time. To be honest,  I think the bar was pretty damn low in the general election.  But any new candidates should take this year as a cautionary tale and learn what not to do. 

Friday, November 11, 2016


I took a nap,  and while it took awhile, I finally relaxed a bit.  Then I got up,  ate something,  took my evening medicine,  did all my dailies on my Habitica task list,  took out the trash and recyclables (one bag each),  washed the plastic dishes,  loaded the dishwasher and am running the load now,  and downloaded the audio files from the game recording onto the computer so I can do the notes. All in all,  that's pretty productive,  I think.

Things I want to do this weekend:

1) Get my rent in.
2) Take a friend to an appointment.
3) Pick up my friends from there.
4) Go visit my mom.
5) Do the game notes.
6) Put away the laundry from last weekend.
7) Put the dirty laundry in the hamper.
8) Start on the closet.
9) Do laundry.
10) Prepare for the game.
11) Play the game.
12) Pick up a friend Sunday night.

I don't have to pick up A from work on Saturday because he switched with someone and worked election day instead.  He is working tonight,  though,  so I can't take my meds that help work my neck until after I get him at midnight,  as they make me loopy,  being mild muscle relaxants.

Okay,  I think I'll listen to Pandora for awhile and maybe read for awhile.  In addition to the Earthsea Cycle,  I'm making my way through ancient Greek classics,  and the only thing I have left is the complete works of Aristotle. So, while it won't be light reading,  it should be edifying. Perhaps I should do it in short chunks.

Alright,  good night.  I'm not sure if I'll write anymore tonight,  so I'll sign off for now.  And hopefully stop hicoughing. That's so annoying,  especially when you're sliding your finger across a virtual keyboard.

I think

I need a quiet night alone. I'm not feeling the greatest. Not sick or anything, but I feel stressed. I was going to get my rent situated today, but realised only late this afternoon that the banks were closed for Veterans' Day, so I'll have to go tomorrow before I take a friend to an appointment. My stepfather just texted me to tell me my mom is in the hospital. :( I'm hurting a little, and where I didn't have a period last month, I'm making up for it now, so I just feel cranky, bloated, and generally and overall blah.


I have to get A tonight from work at 12, but otherwise I'm free for the evening. I'm going to try to do some reading (I'm reading Ursula K. LeGuin's Tehanu. I read the first three books of the Earthsea Cycle years ago, but I'm trying to finish it out.) I should work on the notes tonight, too, as I may be driving to Danville to see my mom after my friends' appointment. And there's the closet to tackle this weekend as part of my therapy.

But for right now, I'm going to lie down and take a short nap with some music on, and try to relax.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

I need to get off the phone

Quickly and go to bed.  The muscle relaxer makes it hard to focus and swipe the correct letters. I've nearly dropped the phone, several times. I was on Habitica and Goodreads and was not really making much sense.  Now it is seriously time for bed.  Good night. Oops,  there went the phone.  At least I grabbed the charging cord before if for the carpet.  This morning I dropped my wallet and my phone pad out and feel on the asphalt face down,  but didn't break, miraculously,  and I was cold sober.  If I had let my insurance lapse when I paid it off,  it might have been an issue. Now,  I'm sitting in my living room loopy as hell. Off to bed. Good night!

PS This post took almost an hour to compose, because I kept hitting the wrong button, opening or closing applications, and dropping or nearly doing so throughout all that. Wow. These things are more powerful than I thought; they're just 12 mg. But I think they're really helping with my neck; I can almost feel my hands again, and my left arm only hurts after an entire day now; it doesn't hurt at all when I wake up. Okay, I can't touch type on the keyboard well, either. I'll just go to sleep.

I've somewhat recovered from Election Day

Both in physical terms (I went to bed about 2 am that night, and got a grand total of four hours' sleep, so I was pretty tired yesterday) and emotionally. I'm not really upset Hillary Clinton lost--I never cared for her candidacy, or how the Democratic National Committee behaved, for that matter, and I was a Bernie Sanders supporter. I, too, am angry about the failure of the two-party system to provide decent candidates. I know a woman will be president, after all, and never got behind Hillary Clinton being that woman. I thought it was silly of people to vote for her simply because of her gender. But I have to admit, I fear a Trump presidency even more, and was terribly upset (although not particularly surprised, actually) that he won. I knew there was a good chance. A very wise friend had pronounced a sooth that Hillary Clinton would never be president. He also taught me a long time ago that our democracy is flawed and that Trump's candidacy and election were totally understandable, especially in an environment where 'reality' TV is considered entertainment, celebrity is valued over hard work and intelligence, money rules, and a good part of the country has been simmering for some time ready to rise up and boil over. People will study how this happened; I'm not sure you can put it simply in terms of white vs. other or rural vs. cosmopolitan. As someone who studied history pretty thoroughly, I know it's never as easy as that. It will certainly be one for historians to write books about, that's for sure. Oddly enough, I was the one, not A (who was always a Hillary supporter (even against President Obama) and was absolutely convinced she would win), who took this the hardest. YKWIA actually hugged me last night, in my funk. He said 'I wish I could tell you it will get better, but we both know it won't. It'll be a long eight years.' 'Eight!' I said, 'Please tell me it'll be four.' He said, 'No, people will be so entertained by Trump that they'll vote for him again.' He refers to the state of America now as 'Trumplandia'. But it's not just the Trump win. Our entire government is now in the hands of one party, a small number of people with a great amount of power, I'm not sure that is a good idea, whether Democrat or Republican, and even the Kentucky state House, which has been Democrat for 90 years and may have been the only one in the South to be Democrat, went Republican, and we have a conservative governor whose first actions included shutting down the most successful state exchange for insurance in the country. YKWIA also said I was reacting, or even overreacting, unexpectedly. I think part of it was that I'm facing the uncertainty of losing my job in just four-and-a-half months, and now I have no safety net at all, in terms of things like health insurance. If the Affordable Care Act is repealed, I will most certainly not qualify for any, as I have diabetes and am on insulin, at least any that I can afford. Of course, the plan was always to get a job before that happens, but at least I had a backup plan. Well, Plan B just went out the window. So I'll have to make sure I waste no opportunity and find another position, one with benefit--soon.

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Then there's this

These screenshots from the app Daylio on my phone pretty much sum up today.  Well,  add some anger in the mix,  too.

I can't begin to tell you how I feel tonight, but here's a glimpse into my mindset...

Tonight is the 78th anniversary of Kristallnacht. At a time when my beloved country has elected a candidate who was openly endorsed by white supremacists--who are now celebrating a Trump victory--I pray that the divisive language of the campaign in the end means nothing, but as a student of history, I am concerned. Today in Philadelphia, shop windows were broken and Nazi slogans and swastikas were spray painted. Here, in America, in 2016, on the very day this man was declared the winner of a contentious election cycle. Coincidence? Maybe. There will always be those who hate. But I know a lot of people feel a lot less safe in today's America vs. yesterday's, are stressed over whether they will lose healthcare, experience newly infused discrimination and hate, and what the next four years (please let it be just four years) will mean for our country. His supporters speak of a country 'taken back' and 'united'. But sadly, that does not seem to be the case. Unless we all learn to live together and embrace our diversity, it will never happen.The thing is, America was always great, we are stronger together, and our motto is rightly 'united we stand'. I hope people remember that, because if we crumble in our resolve to be the nation which our Founding Fathers created, there are so very many horrific things that can happen.

Monday, November 07, 2016

Well, that was silly

I was going around turning out the lights,  including the star-lights,  which blink,  and after I'd turned those off and set the fish tank to the blue 'moon' light,  there was still this blinking glow,  and I thought,  is there something outside doing that?

Then I did the same in the bedroom,  and there it was again,  this eerie light flashing.  It was then that I finally figured out that it was the Bluetooth indicator on my headphones.  Sigh.  I wonder about myself,  sometimes.  But in my defence,  it's on the back of the headphones,  and I don't notice it,  except apparently in total darkness.

After work today I had a very good therapy session,  spent some time with YKWIA,  and then I came home and worked on an application for a fourth job opening,  and I got the materials hammered out,  so I can apply online tomorrow. I have checked and triple checked my grammar and spelling.  I'd made a couple of mistakes on the UK CV and had decided I had no chance with that one,  but one of my references told me she'd been contacted by them,  so that is a good sign. So there are applications that have been submitted to the state,  UK,  the local community college,  and tomorrow I'll apply to the public library. I think I'm doing what I can, considering we're at five months till  layoff and counting.

Okay,  I'm making bread but I'll let the machine do its thing (it turns off automatically),  I'll sleep for a little over so hour,  take it out,  and then go back to sleep,  then get up early tomorrow and vote.  That's the plan,  anyway,  with an emphasis on the voting part.  At least it's light outside again for awhile. Good night.  And remember to vote!

Friday, November 04, 2016

Things I did today

  1. Worked steadily in the library, taking care of everything I needed to finish before the weekend, including my revenue cycle duties, but also interlibrary loans, etc.
  2. Took a friend to a doctor's appointment.
  3. Got my allergy shots.
  4. Took my friend to Barnes & Noble.
  5. Dropped two books off at the library.
  6. Renewed another.
  7. Helped my friend find some paperwork.
  8. Came home.
  9. Opened the windows.
  10. Changed clothes into something comfy.
  11. Started making bread in the machine.
  12. Cooked macaroni & cheese and made hot chocolate.
  13. Consumed both.
  14. Turned on the star fairy lights and skull diffuser.
  15. Started playing Depeche Mode in the living room.
  16. Applied for a job.
  17. Updated my résumé on Indeed.com.
It's been a productive day. Now, to relax and let bread bake (it's an extra-large loaf of wheat bread. I used the oil option rather than the applesauce, because that's what I had. Hopefully it will come out alright).

Thursday, November 03, 2016

The man really was quite brilliant

The time Nikola Tesla paid for his hotel room with a 'Death Ray'


Eight pedestrian deaths makes 2016 one of deadliest in decades ... 

This latest death happened within yards of where I was hit by a car four years ago.  I don't know the details,  other than what's been reported.  I do know that when I was hit,  I was in the crosswalk,  crossing with the light at Eagle Creek and Richmond Road,  obeying all laws and such,  and I still had my foot run over, breaking two bones in my right foot,  and breaking my right ankle,  requiring surgery and a three month recovery at home,  off work. And I was lucky.  I survived.  I didn't have life-threatening injuries,  or a head injury.  Yes,  I was left with a scar and an ankle that tends to swell,  but overall,  I've recovered.  My thoughts are with the family and loved ones of this young man and the two men killed last weekend by a drunken driver.  Please folks, be careful out there.

Wednesday, November 02, 2016


Remember my task application on my phone, Habitica, which gamifies your life? Here's my progress. I've found all the pets, trained up all the mounts, and found all the regular pets again, plus three rare pets. I'm at level 107, and I finally joined a party, so we can get together and conquer various quests by doing our daily tasks. It makes you more accountable. And I've taken up a few challenges in the hopes of earning gems, which get you things like backgrounds to your avatar, etc. I'm really enjoying it.

I have the windows open

and it has been so long since it rained, that I didn't immediately recognise the sound of raindrops. :)


After years of keeping my rent from going up much, mainly by choosing longer and longer leasing periods, it is going up $30 a month in January. I got the notice today. It's only gone up $5 or $10 at a time for a good long while--I think when I first came here in 2004 it was $485 plus electric; now it's going to be $580 plus electric. Don't get me wrong, that's still a good price. I just wasn't expecting it to go up quite that much in one fell swoop.

I had PT again tonight. I've felt much better the last couple of days, just a little sore and numb. That's a vast improvement over last week. I stopped by the library on the way home to get a couple of books for YKWIA to read that I'd put on hold.

Now I'm home, I'm listening to the Bastille station on Pandora, I'm ravenous, and I've had some homemade bread and some honey. I think I'll see if I have any lentil soup and have a small apple. That'll make a good dinner, I think. Okay, I'm off to find food.

Drat...no lentil soup. I'll have tuna instead, I guess. :(

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

I love my bread machine

It's a Panasonic,  and with the exception of one time when I made a mistake,  the bread comes out perfectly without fuss.  It has a yeast dispenser on top that puts the yeast in at just the right time.

I'm feeling pretty decent today.  Instead of the normal pain and numbness in my arm,  neck,  and shoulders,  I feel a bit sore,  like when you're in a minor car accident. I have PT again tomorrow.  Yay!

Today I reviewed a bunch of abstracts (well,  eleven)  for the upcoming annual meeting of the Medical Library Association, and I updated that on my curriculum vitae.  I had trouble getting into the system yesterday,  but fortunately my new computer at work has Chrome and Firefox in addition to Internet Explorer,  so all I had to do was change browsers.  In my opinion,  the main reason to have IE is to download other browsers.

You've heard of the Great Pumpkin?

Sometimes, even a tiny pumpkin can be an archnemesis to an equally tiny puppy.

Halloween 2016

Here I am at the hospital I work at's Halloween Trick or Treat, where staff dress up and patients come around to the various departments. It was fun. I went as a library science student from Miskatonic University (the fictional college in HP Lovecraft's horror fiction in the equally fictional Arkham, Massachusetts). I had a plush Hound of Tindalos, a book-shaped box labeled 'Necronomicon', my MU School of Library Science t-shirt, and a tote bag with the MU Orne Library logo on it. Dr. Armitage would be proud. Oh, and did I mention light-up tentacles on a headband? Definitely have read the wrong books. There's also a closeup of the tentacles and Hound of Tindalos, and my props out in the hallway before the kids came by. The skeleton is the library's Old Charlie.

[picture above taken by Morgan Hall of Shriners Hospital for Children].