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Thursday, January 17, 2019

So much for new year's resolutions

Oh, and I'm sick again, have been since Sunday's game. I went to work Monday hoping it wasn't anything to worry about, but it's a nasty cold and I stayed home Tuesday, Wednesday, and today, and when I went to the Little Clinic yesterday (my doctor couldn't get me in the day before), they did a flu test, which was negative, but gave me some cough syrup and told me not to go back to work until Monday. I'm still very tired and coughing, and snotty, but I am feeling a smidge better. I've actually sat up for about two hours at a time, maybe an hour and a half, and that's better than the half an hour at a time I was doing previously. I also took a trip this morning to get some Mucinex and cough drops and picked up some Lysol wipes at the time, but unfortunately, it was like closing the barn door after the horses were out--YKWIA appears to be coming down with it now.  :(

I've gone through an entire 124-tissue box of facial tissue. I got another one today.  Even the kind with the lotion has rubbed my nose raw to the point of needing to put more lotion on it.  Tomorrow I should get an order of some medical supplies from an online store that takes flexible spending cards, and one of the things I got is the nasal gel you use when you have a CPAP, as they can dry your nose out a lot.  I'm looking forward to that stuff.  I also got some extra pen needles (I take seven injections a day, but I tend to get just one box with my prescription, and that's only 100--so you can do the math).

Anyway, I'm feeling up to short bursts of the Internet, although I'm still spending a lot of time in bed and taking my non-drowsy cough syrup and trying to hydrate.  I guess that's best for now.

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Oh, and we have to have this, right?

Happy new year!

Sorry, I wrote that and then was drawn away to mince onions, which means I have now retreated to the safety of the computer away from sulphurous compounds that irritate eyes and nose.  The last thing on my list of things to do while off is to back up the computers, so I'm backing up the desktop and blogging on the laptop.

I have been off since Friday and I've mostly either run some errands or relaxed, visited friends, etc.  Last night was a very quiet New Year's Eve.  We visited a friend who got us all Subway sandwiches, and then I hung out with the cats and watched the ball drop and YKWIA spoke on the phone with a friend in the Chicago area.

The following new year's resolutions are on track:

  1. Reducing soda intake.  I drink way too much diet soda.  I'm going to limit it and try to transition to some coffee.  I did drink one today, but considering on the weekends I've been drinking two 2-litres and some days at work I have five out of the machine, I definitely need to work on this, both from a health standpoint and money one.  So I'm going to try to limit it to one a day, then taper off to coffee, and then taper that further over time.
  2. Blogging!  No more waiting two weeks or a month between posts.  Granted I was sick a good portion of last month, but my blogging was pathetic.  I'd like this blog to flourish, and it really hasn't been of late.
  3. Watching my blood sugar better--testing, taking medicine, and not eating so much out of the snack machines.  I did take all my medicine correctly earlier, but this will really get tested at work.
Today I have:

  1. Done my friend's laundry.
  2. Done all the dishes.
  3. Made bread (in progress).
  4. Backed up the computers (in progress).
  5. Gone to Kroger (three times), once for sweetener, once for bread yeast, and now I'm going for a zucchini.
  6. Bought a MegaMillions ticket.
  7. Ordered a game for a friend who gave me his Amazon gift cards to do so (he doesn't have a computer, but he does have an Xbox One S, and I checked to make sure this Xbox 360 game, which is older, should work).
Well, I think I'm going to get wrangled further into cooking, as I've been interrupted about four times just writing this post.  But hopefully 2019 will be a better year all around and I'll have more to say about it than 2018.  I'm going to go now; I'll try to write later.