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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Our new person didn't work out

so next week I'm working at the gas station:

Saturday 10-8
Monday 3-8
Tuesday 3-8
Wednesday 3-8

That plus my day job makes 44 hours, so a pretty full week. But the money helps. And at least I get to see Heroes. :)

Today wasn't that bad, although I did work both jobs for a total of 12 hours. I did a lot at both, so I'm pretty tired. I should have been in bed a couple of hours ago, but here I am.

I've decided I need BB King to come to my house and teach me how to use the feature of my glucometre that supposedly allows you to test on your arm rather than your fingers. I've never been able to get it to work. You stick this extender onto the lancet, and it just never seems to let the needle get to the arm. Sometimes it literally can be a pain to use your fingers over and over (although I do rotate which ones I use and which side). Which reminds me, I need to get more strips.

By the way, I now have a new favourite breakfast cereal: Fruity Cheerios. They're smaller than Fruit Loops, have multigrain goodness, are flavoured with real fruit juice, and have 25% less sugar than the leading brand--and they're quite nummy. Of course, I tend to eat cereal at night rather than in the morning (I picked that habit up from my grandfather) so for actual breakfast I have a Quaker Oatmeal-to-Go bar, which is somewhat better than my former usual choice, a Pop Tart, the latter of which have 75% of your recommended carbs in one package. The oatmeal bar is much less than that.

Okay, that's all for now. I need to take care of Cerys and then head on to bed. Tomorrow is court day. I'll let you know how that goes. I would be able to sleep in, but the exterminator is going through the building tomorrow and I'm afraid they'll come in while I'm in the shower unless I'm up at a reasonable hour. 'Night.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Do I just have a blazing neon sign on my car?

I got stopped by the police again last night--a block from where I started, because I didn't come to a complete stop at a stop sign. I guess I was distracted by my own thoughts and not really concentrating on driving. Fortunately he gave me a warning rather than a ticket. But I am beginning to wonder if my driving is deteriorating or if I just have had some bad luck when it comes to being in the car lately. Well, actually, that's wrong. It's my fault I was stopped, not the universe's. But it's still frustrating.

I did have a bit of good luck yesterday, too, because for the second time this year someone pulled out in front of my at the corner of Lakeshore and Richmond (they were turning left from Richmond to Lakeshore while I was approaching. They were basically turning blind, since you can't see the oncoming traffic because of the cars in the opposite turn lane.) I had to swerve, but we didn't T-bone. I'm thinking of contacting the councilman for that area, whom I've worked with, to see about getting a protect arrow installed on that light. It couldn't hurt, anyway.

Monday, February 26, 2007

It just keeps getting better and better

Heroes, for those of you with your heads in the sand and not an ounce of interest for science fiction, gets better and better with each episode--and it was pretty impressive from the get-go, from what I can tell. The latest episodes shows more of the background of the mysterious organisation that is tracking and studying those with special abilities. I love how all the different subplots and characters weave together with the others. And unlike some shows, they've really done a good job--through the series, the online comics, and the online web experience--at interweaving things in a logical and consistent fashion.

If you haven't seen it, you should. It's really wonderful. That's all I have to say for now. You can check out clips from past episodes at the official web page.

Of course, I'm happy I got to see Heroes at all. I was supposed to work until 11 tonight but since a new person was put on the schedule I got to get off work early. Yay!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

A busy weekend, as usual

I pretty much do the same thing each weekend--I work 10 hours or so on Saturday, then prepare for the game on Sunday, then play the game, then put the notes from the game into the computer. But it's been a productive weekend, one which has been helped by making up for my sleep deficit over the week and banking a little more for the days coming up. Monday between the two jobs I'll work 14 hours; Tuesday will be 13. Wednesday I'll be off from both but only because I need to go to court. I don't know about Thursday and Friday yet. We have a new guy training at the gas station. Hopefully he'll work out and I'll be able to go back to my normal hours, although I have to admit, the pay's been nice lately. I don't know, though. One of the girls sent him back with a list to get cartons of cigarettes and he came out with single packs that he'd taken from various cartons--then put the cartons back so there was no telling where the packs came from. That was a pretty colossal error, and he was terribly embarrassed. Hopefully he'll do better, though.

I just wanted to touch base before I went to sleep for a couple of hours till a friend calls me for a ride home from work. Tomorrow will be such a long day I don't know if I'll get a chance to post. So, I'll give you a link now:

Triage to save rare books

I don't know how long it will stay active. Basically a pipe burst down at Lexington Public Library (the main branch) and did a number on some biographies (which could be pitched), but more importantly, the Kentucky Room, which has rare items. So the library closed and the various staff worked to save the damaged books and papers. It was on the front page of the Herald-Leader the other day. I thought that was nice, especially as the main coverage we as librarians have been getting in the paper lately has to do with the 'scrotum' fiasco. I did blog about that, didn't I? I think so.

Anything else? Oh, yes, this--so appropriate, really:

I am Azathoth!

Known as the "Blind Idiot God", the center of all cycles known as Azathoth is the great void itself, infinite creation and inescapable oblivion made one. The Great God is without ego, as it has been embodied in a seperate consciousness as Azathoth has cast off the curse of self-awareness. Surrounded by the host of flautist servitors, piping the songs of the unknowable, Azathoth is not to be known by his aspirants. That is the purpose of another God...

Which Great Old One are you?

It was the minions thing. I want flautist minions. Although I rather thought I might wind up as Nyarlothotep or Yog Sothoth (the latter of which turned out to not be a choice, disappointingly). Oh, and be sure to check out http://www.yog-sothoth.com/ for news about the Call of Cthulhu gaming system, if you're interested. Anyway, enjoy the quiz. 'Night!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Well, it's certainly a tradition

Prince Harry to be sent to Iraq with regiment

for the second son to be involved in war or the priesthood, if you look at the history of European kingship. For that matter, most mediaeval kings served directly in wars. William has also received military training at Sandhurst and has followed his brother into the same regiment, but I doubt he'd be allowed to go on such a mission--certainly not a ground troop like Harry. Still, I might be wrong. Regardless, I think it's a good thing for them to serve. These princes more than any other British prince have experienced the life of their people, and this is one additional arena. If the troops are going to be there (and of course you know I don't think they should be in this particular war), it seems the princes may get to see firsthand what it's like, which should be good for their character and for their future potential as kings. But then, I'm just an American with a background in mediaeval history. I'm not sure what my opinion counts for.


Women may have invented weapons

Scientists have found that not only do chimpanzees use tools to hunt other primates, the ones who tend to do this are largely female and occasionally immature males--the ones that, being smaller, cannot kill as easily with their bare hands.

There's been a tendency to believe that men, who historically are associated with weapons, must have been the originators of the tools. But this study suggests that women may, indeed, have created tools for hunting and war.

Which bears out my theory that big guys who think they're invulnerable just need one bullet in them from a small woman to equalise things. (Not that I'm advocating it; I just remember one of my former friends who was 6'5", really big, and who thought no one would mess with him because of his size--which would be good, as I rather doubt he'd do well in a fight size or no--but I pointed out that all it would take is a gun and his theory would go out the window. He couldn't really argue with that.)

Being productive

I came home right after work and took a nap, then worked at putting things in order, getting the trash and recyclables together, and going through my languishing mail. I bought a mail sorter from Target the other day. It has a drawer for chequebooks/stamps, etc. and 31 labelled slots for due dates. I now know that I've paid all but my medical and large bills and those are going to take some time to whittle down. But I know where to start, and that's something.

I also got a reminder that I'll be forty soon--the breast centre where I had a mammogramme a couple of years ago (I was having breast pain) sent me a nice little letter saying I was due on April 2nd (my 40th birthday). Yay, let's celebrate middle-age by getting our breasts squished.

I discovered the other day that the points I get for using my debit card and other things related to my checking account are upwards to nearly 20,000 (in only about six months, no less). That's enough for $50 gift cards to various stores. I'm wondering if I should save up for the $100 gift certificate to Amazon.com. Hmm...

Well, I suppose I should turn in, although I may read a little of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files first. 'Night.

So sad a life and death.

Body going to the Bahamas as paternity fight looms

She was my age, and out of control, and had so much to live for (her daughter), but was devastated by her son's death by drugs--but not enough to stop her own partying and drug use.

Now her five-month-old daughter is an heiress and a pawn in a money-grabbing game of 'who's the daddy?'

So sad. Anna Nicole Smith, or really, Vickie Lynn Hogan, is hopefully now at peace. But the circus continues without her.

Oh my. Did I mention this is a sickness?

Which is bad enough when you live alone, but with children???

New York Cops Find Stomach-Churning Squalor

This is far beyond the clutter that plagues many hoarders' lives. This included hundreds of bottles of urine, used toilet tissue, etc. Authorities are investigating whether the children, ages ranging from 10-14, have adequate food, heat, and shelter. It looks like the house was unheated as well. The discovery came during a custody dispute and bitter divorce.

I can say with some degree of certainty that the woman in this case really has no idea of the scope of this problem. She probably recognises that there is mess, and may be embarrassed by the idea of anyone coming into the house, but beyond that there is a kind of denial that really sets in until you are confronted with cold, hard facts and cannot lie to yourself any more. For me, it was an article on hoarding and the similarity between the pictures with my house. For her, it may be having her children taken away from her.

But my God, this is such a dire case. All I can say is that I'm glad it's being investigated. Perhaps the hoarder will get counseling and help, and the children need to be out of this environment.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Good for him

Texas governor remains firm on cancer vaccine

Governor Perry signed an executive order requiring the vaccine against HPV, a sexually-transmitted disease that causes 70% of cases of cervical cancer, be given to sixth-grade girls for them to attend school. These kinds of requirements are how we ensure good public health. I suppose like most other vaccines, parents will be able to refuse on religious graounds. The controversy arises because 1) it's a vaccine against a sexually-transmitted disease and some yahoos think that will encourage sexual activity among young people and 2) there's only one pharmaceutical company that produces the vaccine and so there are issues over giving them a government-mandated monopoly of sorts, and it (Merck) gave a whopping $6000 to the governor's re-election bid (out of $24 million)--I don' t know about you, but I don't think that would prejudice me into making a decision. Yes, I think those issues are important to consider. But--in the end, what matters is that we have a chance of assuring that this generation of 12-year-olds will be much less likely to die from cervical cancer, right?

Mine (Provigil) isn't listed, but then it's not really a stimulant

But Adderall used to make my heart race. It's good to see the FDA and the drug companies coming together over this. And as someone who already has psychiatric issues in addition to ADHD (and I'm certainly not alone), I think it's good to know both the cardiovascular and psychiatric risks to these medications. Hopefully it doesn't keep anyone from getting the help they need--you have to weigh the risks and the benefits, with the help of doctor of course. But it's still good information to have.

FDA wants clear warnings on ADHD drugs

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Back to the blogosphere

Sorry for the hiatus. I had exactly three hours of sleep between Thursday morning at 9 am and Sunday night at 1 am--during which I worked a 10 hour shift, too--as I worked feverishly to sort and put books on shelves. It was a daunting undertaking, but a lot was accomplishd. Still, there will be more shelves, for there are more books. I really need to put this library on my resume. It's five times as big as the hospital's, although it's a private collection (and about twice as big as mine, so I have book envy). Plus, one good thing, my doom was averted after all.

Yesterday I worked at both jobs, so by the time I got home I was pretty tired and didn't update the blog. Today I still feel a bit hung over, and my neck and back just ache, so I don't feel very well. Still, chin up, I'll eventually catch back up on sleep. On Sunday, the game went well--nobody died or worse--we all had fun. There was a particular moment when one of Brenda's characters explained to one of mine's husband-who's-turned-into-a-girl-because-a-sorceror-switched-bodies-and-then-killed-his that my character is pregnant. That went over nicely, I'm sure. She just blurted out, 'she's preggers' no warning or anything. I don't know what's going to happen with that couple. My character still loves him even though everyone keeps saying they just need to move on and get on with their own lives. What can I say, even when we're not fighting monsters, Cthulhu is weird.

Well, that's it for now. I have a whole lot of links to put up. I'll try to do that later tonight or tomorrow. Take care.

Friday, February 16, 2007


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Shelves are my enemy

It's amazing how difficult it can be to fit the right shelves into the right space when the cases are slightly different and you had a stack of shelves to begin with. It took turning the hardware on a couple of spaces upside down, but I prevailed. Yay! Now comes the books, and with it, my doom.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Intense enough to wake me up and keep me up. Welcome to menstruation. Thank goodness that chair massaging pad has a heat function as well, because the bath didn't touch it and I'm out of ibuprofen.

Hmmm...unfortunately I'm not good enough at that, although I enjoy it

Which Job Is Perfect For You?

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I'm feeling morose tonight

I didn't get the job. And it's my own fault. They re-evaluated the job offer based on my background check. Back when I was more than slightly crazy and writing cheques out of desperation and anxiety and hoping deposits would hit first, I never really considered how far-reaching the consequences would be.

That part of me that doesn't want to take responsibility for this is very angry. After all, it says, it's not like my past has anything to do with my ability to do the job. But it does speak about my character. Which brings me to the overwhelming sense of disappointment I have in myself right now. I don't want to continue to be that person.

Earlier tonight I was having a lot of trouble deciding why I should keep struggling to be a good person and not just give up, slit my wrists, and be done with it all. (That's the borderline personality talking). How many other jobs is this going to screw up? And beyond that, maybe I'm just reacting strongly because I'm premenstrual, but it's been a difficult Valentine's Day. I can usually ignore it. But I keep getting reminders that I'm not in a relationship. I haven't celebrated Valentine's in 15 years. I'm nearly 40, I have no partner, lousy credit, not a snowball's chance in hell of becoming financially stable and maybe someday getting a house of my own. I usually try to convince myself that I have a full life of friends and accomplish a lot on a daily basis. But I'm not sure I'm winning the battle for myself, or even really contributing to the betterment of the world around me.

But I also realise it's easy to fall into the trap of those kinds of thoughts. And I realise that although I make mistakes, I am basically a good person, one who has a very level learning curve sometimes, but is very loyal and always struggling to become a better person. And I suppose that really does matter in the scheme of things.

So, I feel a little better about how it went. And writing here helps, too. At first I was so numb, then I let the emotions flow, and then, although I'd put it off for awhile, I cried. Now I'm in reflection mode.

At least I know my schedule now and can plan my doctor's appointments and such. And there will be other jobs, I hope.

Good night. I think I might seek out a quiz and then go to bed.

PS I found out that while misdemeanours can be expunged from a criminal record in Kentucky, there's a catch. You have to wait until after five years have passed from the time you completed whatever you needed to do as a result of the conviction (fine, probation, jail, etc.) to file for expungement, without any other convictions, felony or misdemeanour. You also have to be free of them for five years prior, as well. Misdemeanours do not automatically fall off a criminal record at all. But since I have a cluster of several in about three or four years, I can't have them expunged, any of them. I can have the ones dismissed erased, though, and I will try to do that. That's my understanding of the legal jargon I've read, anyway. If it continues to be a problem in getting jobs, I may consult a lawyer.

How desperate

Otto Frank must have been, trying to save his family by fleeing to the US amid convoluted immigration rules and increasingly improbable refuge in a country that shut Jews out in the name of security. Even with the money and connexions at his disposal, he failed. Instead they were forced to live in a secret annex for two years until they were betrayed and taken to various camps where his wife and daughters parished. Of his family, he was the only one to survive the Nazis' 'Final Solution'. Newly discovered documents show his efforts.

In Old Files, Fading Hopes of Anne Frank’s Family

US Immmigration law at the time did contribute to the deaths in the Holocaust. There was one famous case as an example where a desperate boatload of Jews tried to make it to the US but were turned away, many of whom later died in the camps.

It's important for us to remember that while the Germans bear the brunt of guilt for the Holocaust, we Americans are not absolved. There was plenty of Anti-Semitism and anti-immigrant sentiment right here in the US of A. The death camps were not an unknown quantity to the US government and others at all. But we were not in Europe to free the Jews, but to stop the continued annexation of states. The destruction of the death camps was a happy by-product.

I'm glad that documents like this still exist. People may have perished, but the Nazis never succeeded in erasing them entirely. And with each new generation, we teach our children the lessons of the Holocaust. The deniers truly disturb me, for they are fervent in their disbelief and there are always those who willfully ignore the weight of historical evidence and insist that an event did not occur. But to deny the deaths of millions of people is just mind-boggling, don't you think?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Today was a pink hippo

out of my children's chewable vitamins. Yeah, I know, I'm an adult. But it gives you all the vitamins an adult needs without being a horse pill, and I take enough of those. Speaking of which, I actually remembered to take my metformin at night yesterday. I'm hoping my blood sugar is reasonable this morning (I check it as soon as I get to work, before I eat my oatmeal-to-go bar). Yesterday it was 336 which is SOOOOO unacceptable. That's like send-you-home-on-insulin unacceptable. My blood sugar usually runs in the 170s. I need it down to 120 or so. No wonder I'm having trouble thinking straight. So I'm trying to make little changes that will add up to healthier eating. I should be exercising, too, but I still haven't figured out when would be a good time when I wouldn't have to shower, go to the gym, and then shower again before heading to work.

The snow is minimal, just a dusting. I can't tell how the ice went, but the trees aren't covered or anything.

I want to share a couple of links that YKWIA showed me:

First, the Eden Project. If I ever get to England, I was planning to hit Cornwall, but this is a must. And it's very reasonable in price, for what you get to go through.

Second, bathing machines. I love the Victorians, but they were a little whacko. I'll let you read all about them. My God, what would they think of Britney Spears? They'd die of apoplexy right on the spot, even the ladies of the evening. I now realise that the canvas I've seen in paintings behind women in their bathing attire probably went to these--I just never saw that they were on wheels before. I assumed they were changing tents. Silly me.

I'll try to post some links I've collected that are library-related tonight.

Some more random thoughts--I had to touch up the paint a little last night and only got a smidge on me, which was goods, as I wasn't in my painting clothes. So much easier to paint in bright light, isn't it?

Day before yesterday a huge zit appeared on my forehead. I mean huge, deserves-its-own-name, meet me and my zit kind of thing. I was able to take care of it yesterday when it came to a head. It annoys me that I'm nearly 40 and still dealing with acne. I use a special wash to keep the oil down, but I have combination skin and occasionally have a breakout. This time it was because I'm about to start my period. Sigh. Thank goodness for salacylic acid, that's all I can say.

Okay, I'm half-dressed and Cerys really wants to go out before I head out to work, plus I might have to chip the car out from ice, so I've got to go. Today is a double-header, both jobs, so if I blog tonight, it'll be late.

Have a great day.

And for Valentine's Day...a quiz

discover your inner candy heart @ quiz me

It's icing

It's not freezing rain, or sleet really, but little round balls of ice that are making things very slippery. It's suppposed to snow later, which of course will be on a foundation of ice. I hope we don't wind up with an actual ice storm like a few years ago. I slid and very nearly did a doughnut coming into my parking lot. Whew.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


the people we love really disappoint us. This seems to happen a lot around Valentine's Day. Expectations rise, people wrack their brains (and hearts) for just the right gift, and those without a romantic bone in their body generally blow it disastrously.

But speaking as someone who is 1) a hopeless romantic and 2) has been unpartnered for the last fifteen Valentine's Days, let me say that in our disappointment we often forget the good things in our relationships, the most important one being love itself.

There's a line in a Rob Thomas song that goes, 'It's a pity, some people, they go all their lives and never know how to love or let love grow.' Sometimes I think I'm in that camp. I never really had much to model from when it came to love, especially of the unconditional variety, growing up. But, as an adult, I finally found someone who loves me unconditionally--but not in a romantic way. I admit, I fell head over heels for this person, partly because I knew it would never happen and so it was a 'safe' relationship. It was hard dealing with unrequited love and seeing love of the sort I longed for grow before me, but something I was not a part of. I finally had to let go at that need to love safely and transform it into friendship. But seeing that person happy gives me hope, sometimes, that I'll find someone of my own. Seeing the ups and downs of the relationships around you can also make you appreciate aloneness. But overall, I think we as human beings are meant to love, and partner, and even though those partners can sometimes be selfish and unthinking, it comes down to, do you truly love one another? I think that is the defining point of a relationship.

In my own case, with my ex-husband, I remember watching the movie Ghost, that scene where Demi Moore is making the pot and Patrick Swayze is behind her while 'Unchained Melody' plays in the background. In that moment I had an epiphany. My life with him would never be like that--the true kind of love that goes beyond passion and comfort and instead supports and nurtures a couple. I realised I had never really loved him, and he had certainly not loved me. We were living a lie. It was then that I realised I had to get out of the relationship and break the bonds which had very nearly trapped me there, due to my own stupidity and hard work. For me, it came down to the very words of my wedding vows, 'as long as love shall last'. Love never entered into it. There was lust, and neediness, and a sense of a comfortable rut, but no real love. For me, it was imperative that I get out of there.

But what if there is love? What if the person you love is addicted, or childish, or just plain clueless? What do you do then? Some people would leave and start anew, reasoning that the other person will never change and that it is better not to deal with the stress of the relationship. Sometimes it's heart-breaking, but it's the only way to protect yourself.

But love should never be discarded lightly. It's much too important to do so. True love is a very rare commodity these days. If you're in danger, if the relationship is abusive, if it's slowly eroding your very soul, then sure, leaving may be the best blessing. Otherwise, it may mean learning to live with the other person's faults. After all, they are a part of what you fell in love with. That doesn't let the person off the hook; he or she should still be learning the way things should be and needs to take full responsibility for his or her shortcomings.

So for those of you celebrating Valentine's Day, remember that love is the reason for the holiday. It's not the present itself that matters, it's the thought. The I-love-you-and-have-had-this ready since before the night before kind of thought, that is.) You have a special gift. Use it for all that is possible. Appreciate what you have. And remember the rest of us who miss the hype because there's no one in our own lives, but also don't get professions of love showered upon us. Some of us spend our lives afraid to partner for these exact reasons--we don't feel like we can trust or love anyone. But it's more important to take that all important gift and appreciate that in taking risks we are sometimes disappointed--but also elated beyond belief. Capture that feeling of new love and try to hold onto it. It will sustain you when precious little else will.

Okay, that was long and rambling and I'm not sure I really made a point. It's late; I think that's part of the problem--sleep good, no sleep bad.

May you never be disappointed by your love, although realistically they will, indeed do stupid things that make you just want to hit your head on the wall. Repeatedly.

Good night.

I had some trouble signing back into new Blogger

Listening to Sarah MacLachlan, 'Angel'

so sorry I haven't posted until now, way past my bedtime. (Okay, a couple of hours' worth, anyway--I know, some of you go to bed much earlier.)

Today I went to work at the hospital, ran a few errands, and then painted for six hours, but everything is finished, yay! Happily, I got to take a break and see the latest episode of Heroes. It just keeps getting better and better. They really knew how to end an episode tonight--with so many what ifs that you have to come back next week to see how things go. I'm also enjoying The Dresden Files, based on Jim Butcher's books. And in March there will be Blood Ties--I think it's on Lifetime. It's based on an excellent set of books by Tanya Huff. That's the extent of my television watching for the most part. Three hours a week isn't too bad.

Now I'm home and I've had cheese quesadillas and some Margaret bread (one of the women in the game brings Amish friendship bread every week). It's delicious (and freezes well). Cerys likes it too--she'll practically take my finger off for a bite.

I know nothing exciting seems to be happening in my life lately. I guess that is a good thing, right? I do have some good links lined up--I'll try to post them when I'm not so sleepy. Until then, goodnight.

Monday, February 12, 2007

I've migrated to new Blogger

now that they're no longer in Beta and can handle large blogs like mine. Hopefully nothing major has happened as a result. It will mean I can label posts, among other things, which is kind of cool (you know I'd like that, being a librarian and trained cataloguer).

Today's game went well. We have such a good group now, for which I'm glad. I did manage to fall on black ice while doing game day preparations, though. Ouch.

I think I'll check out some things online and then head to bed. Sorry this weekend hasn't been very exciting, I know. I'll try to come up with some good links this week.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

I see why

I don't post much on Saturdays. It's basically work, work, work, usually without anything really exciting going on. Today I thought I was supposed to be there at 11 but I was really supposed to be there at 10 (I misread the schedule), so I worked until 9 instead of 8 to make up for it. Then I ran some errands. We went through a slew of car washes today, with the line backed up several cars deep all day. One of my co-workers wants to go out for drinks one night. I so don't drink, and I'm not sure I want to get in a car with her because I suspect she drives after drinking.

Well, that's all for now. 'Night.

Friday, February 09, 2007


I spent about 12 hours today priming and painting. I took off work at the hospital and have rolled, rolled, rolled all day. Now I'm finished until the second coat on Monday. I will sleep now. 'Night.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

I forgot to tell you

I did hear from my potential boss at the public library. Apparently the job is still on hold until she can talk with someone (I'm assuming her boss) who has been out and will be out for the next week as well. So, I wasn't rejected out of hand, but I can't assume that I got the job. It's a little frustrating, but a good exercise in patience. There have been some doctor's appointments I've been reluctant to do because I don't know my schedule for March yet. Oh, well. At least I heard something. They've had this big festival they were planning that was launched this week so I had trouble reaching her and finally went through human resources, and although they didn't have any information they passed along a message for her. Still, I have hope. Okay, I have to take Cerys out and then it's off to work. I'm taking tomorrow off--for priming and painting, which fortunately I didn't have to do late at night afterall. Have a great day.

Well, so I'm told--although I'm rather asexual these days

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

10 things gas station attendants really wish you'd do (or not do)

10. Please do not drive away from the pump to get up closer to the store. You're really not making room for someone else. You probably just don't want to walk in the cold. But for us, it looks like someone's driven off.
9. Please do not drive away from the pump and go get a car wash before paying for your gas. This is assinine at worst, clueless at best. Just pay for your gas like everyone else does and you'll do fine. Again, it looks like a drive off and causes extra work that backs up the line when you do come in.
8. You should be getting the whole, don't drive off thing by now. We will report you, and you will go to jail unless you come in and pay what you owe. It's called theft, people. Here in Kentucky, they'll also take your licence away.
7. If you do drive off, don't leave the nozzle on the ground. Sure, it's more stealthy, but it means one of us has to schlep our butts out into the cold to hang the stupid thing up.
6. Don't decide after you've been rung up that you suddenly don't have any desire for the sweets you got and want peanuts instead. That's a refund, something that sometimes only a manager can do, depending on the station. And it's an assinine reason for a refund. All sales final. Just get the peanuts and eat the Hostess cakes later.
5. Don't expect to be able to break a $100 blithely. We are a gas station. Gas stations get robbed. Most gas stations don't keep that much money in the drawer and may not be able to break that hundred. Go to a grocery store or discount store. They have lots more money on hand. Or better yet, try a bank.
4. Please don't get mad if the pump doesn't print out your receipt. If it were under our control, the problem would probably be fixed by now. Keep in mind that machinery goes down in the cold. Sure, it may just have run out of paper, but there are other reasons. Sometimes it's hard to get out to the pumps when you have a line, for one thing.
3. Don't get bent out of shape when we don't carry a product you can easily get at one or two stores in the vicinity. I work right next to a Kroger and a Wal-Mart, yet the other day a girl was all distressed because we had regular, 2%, even chocolate milk, but no fat free. In retrospect, maybe I should have checked to see if we had skim. Yeah, I know they're the same. I'm not sure she did.
2. Just because you have had a bad day, don't take it out on the first low-paying flunkie you see. We don't get paid near enough to deal with your shit. We don't work to get abused. We work to feed our families and pay our bills. We want to make the store a good place for you to come, but nothing excuses bad behaviour on the part of either clerk or customer.
1. Did I do the whole don't drive off thing? Oh, yes. Well, here's the last thing. Remember that clerks are people, not machines. Treat them that way. I think everyone out there should work retail or fast food at some point in his or her life. You'll find you treat other people in the biz with greater respect.

Well, that's my turn on the soapbox for the night. :)

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I'm not surprised

He's actually grown on me, and is one of my favourites, although YKWIA can't stand him:

Which Heroes Character Are You?

Peter Petrelli
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Man, it's cold

It's 7 degrees outside (that's Fahrenheit, not Celsius), with a predicted low of 2 and a wind chill under 0. Plus it's supposed to snow 2-6 inches tomorrow. I'm always leery of forecasts. A few years ago we had a 'dusting' that turned into 14 inches.

Today it was back to work. I got quite a bit done, although I'm finished cataloguing en masse for now. Among other things, I started the process of shifting all the journals to make room for new ones. That's going to be an endeavour, let me tell you. I wish I could get some volunteers to help, but they usually want to do fun things like play with the kids, not move magazines two feet for along double-sided twelve-foot shelving units.

Then it was errands and notes and taping for another shelving project. I'll start with primer tomorrow night after I get off at the gas station. Oh, and I nearly forgot, Heroes, which is turning out to be a splendid show. The evil Sylar is loose again, there were revelations about Claire's real parents, Hiro took on his father (George Takei), Jessica's loose as well, and Peter got thrown off the top of a 30-storey building by an invisible Dr Who. Really, if you haven't watched it, you should. If you want to catch up on what's happening, try the Wikipedia site, which I love, the official site, the creator's site, or the Heroes 360 experience website.

I wonder if there are and Heroes quizzes out there? I think I'll go look. 'Night.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Hello, all

I thought I'd actually post during a weekend, since I was running an anti-spamware scan. Not much has actually happened, although the game was really great today (I got to play, not just take notes; it sucks when one character is pregnant, two are lost in the belly of Yog-Suthoth, and one is in the ICU after his plane fell from the sky). I've been warned for days that it would hurt my head--I even had trouble going to sleep last night in anticipation; it did. I had an ethical dilemma thrown at me and whilst I think I made the best decision (and I was in such a corner that there really wasn't that much else to do), I'm not happy about it, since I had to turn in an ally who happens to be half daemon over to some secret Order who will most likely kill her. I don't think they do that in D&D. You just hack and slash, and maybe backstab your companions if you're not lawful good, but I don't think those players feel bad about what they've done. I do. I love the depth in our game, but sometimes there are difficult moments, and I hate making cut-and-dried decisions like that. I always feel like I'll make the wrong choice.

Friday I paid my fine for the whole headlight-off fiasco and showed them my proof of insurance. It leaves me pretty tight until I get paid at the station, but I didn't have to pay as much up front because I'll be going to traffic school, so that was great. And, at least my rent is paid (even on time).

Yesterday I worked at the station. My boss paid for our dinner; I suspect she was just happy we showed up to work, as our assistant-manager-in-training didn't bother to show up or call. It's amazing how I can actually sustain perkiness for ten hours straight. Before this job, I would have never believed it.

Well, that's all. I may take a quiz or two. I'll write tomorrow. Maybe I'll know about the library job by then--I sent an e-mail on Friday asking about its status. 'Night.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Some random musings

I didn't write before, but I was very sad to hear of Barbaro's death. As a horsey-girly girl, I love the animals in any form, but a true champion like Barbaro showed such spirit both in his races and in his fight for life afterwards. I can't see why anyone would not be moved by his passing, at least if they had half a heart. Some good may come from his death; people are pouring money into a memorial fund to help equine medicine. That may help other horses like Barbaro. And they're really looking at much needed safety measures to make the business safer. There comes a time when you have to question whether the money made has overshadowed the safety to the animals, or if the breeding has made it more likely that they'll break down, because it's been happening a lot of late. I'm not saying we need to do away with horse racing, but we should make it as humane as possible. And that's happening. Even our own Keenland, chosen to stand in for the track in Seabiscuit because it's still so traditional, has gone to an artificial track medium that is designed for greater safety.

What else to write about before I start getting ready for work? We didin't get the first wave of snow, but we did get about an inch in the second. It's lightly snowing now, but I don't expect it to be bad for now. Now, in the next couple of days it's supposed to get very frigid, in the single digits, and then, if there's still snow, we may have ice to content with. But certainly we're in no 'winter storm' category, just gentle snow.

Cerys is here by my side. She's feeling better these days. The other day she got up on the sofa herself, and she rolled on the floor. For a few days in mid-January she'd hobbled around with one foot in the air. I think she sprained her foot coming down from the bed in an uncontrolled splat. I gave her an NSAID (non-steroid anti-imflammatory drug) for dogs called Rimadyl and it resolved before I had to take her to the vet. I would like to get her there, though. She needs her shots and her nails trimmed. She's having trouble on slick surfaces because of the nails. I went to give her a bite of peanut butter sandwich the other day and all four legs went out from under her at once. It'll probably be a couple of weeks before I can take her, though.

I did get paid enough that I can pay my rent and the traffic ticket of doom, so that's good, as the court date is Monday. I still can't believe that I, the obsessive one, didn't have my headlights on. Grr. But I do have proof of insurance now so they'll toss that out, at least.

No news yet form JCPL. I'm going to e-mail them today.

Well, I'd better sign off here and take a shower, since I will have to unsnow the car. At least the maintenance men have already been by with snowshovels and salt. Take care, and have a great day.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

I never played D&D, but as a gamer I had to take this one

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I should be in bed

It's 2 am, and I should be asleep, but instead I'm eating quesadillas and blogging. It's been a long, tiresome, worrisome day, and I need some diversion. I think I may take a quiz or two, then head to bed, since I have to be up early in the morning. We're supposed to get snow tonight; I wonder if we will.

I'm so tired.

Good night.