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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

That so did not work

I put my feet up in the bed and lay there for what seemed like an interminable amount of time, in pain, but not wanting to get out of bed to take medicine. Then I finally fell asleep and had a dream about superheroes trapped in a state of weakness that only got better when they worked together and put their combined power to work. Then one of the super-heroes used an undisclosed power to take over their world, power which was used to run the world with an iron fist. It then became a mystery/rebellion to figure out how to depose him, and it turns out the power was derived from Justin Bieber. Later a young woman was able to wrest the power from him, and again the world changed, but she was eventually persuaded to give up the power for the greater good of everyone, so they would have choice in their lives. It was quite entertaining, actually, better than a movie. And it was as long, or even more actually, as I probably fell asleep by 9ish, and now it's after 1 am.

So I woke up, was still actually in quite a bit of pain, and took my nightly meds. I'm eating a bit of hummous. Before I go back to bed I'm at least going to get those clothes together. But I'm pretty bushed, I must admit, from my day off. :)

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