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Friday, May 03, 2013


We found what we were looking for at the store, but one item was broken so I had to go back and exchange it. I mailed the three books for Paperback Swap, stopped by work to pick up the things from my desk (some of my medication was in a locked drawer) and checked about something, went into two different Kroger's, got lunch at McDonald's (not the healthiest, of course, but oh, well), got my rent, but didn't get back in time to give it in to the leasing office, so that will have to be tomorrow, none of which was in the order it happened.

Now I'm home and have quite a bit to do, despite being pretty tired. The plan is to lie down for a 30-45 minute nap and rejuvenate, then tackle the bookshelf stuff. I'm really not that confident at this point that I'll get everything finished by Saturday night.

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