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Friday, May 03, 2013

3:58 am

I guess the question now is whether I get up and work on an ankle that, while still hurting some, is vastly improved now that I've had it elevated for several hours, thereby avoiding losing any more time (I have to get this house cleaning finished by Saturday), but which also puts me in some sort of bizarre schedule (shifting it by four hours earlier), or if I should at least go back to bed till, say, 6 am and work like the dickens. I'm not quite rested ( I've had about five and a half hours of sleep). But I am worried I won't finish in time. Plus I still have to do the game notes. On the other hand, I offered to do an errand tomorrow, and have a few of my own (shoes, post office, bank, leading office). I shouldn't be driving around on little sleep. I suppose I could just hope the adrenaline keeps me up Friday night. :) I like the motivation that this is giving me, but I'm feeling the pressure now. I don't want to miss another Cthulhu game.

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