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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Happy Beltane, by the way!

I have some mead I could break out for the occasion, but I'd better not mix alcohol with my medication.

Beltane is an odd holiday for me for I really don't want to be literally fertile, I have very little in terms of crops and livestock (I have a few plants and goldfish), and the one time I jumped the Beltane fire I hurt my foot and it was a problem for about six months, till Samhain. So I keep celebration of Beltane low-key. I do occasionally watch the older version of 'The Wicker Man', the one day with Christopher Lee, not Nicholas Cage, a delightful movie that many call a cult horror flick, but it really isn't. That's on VHS, and I recently got a DVD/VHS recorder, so I can watch again. I've been without a VCR for a number of years, but hung on to the tapes anyway, and now I can watch them (and convert them to DVD, for that matter). Okay, that's it for the night. I'm on my phone in bed and my hand's cramping. Good night.

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