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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Had a wonderful time this evening

I took YKWIA to an appointment near my home and we stopped by my apartment for him to see what I've accomplished. He hasn't been in my apartment for about seven years, except very briefly when bringing me home from the hospital after my ankle surgery in October. The last time he was in my apartment before that, he could barely breathe, and he's seen my house in other places much, much worse than it was this time--and it took me nearly five weeks to do the de-hoarding. So, I was nervous, and he had some trepidation, too, I suspect.

With the exception of a couple of small things he asked me about (the Bookcrossing books I'd left in a small box in a corner of the bedroom, the fair job I did vacuuming under the computer desk, where the wires are), he was, I think surprised and pleased. He said that while the house still had a lot of clutter, it really reflected my personality. At least the clutter was fairly orderly. He could breathe, saying the house smelled a bit like lavender. And he said he'd like to come over again and we could do things again over at my house, which is great.

Afterwards, we celebrated with a salmon meal from Texas Roadhouse. We ate and visited over at his place along with A, and then we watched an 'Ultraman' episode. By this time, it was about 8:30, so I headed home, happy from the pleasant meal, conversation, and passing the test with the house. My gas light came on (that's the lowest I'd let the gas get since I got the car), so I stopped by the gas station on the way home. I got back around 9, texted with Brandon for a little while with my feet up in front of the fan in the bedroom (I've been hot for a couple of days now, even using a fan at work). We were discussing our day and also the tragic tornado hitting Moore, Oklahoma. I hadn't had a chance to really look at the news story, and so when I saw things like the elementary school that was hit, etc., it was very sobering. Having lived in the Midwest, I know you try to prepare for this sort of thing, that it's a hazard of being there, but still.... After awhile, around 10 pm, I fell asleep and woke a little while ago thinking it was much later in the night--it's only 1 am and so I've been asleep for three hours. I had thought about watching an episode of 'Doctor Who' earlier. It's a bit late, now, as I have to get up about 7 or 7:30.

Tomorrow I need to go to physical therapy (I think this will be my last week; I'm doing much better). I also need to sit down and pay some bills and that sort of thing. Wednesday I hope to go to the YMCA and finally start using my membership, maybe get into the pool. The pool here at the apartment complex is almost ready and will open this weekend, most likely. It usually does, although Friday is supposed to be back down around 70, so I'm not sure how warm it will be. It's definitely warm and muggy outside now.

Saw something on Facebook this morning that made me feel old. The last episode of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' aired ten years ago today. Yes, really.

I'm having some ice water right now. In a little while I'll go back to sleep. I may listen to some music in the interim. I bought two CDs from Amazon that should be here Wednesday, but of course they had the Autorip feature so they're already on my phone in .mp3 form. It's Ed Sheeran's + and Pink's Greatest Hits...So Far. The Sheeran one I bought because I'd listened to 'The A Team' and 'Lego House' and really liked them. They had upbeat music, nice voice work, etc. I had been listening to 'The A Team' for awhile, had the music in my head, and then one day I really started paying attention to the lyrics (I'm usually quicker than that, and my listening experience is very lyrics-driven). I love how Sheeran has juxtaposed such dark material with the upbeat music. 'The A Team' is a traditional lyrical ballad that refers to Class A drugs in Britain, and the story is of a young woman who prostitutes herself due to an addiction to crack cocaine. It's a little subtle, and sad, as well. The Pink album is a collection of most of her hits (except the current 'Give Me Just a Reason'), and I really love her music. For relaxing in the evening, I'd say Sheeran is the way to go--Pink is more invigourating, he's more relaxing, although like I said, 'A Team' in particular is very sad:

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