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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I was so sorry to read this this morning

4 Kids, 2 Adults Dead in Pa. Fire on Mother's Day
Fire Chief Todd March said it was the deadliest blaze in Pottsville, a city of about 14,000, in his 37-year career.

"It's hard to take, and there was nothing we could do," he said.

The Schuylkill County Coroner's office identified the victims as the father, Eric Brown, 30; and his children, Elijah Brown, 2; Emily Brown, 3; Jeremiah Brown, 7; and Joy Brown, 8. Another adult, Kristina Thomas, 26, also died in the fire. She's the sister of 28-year-old Kelly Brown, the mother who survived.

Kelly Brown had been doing laundry at a neighbor's house nearby at the time of the blaze because her washing machine was broken, according to the neighbor, Jennifer Purcell. Purcell said they had smelled smoke, and Purcell went outside and saw the flames, telling Brown, "Oh my God, your house is on fire!"

They both ran up the street to the house, but weren't able to get inside, Purcell said.
By the time the fire was discovered, flames were burning intensely and shooting out, preventing neighbours from getting inside, and the firefighters worked for about and hour to contain the blaze but weren't able to save the family. She's lost her children, her husband, and her sister in one fell swoop, and on Mother's Day to boot. So sad. My thoughts are with her and the rest of their family, as well as the witnesses and the firefighters who responded.

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