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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fairly productive

I had physical therapy today, and then when I got home, I ate, folded laundry from the other day (only one thing has to be ironed, fortunately), and then I tackled the walk-in closet. There was a large tub full of stuff that turned out to be stuff from the old car, almost all of which could be thrown away. It included some old sheets, some paint, etc. There was also a bag of stuff that turned out to be dumb bells and my tyre inflator; I kept those, but threw out the rest of the bag. There were still some attachments to old vacuum cleaners that I'd gotten rid of, so those will go out, as well. All in all, three bags or so of trash are sitting in the dining room ready to go out; I saved a handful of very small things, like a multitool, pens that seemed to still be good, and the like. The large tub is back in the closet, but empty. There is actually another tub full of clothes that I should go through at some point, but not tonight; they are a discrete entity and therefore I think they can stay for now; nothing's mixed in with them. It's hard dealing with the walk-in closet because it's gotten wet twice and there is a mustiness in it that I haven't really been able to dismiss. That's why everything in it is either waterproof, in a waterproof tub, or doesn't really matter if it gets wet. When I first moved in, someone suggested putting books in there. I'm so glad I didn't. The air conditioner is above the closet and has leaked twice in the 9 years I've been here.

Okay, I set out to work on the walk-in closet tonight and finished it. Tomorrow I'm going to work on the final stuff in the bedroom, that came out of the closets there. There are several boxes of general stuff. I think for now I'm going to listen to some music before bed. Good night.

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