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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Time for a break

Today I've:
  1. Done laundry.
  2. Taken the electronic recyclables in.
  3. Taken most of the trash and recyclables out.
  4. Filled the trunk with things for Goodwill.
  5. Gotten some gas for the car.
  6. Bought some small things at the grocery, including some flowers for the dining table.
What's left for today:
  1. A few dishes, plus putting others away
  2. Putting winter clothes away
  3. A few books to go on shelves
  4. Magazines to go to Marines or recycle
  5. Office/art supplies where they go
  6. Canvas frames and carts put up
  7. Under bed container (almost forgot)
  8. A quick once-over in the bathroom and kitchen
  9. Taking the items to Goodwill
  10. Dusting
  11. Floors of all rooms
  12. One more trip with trash and recyclables
  13. Game notes
Tomorrow that leaves making the bed, and the house will be clean.

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