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Friday, May 03, 2013

Today's agenda:

  1. Stop by work--I need something in my desk for the weekend
  2. Library--return a book (it was due yesterday; if I drop it off before they open at 9:30, I won't incur a fine)
  3. Post Office--Paperback Swap books
  4. Bank--rent
  5. Leasing office--rent
  6. Stores--shopping with friend
  7. Fold bedclothes, put away
  8. Gather reusable tote bags
  9. Go through dresser drawers; weed clothes
  10. Gather up additional things for Goodwill; load into car
  11. Take books off metal shelf in bedroom; move to closet>
  12. Set up new shelf in bedroom, put books on it
  13. Make bed
  14. Clean bath tub/shower
  15. Goodwill--donation
  16. Finishing touches to left closet in bedroom
  17. Closet in bathroom; organise and clean
  18. Take out bag of old towels that got ruined during time off when the bathroom flooded. Twice.
  19. Go through papers from left closet in bedroom and hall closet.
  20. Take recyclables and trash out.
  1. Tackle right closet in bedroom. Throw away as much as possible. Transfer some to left closet shelves. Try to get it so clothes will go in it.
  2. Dust.
  3. Vacuum carpets and mop linoleum floors.
  4. Go through and check for any small things still on shelves, etc.
  5. Throw away things that can go from the walk-in closet (just a few things).
  6. Organise the area under the fish tank.
  7. Organise the area under the bathroom sink.
  8. Do the game notes.

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