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Monday, May 27, 2013

It's been a pretty decent day off

although I slept a bit much at the end, so now I'm awake. It's back to work tomorrow morning, of course. I did buy a dress for my friend's vow renewal, online, and he loves it. I just hope it looks as nice on me, especially now that I've got the super short hair.

My bathroom is full of the hand washables, which are almost dry. They're on a rack in the bathtub and hanging from the shower towel rack and curtain rod. I had the fan on in there earlier to help. The rest of the laundry is folded and still needs to be put away; but it's neatly in a hamper for tonight. I did go ahead and hang a shirt that wrinkles easily.

I did some stuff around the house and once the chores were done, watched a little 'Doctor Who' and listened to some music. I spoke with A on the phone for awhile and texted back and forth with Brandon. I napped twice, once in the middle of the day and once about 8:30. So all in all it was a quiet day, but it was nice. I love being in a clean apartment. I think I should go ahead and water the plants inside today; the umbrella plant looks a bit dry. Then I'll do some reading before bed; that's the only thing I had planned to do that I haven't today. I hope you had a nice weekend as well. Good night.

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