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Monday, May 27, 2013

Starting off my holiday with a little amusement

I slept in today, waking up at 10, and getting ten hours of sleep. It was nice not having to be anywhere. I thought I'd disabled all my alarms, but the Gentle Alarm on my phone went off at 6-something. But I managed to go back to sleep with no problem.

So I got up, showered, and headed over to the laundry room for a Diet Coke, as I didn't have any soda in the house and wanted a bit of caffeine. On the way I made friends with a little tiny dog a lady was walking. On the way back, the dog did that circling thing that they do and then hiked its leg to pee. I said something about how the circling was cute, and the lady said she thought so too, and that she (the dog) always did that. I said, 'she?' and she said yes, and that she knew I was surprised because the doggie hikes its leg. She always does that, too. Meanwhile, I'm staring at the penis between his legs that is rather prominent and erect. I just smiled, shook my head, and went on. But you would think the dog owner would know a bit of basic anatomy. True, maybe I should have corrected her misconception, but I didn't. Oh, well, at least they won't have an unexpected litter of puppies. He looked healthy and well-cared for. Surely a vet will let them know at some point. I didn't catch his name. Hopefully it's not too girlie.

Okay, I've had a small breakfast of pimiento cheese on some everything crackers. Did I mention I've lost 14 lbs since the end of March? Yay! I haven't actually been dieting, but the cleaning helped keep me moving. Now I hope to keep that activity up by going to the Y. In the meantime I'm trying to eat somewhat healthy and in good portions. Time to go review my list of things I want to accomplish today and see about starting. :)

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