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Thursday, May 02, 2013

Well, I feel better able to face laundry now

I got up at 3:30 am and have done some small tasks, including putting the bedding into a laundry bag and getting the other two out of the hamper frame. I have at least four loads, counting a comforter in the trunk of the car that never got properly clean after a friend's puppy barfed all over it.

A different friend asked to use my computer (the desktop) on a regular basis, and I don't mind that at all and actually it will give us a better chance to see each other, but it occurs to me that I have basically set up my computer just for me. The workstation is against the wall, when it really should be catty-cornered to work well with the bookshelf that comes very close to it. I have a keyboard that is too tall for my regular tray. My mouse is on the left and set as left-handed. If I try to put it on the right, I'm not sure he'll have enough room to type on the keyboard, short of putting the keyboard on the actual table and not on the tray. And there's no chance of getting a deeper tray put onto this desk.

We'll try it out and see if he can comfortably use the computer. If now, I do have a solution, although it's one I don't relish. I'd need to turn the computer desk catty-cornered, of course. To do that would mean taking down two shelves of books that span between the entertainment centre and the desk hutch. I could then move the desk, put the shelves back up, and re-shelve. It would be a lot of work, and we'll save it until after the current cleaning frenzy. It would make the computer more user friendly for both of us, actually, and somewhere in the closet I have a triangular piece that joins my printer table to the desk that would work that way and provide better stability on that front. But we'll see how cramped he is in my little computer space, first.

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