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Thursday, May 02, 2013

I was going to put on some music

as despite a slow start [I got distracted by keyboard trays on Amazon], I have the laundry going. But then when I returned to the apartment, a lovely robin started singing, and I can hear him through the open window. Very nice.

The first of the books I mailed out for a requester through Paperback Swap has reached it's destination, so I had a credit to use. While I was waiting for the washers to finish, I went on there and found a book by Andre Norton (an author I like quite a bit and I have several of her books) called Merlin's Mirror. I think I may have read it when I was a teenager, but I don't remember. It's set in Arthurian times, although I gather there's a science fiction component rather than straight-up fantasy involved. I also put a book a friend is looking for on my wish list, as well as the book Not in Front of the Servants, by Frank Dawes. I'm pretty far down on the list for the first, but it's worth a try.

I also took the shelving packaging out and put it with the recycling containers (they're too big to go inside). It's very pleasant outside. Few of my neighbours are up. At first there were a couple of bedroom lights on, then a few living room ones. I've never been one of those people who slowly wakes up and stays in bed reading or otherwise waking up. I've known several who do that. [One, a lady I worked with at the gas station, had a shooting in an apartment next to hers, and a bullet went through her wall and into her bedroom, right where she would normally be sitting up in bed in the morning. Fortunately the timing was off, and she wan't doing that for some reason that day, had to get up at a different time. But it was a bit scary. It was a tenant who shot and killed an on-site maintenance man at the complex. She was quite rattled.]

When it gets lighter, I may go ahead and fix up the window boxes and do some planting. But for now I think I'm going to prop my feet up and wait for the dryers. I felt like I was taking life and limb into my own hands in navigating the laundry room, which apparently had those wet floor signs up because one or more of the washers I used leaked water all over the place. I was in old sandals with no tread, and do not really want to break another bone anytime soon. I got a bit of blanket in the water as I was putting them into the dryer. Hopefully that shouldn't be an issue, but I'll have to be very careful when I go back, both in terms of walking (in different shoes this time) and not getting the dry clothes in the puddle that is right under two of the dryers. Grrr....

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