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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Chugging along

I've gone through the other boxes in the last three hours or so. I had to go ahead and take a break, and I'm at a good stopping point. But I've been on my feet too long, despite doing part of it while sitting down. I still have some stuff on the bed to keep, but I have two big bags full of trash, a box to go to Goodwill, two boxes of electronic recyclables, and a bin and large bag full of regular recyclables. There are a few more books to put up on shelves, but that's it. So now I'm going to do the following: I'm going to run the dishwasher and start working on the bathroom, take out the recyclables, trash, and the evil bag of musty towels in the bathroom closet. Sometime around 10:30 or so I'll take a shower and drive the electronics recyclables over to the centre, since they close at noon, and grab something to eat while I'm out. Then I'll come back and do laundry, straighten up everywhere else, deal with the fish tank, vacuum, finish the stuff on the bed, make the bed, and I'll be finished. I can drop off the stuff to Goodwill, and then do the notes.

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