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Saturday, May 25, 2013

4:45 am

Been awake with my legs itching after my first day in compression hose. Could just be fluctuations in swelling, I suppose, but I suspect my latex allergy. Can't find anything on the package that says it's latex-free, and after all, they are compression hose, which are by definition elastic. It has nylon and spandex in it, according to the package. I'm thinking there's some natural rubber in there somewhere.  May wait in wearing these again until I can contact the doctor or company.

PS I checked and spandex is completely synthetic, as is nylon of course. While there is a possibility there's some natural rubber in there, it's not listed. So we'll see. Maybe it's just a reaction to the compression. I still want to check with my doctor, though. In any event, it's keeping me awake.

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