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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Back on track

Opening the windows and having a bite to eat helped. However, it scares me that it took nearly an hour to take all the trash and recyclables out, plus an old rickety VHS shelf. Granted, I work pretty slowly, but still. There were four bags of trash, six of recyclables (a lot of paper had been in the closet), two shelf boxes, and the shelf. I used my granny cart to get most of it out. While out I saw the postman, and asked him if today was the day they were collecting canned goods for the hungry. It is. I'd put a couple of cans out earlier and he took them with him when he went. Yay! More things out of the house. Some kind soul had given me chicken soup when my ankle was broken, without knowing that I'm a vegetarian (well, really pescetarian, but most people don't know what that means, so it's easier to say I'm a vegetarian who eats fish). So I passed it on to someone who might need it more. I do still need to go through four boxes of paper that came out of the hall closet, but I think that's mostly game stuff, meaning it stays.

Okay, back to work. Next, I think I'll fill the fish tank and plug everything back in, and clean out underneath it.

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