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Monday, May 27, 2013

Trying to breathe

just back in from putting my clothes in the dryer, and the lady who cleans our hallways has been and it's very, very strong cleaner she uses on the carpets, way too strong. It will make that place smell like cleaner for about three days, at least. Brandon once had to send his wife in to get me on one of our trips to the doctor when my ankle was broken, it was so strong, and even though I saw them going out of the next building and walking to mine, and knew what to expect, I choked horribly. Still, I guess it's better than them not cleaning it at all. Once I got into the apartment, at least, what I smell is baking bread. I'm making a normal loaf (no herbs). The next one I'll try is whole wheat.

So far I've cleaned the toilet and did a once-over in the bathroom, washed dishes (there were just a few in the sink), did the hand-wash laundry, of which there was a whole hamper full, and I've washed three loads of clothes and am drying them now. I'm about 15 minutes away from freshly baked bread. Right now at the pool there are some young men who are banging around a beach ball and are loud and obnoxious, so I don't think I'll go quite yet, if at all. Maybe in the evening. If not, I'll go to the YMCA tomorrow or Wednesday, depending on my schedule. I've got about 40 minutes before the laundry is ready to come out, so I think I'll listen to some music and relax. Outside is gorgeous, with sunny skies and a pleasant breeze. It's supposed to be partly cloudy and quite a bit more humid this evening. I'm going to turn off the air conditioner and open the windows for awhile, I think.

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