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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

I'm still working on my house

And this morning I got up and put everything on the bedroom floor that had come from the closets onto the bed, so I have to deal with it tonight. I moved some things to the closet, and added a shelving unit in one, got the doors back on track (I hate metal accordion doors, but they're what I have), and worked for awhile on getting things back in order. Now it's almost time to go to work. But I'll be back to work on this. After that, there's some drawers, under the bathroom sink and fish tank, and the closet in the bathroom, plus vacuuming and a little general work. I lost Monday because I went to a friend's celebration, and I didn't, in truth, get much done last night. But I hope the fact that I'll have to deal with it before I can sleep on the bed will help tonight. Also, I found an electric outlet where I didn't realise there was one (I had VHS tapes and books stacked up along that corner), so I moved my little boom box in the bedroom to the other chest of drawers. Yay.

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