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Sunday, May 05, 2013

So terribly pooped--and not from working on my apartment

I just got back from a grocery run with a friend, perhaps the most grueling trip to the store I've ever done. Because he needed 24-packs of soda for an event, we went to the one by my house, which is a Kroger Marketplace. I'm fairly familiar with the store, but the printer wouldn't print out the lists and so I wound up using my phone, as my other friend had e-mailed me the documents (a produce, general, and dairy/freezer list). Our two carts barely could be pushed by the time we were finished. I forgot one item, they were out of two items, and my friend made a mistake and got fat-free creamer, so we need to go by tomorrow at one of the stores. But we were there probably for about two hours, and utterly exhausted by the time we got back. Plus, it's a steady rain outside, so we both got very wet. Now I'm back home and plan to rest for a bit and start working on the house again. But right now, I need to put my feet up and just chill for a bit.

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