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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Taking a quick break

I've uncovered about half of the troublesome closet so far. The good news is that the comics and a couple of boxes will just stay there. The bad news is the second shelf would not fit in the same closet as the other; the closet's just barely too narrow. So, I'm going to hang some clothes in half of the other closet and use this one for one shelf, the comic boxes, the files from an organisation I belong to, and anything else that has to go. But I've thrown away nearly a bag full and have a big tub full or recyclables already. I've found more tote bags to donate. I'm emptying out copy paper boxes of stuff. But there are two large boxes (too big for me to move full of just random stuff that used to be in the dresser and chest-of-drawers. That's what I have to get into next. But first I'm going to go give my rent in at the leasing office, which means I need to shower first.

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