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Thursday, April 07, 2011

What I did

  1. Wore the new blouse, got a couple of nice compliments on it. See picture for said blouse. (YKWIA, try not to cringe).
  2. Paid my rent.
  3. Got a bus pass.
  4. Got laundry quarters.
  5. Went to T-Mobile to see this phone and ask about options. The guy was really unhelpful. They didn't have any of the Comets in stock, but they had a display I played with and also a couple of others to compare it to. We'll see. So far, my phone is doing better (knock on wood). It's trying to recover the Faves on that menu but keeps getting hung up on the icon for YKWIA. Somehow I'm not surprised.
  6. Worked. Did a lot at both jobs. Absolutely made four people's day with speedy interlibrary loans (both an urgent lend and a few borrows), an Internet search, and tracking down a book to UK that was absolutely needed tonight. I like it when I can make a difference.

I did forget to call the optometrist. And I'm going to check the weather before I start a lot of laundry because it's supposed to storm tonight and it already looks like rain.

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