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Friday, April 08, 2011

Well, that may have been a complete waste of time

I just spent about an hour on the phone with very nice but unfortunately not particularly helpful T-Mobile customer service agent located (I suspect) in India. It could have been Nepal or Bangladesh. I say that because I always get someone with a southern Asian accent when I call. But although I had to have her repeat a little, it went fairly smoothly. But most of what she said was, 'please wait while I check that' as her fingers went ticky-tick on the keyboard.

I apparently had a very challenging question. See, I was able to get the contacts loaded back on my phone, by My Faves are missing. Not the interface (I found where I could re-download that), but the Faves themselves. I found where I could refresh them, and one got the name and phone number but then said 'Updating icon'--for 24 hours. The rest never came back. If I go to T-Mobile's web site, they're all there, no problem. But all but one still say 'add' on my phone. If I try to add, it tells me it's a duplicate number. It's very annoying. Yes, granted, I have each fave in my contacts, and as long as T-Mobile knows which numbers are My Faves, I should still get free calls to them, but I don't have quick access to them from the My Faves menu--and should. She finally had me try to add one again and then told me it could take an hour to update and quickly ended the call. I think she was relieved. I'm a bit frustrated, myself, because I felt like we weren't really getting anywhere for all that typing and I repeated myself about eight times as to what the problem was, and told her, indeed, that we did not appear to be getting anywhere, to which she nervously said no, I'm putting this in, let me try this.

We'll see. Maybe in an hour I'll have a Fave back. I don't know. But I'm tired of dealing with it tonight. I've always had good service from T-Mobile, and she was really trying to help, but she was obviously over her head, and I could tell she was conferring with a supervisor or other co-worker or two to try to solve the problem, which is why I didn't push it further. I suspect the phone has just glitched in an unpredictable way and may be stuck that way. It may become moot soon if I get the other phone, but the last day or two the phone has worked well otherwise, so by re-seating the battery I may have solved the problem (although I created a couple of more). :|

Ugh. Technology does so much when it works. Otherwise it's just good for headaches.

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