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Friday, April 01, 2011

The rain is really hitting the windows

I came in from getting a drink in the laundry room just five minutes ago. Good timing.

So happy that today's 'book talk' comic for Unshelved is about a favourite series of books by Lloyd Alexander, starting with The Book of Three. They are probably my third favourite fantasy series aimed at children. Number two would be Harry Potter. Hands down number one, and the series that got me interested in fantasy to begin with, is Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising. It also got me interested in Arthurian myth, Celtic culture, and ultimately, paganism. [Okay, maybe the crazy Christians who are convinced JK Rowling will turn their precious children into witches aren't...quite...wrong. ;) That's a joke for the unwary.]

Tomorrow I am going to Danville very early. My mom and step-dad are supposed to be here around 8 am. Not sure why so early, but that's fine. We'll go visit my grandmother and see how she's doing.

I suppose since I'm going to get up so early, it wouldn't be amiss to go on to bed, even though it's about 10:30. I'd like to get a few things done before they get here. I have a couple of old CRT computer monitors I want to see if John can use, for example, so I need to get those out.

I have a project that is going to take a laptop. I realise this, but I do not own a laptop. Fortunately they've been ridiculously cheap lately. We're talking less than $300 for a basic-no-frills one, which is fine for what I need. If things go well I might be able to swing one in May or June. If that's the case, I checked, and the licence for my Office 2010 covers a stationary and a portable device, so I can have a desktop and laptop running the program without violating the licence. Considering I lucked out and got the professional suite for $9.95 through work, I really didn't want to have to spend a lot of money for a second copy, so yay, especially as this project will definitely take Word. But first I have to get through tax season. And if I'm lucky after that, I might be able to swing a little money into a car fund a month, although most everything will be going to bills, the IRS, and student loans. But maybe $150 a month savings is doable. Maybe.

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