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Sunday, April 03, 2011

How odd--let's do the time warp again

My alarm clock somehow got changed so it is about one hour ahead of every other clock in the house, so I accidentally got up at 4 am instead of 5 am. I wasn't sure I believed it, as my radio-controlled clock--which never updates to daylight savings time like it's supposed to, actually has the same time as all the others. So apparently somewhere along the way it did. My backup watch said 3:25 when I checked, and my watch said 4:25, so things not affected by automatic daylight savings changes agreed. I moved the other watch up in line with everything else, went to the official US government time page, and by that time it was, indeed 4:30. So now I have forty minutes to kill before leaving for the first bus. :) I'm ready except for putting my shoes on. Gee.

Maybe I should keep my alarm clock set the not-quite determined time ahead. I'll get more done in the mornings, probably. But I'd probably just adjust to the time in my head eventually.

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