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Monday, April 11, 2011

I think this is the longest

I've gone without a blog post in awhile, certainly when I do have an Internet connexion. Sorry about that. I've been pretty busy the last three days.

Saturday I was at a friend's house most of the day. I'd brought some items to him that he needed and he fed me some wonderful food. We watched TV and basically had a nice day of visiting, something we don't get to do much with my schedule and lack of car. Best of all, something that has been hanging over my head for about six years was lifted. I'm not going to try to explain how it came to be, or what it was, but there's quite a bit of relief as a result.

Sunday was the Cthulhu game. We rocked! This has been a horrible, horrible campaign. It was written two decades ago and is full of extremely powerful cultists, surprise greater beings, and with the tweaks by the game master completely pulled the carpet out from under our feet in terms of the game's premiss. We really expected to be playing in a post-apocalyptic scenario next. But, we took down two of the most potent evil sorcerors with mere physical skills, and a great net gun idea, killed the bad guys, and an NPC (non-player character) managed to contain the actual coming of an avatar of Nyarlothotep. The campaign is called The Fungi from Yuggoth, a small yet deadly series of adventures, although only a small part of it had to do with Mi-Go. But I am so very happy to have survived it with both characters (although one got her throat slit, and suffered some brain damage). The sanity rewards were also very good for the adventure. Now if we can just get things back to normal, which is a daunting process, as the ritual needed to rekindle our Elder Signs is trapped in a monastery library that has been shut off by tons of stone that can only be raised with the sign. It is a conundrum. But I have faith. It should be fun to do the game notes this time, knowing we won the day.

Today it was back to work. I took an Office 2010 training class today. We upgrade from Office 2003 at work next week, although I have 2010 at home thanks to Microsoft's home use programme that allows employees to download the full professional suite for $9.95. Yay. So I'm going to play with it over the next week and try to get up to snuff, plus I have some library books on the various programs.

I've looked through the news and didn't really see anything blog-worthy, unfortunately. But I will hopefully have something tomorrow other than just things about me.

It is National Library Week, though, so be sure to celebrate and support your local library.

My phone is still doing odd things. It's obviously not the battery. Earlier it went to a white screen and then changed all the tones and theme-related stuff to one I've never used before. I still have my contacts and music, but everything else is different. I am looking forward to payday when I can get a new one. I hope the store has them in stock by then, although I can always go online to get it. I downloaded the Comet user guide/manual today and looked through it. It's much more complex than my phone and does a lot more, but it was understandable and I think I'll pick it up easily. It sounds like it comes with a good number of applications, and of course, it's an Android phone (albeit a low-end one), so I can get more.

I'm enjoying spring, although a cold front went through today with thunderstorms, but it will be a short-lived dip in temperature and not as bad as the one at the end of March.

Wednesday I have a doctor's appointment, a three-month diabetes check. I'm afraid I won't have a great spreadsheet for Dr Nesbitt as I've been less than complete at checking my blood sugar four times a day, but I'm back on track, and with the Excel 2010 I can do a general chart but also something called Sparklines where each day can be shown in graphical form as well. So that's something for next time. But my blood sugar is doing well overall. I'm not sure we can dispense with any of the oral meds quite yet, but the insulin has been a godsend.

Okay, I'm going to go. Hope you had a great weekend.

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