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Saturday, April 23, 2011

It is apparently tricky

to take a picture of yourself when there's no self-viewer. My flip phone actually had one. Although better phones take better pictures, this one takes better photos than my old one, I think.

I'm almost finished with the laundry--20 minutes of drying and it'll be done. Hopefully that will be before the storms come. Everything else on my list is finished. Plus I've napped a bit (are you surprised???) I'm hoping I'll get enough rest to be ready for hordes of byakhee tomorrow. :)

After I get the laundry squared away, there's Doctor Who to consider at 9. I hope the power doesn't go out during it. I've got the phone charged just in case I need to get alerts, etc. I do charge the phone a lot, but I've been using the battery a lot, too. I'm not sure how it does on long calls yet, but of course the web stuff takes power. I do kill the applications after using them to conserve power and memory. I'll probably talk to our game master on the phone for awhile after the show, and head to bed early. Now, let me check the news and see if there are any blog-worthy items. Oh, and my e-mail.

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