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Saturday, April 23, 2011

I agree with the objections wholeheartedly, as a T-Mobile subscriber

AT&T Files to Buy T-Mobile Amid Objections
Consumer group and net neutrality backer Free Press also came out blazing.

“No matter how many high-priced lobbying firms AT&T hires, it won’t be able to fool Americans into thinking the reconstitution of the Ma Bell monopoly is a good thing,” Free Press Research Director S. Derek Turner said in a written statement. “Make no mistake, this deal is about eliminating a competitor and nothing more. AT&T has chosen the marketing slogan ‘Mobilize Everything’ to sell this competition-killing deal, but it’s clear their real goal is to ‘Monopolize Everything.’”

The deal would also give AT&T a virtual monopoly over GSM-based phones in the United States, as T-Mobile is the only other national carrier to use that technology.

T-Mobile has long been known for being innovative and having good customer service; while AT&T’s customer service ranks lowest among the big carriers and the company is also locking down its Android devices.

The FCC and the Justice Department will both have to approve the deal before the purchase can be finalized, and citizens and outside groups can file statements in support or opposition to the deal.
I want my phone company to stay T-Mobile. In 12 years I've had one outage. In all that time, I've had three dropped calls, all in the belly of the hospital where I work. I don't think ATT&T has that good of a record, and I don't like this acquisition. As someone who is now locked into a contract for two years, I think I have a right to voice my objections. Where do I file?

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