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Wednesday, April 06, 2011


  1. Wear my other birthday blouse, the one I like so much that YKWIA should never see me in. (It's a hot pink shell covered with a see-through three-quarter sleeve white shirt with orange and hot pink stripes. I'm sure he will think it sounds ghastly, especially with my Irish skin. But it looks very spring-like and reminds me of flowers. We'll see.)
  2. Pay rent.
  3. Get a bus pass.
  4. Get laundry quarters.
  5. Consider going to T-Mobile to see this phone and ask about options.
  6. Work.
  7. Call my optometrist and order another package of contacts. I'm on my last set and I'm having some trouble with blurriness; I think it's allergies. It's better with my glasses, but still an issue.
  8. Do game notes because I have things to do on Saturday.
  9. Do a big bunch of laundry (as opposed to the one stopgap load the other day).

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