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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wow, six hours' sleep before the game

Unheard of. Plus I've showered, eaten, and am ready to go. Blood sugar's a little high, but I won't eat again for awhile, so by then it should be down to normal, hopefully. I think going off the oral meds have had a negative effect, given that even when I'm not eating pizza my starting sugars are higher.

I'm getting an ear infection, the external kind that hurt like the dickens. I can tell. I'll call Dr Nesbitt tomorrow, but even my jaw hurts when touched over there. I obsessively scratch at my itchy left ear, even though I try not to, so I've probably damaged the skin and some kind of germ (the pathogen kind) got in. My own fault, in other words.

Okay, for those who celebrate Easter, enjoy it. I for one am spending my Sunday as per normal, cleaning and gaming. No grocery run today at least. Have a great day. It looks like ours will be a bit on the soggy side, so hide those (pagan) eggs indoors, folks.

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