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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My cell phone is playing zombie

Last night the screen went white, then black, and even after taking out the battery and putting it back in to see if the contact was bad, the phone seemed to die for good. This evening when I got home I tried turning it on again and it did boot up, so I'm charging it up. But there's no guarantee it won't fizzle out again, and it's done it during conversations before. But maybe it can limp along until I get a new one.

This morning I burned some of the music I have been listening to on the phone onto a CD so I can listen at work using the CD player in my computer. As soon as I got home I burned a backup copy of my Office 2010 download file onto a DVD, because even though I have a backup on my external hard drive you never know when there will be an epic failure. A co-worker gave me a DVD so I could try out my drive; I thought it was DVD-RW+ but wasn't sure, and I didn't want to buy a whole spindle just for one thing.

I got soaked going to the bank this morning and then to work in a driving rain and wind. I finally dried out about 1:30 pm. Even my Birkenstocks got a bit wet, and they were in a bag, not on my feet.

I stayed at work until 7 tonight but got a ride home because another co-worker was working late due to a meeting. That means it's still light and now I've changed into comfy clothes and ate some Havarti cheese on a bagel and a banana. I'm ready to do some things on the computer. I need to send a friend something I found on a search and do another search for another friend. It's great having your own personal librarian, I hear. I also need to play a bit with Office 2010 since I've now had some training. But I'm going to check the news and probably blog tonight, too.

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