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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Kudos to Cooley Medical

I called them about sending a CPAP masque and accessories to me rather than me having to take the bus out there with a tight schedule due to work. Despite the fact that I did not have my machine model or masque type, the woman was able to infer what type of masque I needed by the description. Although they had to wait to get the prescription for the doctor, once they got it, she called me to ask if there were anything else I needed before she shipped it out. I asked for the long tubing and if they still had them, some filters. Again, we had to go on description, and my machine is so old it's no longer in their records.

The package arrived yesterday and I picked it up from the leasing office today. Inside was the same exact type of masque I had before, with different-sized nosepieces, including two mediums, which I use, a thing of tubing, and yes, the correct filters. I had originally asked that it be sent to the hospital since I sometimes have difficulty getting things delivered if there's any receipt needed, etc. But it had been three weeks since we talked, so I can't fault them on that. Once they got the prescription, she had it to me the next day. So kudos to them. I now have a masque that isn't falling off, that I don't have to have hold on with a pillow, and the tubing isn't leaking anywhere. I can breathe easier because the filter was something like two years old. Yay!

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