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Saturday, April 23, 2011

I almost forgot the biggest to-do of the day!

DOCTOR WHO returns tonight at 9 pm EDT!


'Course, they've been running LOTS of last year's episodes on BBCAmerica (follow the link for an interesting Dalek costume photo at the bottom of the page) and I have to check the DVR to see if there is any room. But I plan on actually watching it live tonight--no more interference from the gas station.

Wooooooo WHOoooooooo!

Okay, you may now return to a non-exciting hum-drum human existence. :)

I did manage to go out to get some groceries during a lull in the weather. Now I've eaten, and I'm really ready to tackle things. The notes shouldn't take too long--We just played for less than four hours and most of that time was me running away from hordes of flying Byakhee with two Elder Signs in hand resisting the obvious choice to flee. :) Really.

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