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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm having my first real meal of the day

We had a tornado warning this morning, so like an idiot once it was over and I did head to the bus stop, I forgot the tuna and bagel I was going to bring for lunch. I'm waiting for a check from someone right now, but with all the taxes and everything this pay period, I'm down to about $2 in my account until then. So I had a few quarters left over from laundry and that's it.

I did get a ride home, which was great, as it is just now about the time I would be getting on the bus and it's raining cats and dogs. There was pretty strong lightning as well. I am so sick and tired of this weather.

Today was a good day, pretty productive considering I'm sick. It's apparently grant-writing season; I've had more interlibrary loan requests this month than I do normally--about five times as much. I got my badge picture taken today, and although I don't have the badge yet, I got to see what it would look like and it's not bad. I dealt with some computer issues and data entry problems as well. I should probably have enough work to stay till 7 both tomorrow and Friday, which is refreshing. They also had the book fair today, which was fun to browse.

I am pretty tired, though. I've eaten and taken my Novolog (not in that order). Now to take my antibiotics. I might lie down for a bit. I miss being able to listen to music at work (no good on earphones when you have a bum ear). I might listen to some here later. Just in case I don't get back to the blog tonight, take care, especially if you're in the path of the storms.

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