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Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm surprisingly bouncy

On three hours' of sleep. At about four it occurred to me that although gadgets have a certain adrenaline spike for me, the fact that I sat at the computer and phone and consumed almost an entire 2 litre of Diet Coke after 7 pm after having precious little caffeine the last few nights probably explained my sleeplessness best.

So I woke up this morning to what will probably become a daily ritual. First it's wake up to an alarm (in this case, a rooster's call--it seemed the most likely to wake me up--I like the chance for multiple alarms [I have one set to remember my Lantus at night and to change jobs at the time clock mid-shift]). Then I check the weather outside and do a quick scan of the news to make sure that civilisation hasn't gone belly up. Then it's a shower, dressing, and the regular stuff.

My blood sugar is not surprisingly high this morning, what with pizza last night, lack of sleep, and late Lantus (at 4 am). But I checked it and put in in to an application that will track blood sugar, meds, etc., and it lets you write in pretty detailed notes. It's like having a PDA again, but on a phone. :)

I have a shopping list for Walgreens ready on my phone, superior to anything on the Kindle, and less bulky.

I promise this blog will not be about how my mind was quickly subsumed by technology. Really. But it's new and fun. :)

Okay, I need to pick up some meds. I've been out of my oral meds for a couple of days and need to get back in the swing of things. Have a great day.

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