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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

I didn't feel great today

My head, foot, ankle, and knee were all hurting. I felt worn out by the time I got home, too tired to even cook any macaroni and cheese, which I'm now just having. Now both legs are hurting because my left took up the slack for the right. I know it beats the alternative, but getting older sometimes just sucks.

This morning I had some books due at the library and took them in. I came out with guides to Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint 2010, as well as a collection of Unshelved comic strips. I brought to the attention of the woman at the desk that despite being a 14-day book, the latter was giving me a 28-day due date, but she wasn't quite sure how to fix it. But I shouldn't need it that long, since comics are a quick read and of course, I've read a lot of these since they're on this blog.

We start training for the upgrade to Office 2010 next week. Since I was able to download the professional version for home use for $9.95, I can get a head start with the program and the books, or at least hope to.

The other major thing today is that my cell phone is dying. I'm not sure whether it's just the battery, or the software, or both. The phone was turning itself off or half off, but then the software was glitching too. I couldn't get it to go to the menu area, for example. In checking the battery connexion, I reset my phone, losing all the contacts and not having access to the My Faves feature. I have those backed up, so I should be able to restore them. But it's become totally unreliable. There's a button on it that doesn't work at all and hasn't for some time. My last phone lasted me 10 years and is still okay, only needing the battery replaced after about 9 years; I just wanted to upgrade. This one has lasted two years.

I've looked into getting another phone and I found one I thought looked like a possibility. I'm going to go by the store on Thursday and get a look at it. It's a small, low-end Android smart phone that's pretty inexpensive (about as much as my little flip-phone retailed for). It has the music and radio features I use a lot, plus camera, video, and GPS. It can get on the Internet and you can get applications from the Android store (although some aren't optimised for its smaller screen). The two drawbacks from the reviews I've seen seem to be battery life (but I charge my phone as it is every night anyway, and that's been necessary as long as I've had it) and the small Swype keyboard, but I have small fingers, so it may not be a problem for me. It's called a Huawei Comet. I'm not familiar with that manufacturer; I've always had Nokias. So if you know a lot about it and have some input, let me know, preferably before Thursday. :) Some reviews were absolutely great and others were terrible, but I've found that the case of most reviews, and it got an overall positive rating. It will mean adding a data plan to my T-mobile bill, but I checked, and they're not unreasonable.

I got a package from UPS today at the apartment, but the office was closed when I came home so I don't know what it is. It could (finally) be my CPAP masque (my doctor finally faxed the prescription to the medical supply company *three weeks* after requested, but hey, it got there. Only thing is, the masque is supposed to go to my work address, so it could be something entirely different. So I'm definitely picking that up in the morning.

When I came home tonight a (fortunately empty) fountain that sits on my bathroom sink was in the middle of the bathroom floor, with rocks and a candle there, too. Also fortunately, the mirror on the fountain did not crack. The only thing I can think of is that I was having some trouble with my sink draining. I meant to call about it this morning, but got distracted by the phone issue. If the people upstairs were also having trouble, maintenance might have checked mine. It was draining smoothly when I got home. But if he knocked off the fountain, you would think he'd have picked it up. I guess he could have brushed it partway off and it fell later. Otherwise, I vote for gremlins. At least my sink is better.

Okay, I think I'll go now and check my e-mail. Have a good night.

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