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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Yes, yes, yes!

Okay, awhile back, when I first got my phone, I downloaded the Barcode Scanner application from the Android Market with the hopes of maybe getting my books into LibraryThing once and for all. I had trouble getting it to work on my low-end Comet (the phone's camera is a little clunky), but discovered it would do QR codes on a monitor with no trouble.

Enter LibraryThingScanner, which uses the Barcode Scanner to enter an ISBN into LibraryThing, bringing it up in the browser, so you can add the book, without typing in all those numbers. After playing with the scanner a bit, I realised that it's just a bit dim in my apartment for it, but if I put the book under bright light, it worked perfectly. So light was the issue; that's why it worked fine on a bright monitor.

So, yay, I can really start cataloguing those books. Since I'm a 'lifetime member' of LibraryThing, it's good to be able to start really putting them in, even if I do have to take them into the hallway or set up a light somewhere more convenient. :)

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