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Friday, April 22, 2011

I gave up

trying to get anything meaningful done at work today and came on home early. It's been a busy day. First I went and got some meds at the pharmacy. Then I went in to work. I did a lot of interlibrary loans today. I don't know what it is about April, but I've been a net lender for months now and then suddenly I get something like 30 requests in less than a month. About thirteen of those were today. Plus I had four lend requests and some article requests I could fill from our collection. I thought I was doing pretty well despite the lack of sleep, but there wasn't anything I was doing that required absolute precision, although I double-checked everything to be sure it was right. But when I got to the data entry job, well, that was a different story. I keep track of my errors. Since January 1st I've made seventeen total. Today I made three, all of changing the date from today to the date of service. Since I can't undo my own work on that set of data, I had to ask someone to remove three different sets. Not cool. I did finish the most complex entries but really at the third mistake I decided to call it a night, come on home and get something to eat, and head to bed for awhile. I'd hoped to work on game notes tonight, but I'm not going to attempt that until I've gotten a little sleep under my belt.

It looks terribly gloomy outside now, although it was actually a little sunny when I came home. Perfect sleeping weather. Tomorrow is another day--and tomorrow is for laundry and game notes. :)

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