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Monday, April 18, 2011

This bothered me today

Sarcastic or serious? Missing subtle cues may signal dementia: Gullible sufferers may fall for lies, scams more easily because of brain disease

See, on top of having a somewhat squishy memory, I am terribly gullible and way too trusting. And although I usually spot sarcasm, it's sort of a crap shoot. I have more trouble determining these things in person, observing cues, rather than in writing, for that matter.

Dementia is a great fear of mine. I've spent years with some issues, probably a mix of blood sugar issues, 'fibromyalgia fog', and occasional lability, but having had a great-grandmother with Alzheimer's--and having watched how it unfolded, it is, I suppose, a very real fear of mine. On the other hand, my memory is good for some things--numbers for instance. Things that don't carry much emotion. And I compensate by writing things down (or lately, jotting them into my Kindle, so I don't just lose the papers) or trying to keep essential items, like keys and bus passes, in special designated places.

Well, if I lose my mind, I guess I'll blog bravely into it. But seriously, if you every see a post and wonder what I could be thinking or it doesn't make sense, let me know.

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