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Monday, April 25, 2011


So I do indeed have a case of otitis externa, with some throat involvement, too, so they put me on ear drops with Cipro in it and an oral antibiotic I've never heard of called Spectracef. They sent me home with the ear drops and I've taken those. The oral antibiotic will have to wait until tomorrow morning on the way to work--I walked out in front of a moving car earlier because I was feeling so bad that I did not see it (and I certainly didn't hear it!) I didn't feel like navigating over to Walgreens and back. Instead I went on home, ate, and went to bed, where I slept for three hours. I'm not running a fever but I was having chills anyway.

I understand why kids cry with ear infections. It's very painful. They couldn't even get the scope in far enough to see my ear drum, it's so swollen. It's hurting all the way down to my shoulders, and along the jaw. I feel like I'm living in 'The Tell-Tale Heart', as I constantly hear my heart beat. I only have two more doses of ibuprofen left--I'll have to get more at the pharmacy tomorrow. Unfortunately I can't afford to miss work (I have very little PTO due to having to take so much to fill in hours here and there from where I've been getting done early on many days). The worst part of the ear infection, besides the feeling of liquid rolling around inside like moths to a flame, is that it hurts, but then there are points where the pain increases tenfold for a moment. It's also really bad if you burp. :) I do well with chronic pain, but I'm a weenie when it comes to acute pain.

I got up and talked with a friend for awhile and made my payment to the IRS for this month. I also found a book requested from me through PaperbackSwap.com. I'll send it out tomorrow. Now I'm thinking seriously of just heading back to bed until it's time to take my insulin.

I got little screen protectors for my cell phone today, and the purple gel skin to help protect the actual phone is on its way. I might get that tomorrow or the next day. Even with shipping, it was something like $7.98 for both, much better than if I'd gone through the phone store. I love Amazon.com. I must say the screen protector feels a little stickier so you have to kind of work on lifting your finger a little more and just lightly flicking the screen.

Unfortunately I didn't request a phone number that spelled anything, and YKWIA wants me to give him something to remember it with. Since there are three zeroes in my phone number, that's an issue. I'm going to put it through one of those generators and see if I can come up with anything at all.

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