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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

According to YKWIA

I was pretty incoherent on the phone just now, as I walked home. I am so tired. I'm eating; which hurts, as my jaw is swollen, too. I just took the Bactrim DS that I got instead of the Spectracef, took a couple of Advil, and I'm going to go on to bed for awhile after I'm finished eating. But the pain is nowhere near where it was this morning, at least, and my ear is draining now, which is gross but I suspect good, since there's so much pressure built up inside.

Sorry to go on about being sick, but it's a little all-consuming right now, although I did get quite a bit accomplished at work despite feeling like crap. I'll try to get up a little later so 1) I don't have trouble sleeping later and 2) to do some interesting blogging, rather than going on about ear stuff.

PS The badge photos got moved up to Wednesday and Thursday. Joy. Oh, well, at least we're having a book fair tomorrow. :)

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