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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An excellent take on the Brian Cooley controversy

I can always count on Michelle Kraft for thoughtful posts. Here's one on recent comments made by CNET's Brian Cooley regarding libraries:

Brian Cooley: Libraries Are for the Very Old or the Very Unemployed

A post on LISNews first directed my attention to the latest controversy hitting the library world. Brian Cooley, CNET’s senior technology commentator and editor at large, in the April 20, 2011 “Buzz Out Loud” podcast (about 14:00 min. into the show) gave his less than stellar opinion on libraries while discussing Kindle’s new library services.

I listened to the show to see whether Cooley really said what people in the library community said he did, or if they were getting their feathers ruffled over some minor comment. Wow! All I can say is that for a smart tech guy Cooley comes off as pretty stupid. If you have ever seen the T.V. show, The Middle, Cooley’s statements sounded a lot like Axl Heck, a self absorbed teenager who makes statements like “Eskimos aren’t even real. They’re just in stories like leprechauns and trolls.”

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