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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Um, really?

An American stereotype of the British is that they have bad teeth (I can't say much, having never had braces, but then I do have mostly British genes). But as Hermione Granger's parents have taught us, the UK has dentists, and I think the stereotype is fading anyway. Well, this is apparently what a dentist will do for you for £1,000 and six hours of work on the eve of the royal wedding.

Royally obsessed: Man gets Will and Kate tattooed on teeth

(Notice that the teeth themselves are straight.) He did it to win a contest, but I don't think there was a monetary prize. The images on his teeth should last about 3 months. Hard to believe in this oeconomy anyone would pay that much for the future king and queen on their teeth--for a short time. Although, I'm sure he'll get lots of attention. I wonder if they just fade away with brushing or come off in bits? Ugh.

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Bob said...

I think that the British teeth stereotype was based on a tendency toward overbites among the upper classes. With NHS dentists providing care for the UK population, most of them get better dental care than low-income Americans do. There are rationing horror stories, though, of people forced to pull their own teeth with pliers.