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Saturday, April 23, 2011


Listening to: 'When They Come For Me' by Linkin Park (I know, you wouldn't think so, given the liberal use of the 'mf' word. People just don't think of librarians cussing, or listening to swear words. I used to amuse a co-worker at the gas station if I was startled and let out the 'f' word. But they are particularly basic and integral parts of language, even if calling someone might get you hurt. It's all about knowing when and how to swear, and not do it so much that you can still be a lady.) :)

I found the other headphones (within a minute or so of looking) and they work much better at grabbing into the jack. Using it in my purse is still useless--too much motion, but I tried a couple of pockets and it did. I think when I was trying to put in my jeans pocket yesterday I was putting it all the way in and the headphones were being dislodged. If I put the whole phone straight in, but leave the headphones peeking out, it works better, but that's on my CHANGE pocket of my jeans. It doesn't work in the deep pockets.So if any of you are having the same trouble, try other headphones, or other pants. :) Mine aren't earbuds (those tend to fall out of my left ear). They're the size of earbuds but have a connecting plastic piece to keep them in place. I don't remember what the brand was; I got them one day at Kroger.

One nice thing is dispensing with the giant adapter I had to use on the old phone. It had a 2.5 mm jack, not 3.55 mm. It got caught on everything, as it made a right angle.

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