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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's still pretty cloudy

but this was the first night since I got the phone that I could see any stars (more precisely, two). So I took it out and brought up Google Sky Maps and discovered that those two stars are part of Ursa Major. Yay!

I keep getting tweets about the International Space Station going over my area, bright to see, but of course it's been lousy for viewing with all the rain. But at least a got to play a bit with the sky.

I've had a lot of rest but still feel drained. I just don't feel like doing much other than eat and sleep, and even sleep is getting harder now because I've already had five hours' worth tonight and it's just after midnight. Usually sleep is not an issue for me--I fall asleep with no trouble [unless I've consumed a 2 litre of soda :)], but the pain's making it difficult. I actually took some Darvocet I had left over from a neck injury last year and that helped me sleep. It's still dulling the pain. I forgot to ask about the CPAP and how it would affect my ear (I did that last time I had one of these, too, but had no ill effects. I have discovered, though, that it hurts a little more. Even outside today was windy, and it hurt going up into my ear.) And of course I use my CPAP to sleep, so there's a little more pain. Not much, mind you, just a little evil icing on the cake, so to speak.

PS This has, at least temporarily, solved the headphone situation. I can't use headphones at all. :)

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