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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yay :) and boo :(


Because my blood sugars have been doing better, my doctor took me off of my remaining diabetes oral meds and increased the dosage of my insulin with a target of 100 reading on the glucometer upon waking.

That means I'm down to four pills (I was at 7 for a long time). He also changed my short-acting insulin from Apidra to Novolog since I was still reacting to the Apidra. It's another pen sort of delivery, and my pen tip needles fit both, even though they're different manufacturers.


I've had a headache all day that has gradually gotten worse to the point where I'm almost no longer aware of the pain in my foot. I'm generally aching, too, and the bus ride home tonight did nothing good for that. Not to play poor pitiful me, but I think I'm going to just take YNWIA's advice and take some ibuprofen, put something cool on my forehead, and go on to bed. So there won't be much blogging tonight, I'm afraid. I just came in from being over at a friend's house, and being up and about helped a bit (well, not my foot), but I was fading by the time I got home.

Good night.

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