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Thursday, May 31, 2012

What a day

  1. Worked for an hour this morning doing data entry.
  2. Rode the bus to Central Baptist Hospital.
  3. Got a compliment on my skirt (the one my friends got me for my birthday) from a complete stranger.
  4. Got to see a lot of folks I haven't seen in awhile.
  5. Listened to an excellent programme by Dorothy Brockopp on librarians, nurses, evidence-based practice, and Magnet status.
  6. Had an excellent meal as part of the meeting (thanks Lonnie and Carla!!!)
  7. Had our Kentucky Medical Library Association business meeting, which was very productive. I would so volunteer to be president again when the term comes up in the fall, if I had a car. They're always looking for someone to do it, and I was president of the Bluegrass Medical Libraries once upon a time and enjoyed it.
  8. Stopped by the gift shop on my way out, looking for a present for my grandmother, but alas, did not find anything for her.
  9. Came out just in time to miss the bus.
  10. Thanked a man for giving me a piece of paper with a prayer by St Francis of Assisi on it.
  11. Sat outside in the sun for 35 minutes with sunscreen that may or may not still be active.
  12. Got back to work about 3:45 (I leave at 5).
  13. Had a fire drill in our area so I had to go to another section for a few minutes.
  14. Put the last of the charge sheets for the week in.
  15. Assigned things to my to-do list for next week.
  16. Got a ride to Kroger.
  17. Bought some much-needed groceries (and new sunscreen).
  18. Took an offer from a Bulgarian lady I sometimes talk to at the bus stop (she doesn't speak much English) to borrow a big reusable bag that held three of mine.
  19. Schlepped home.
  20. Put the perishables away, plopped down, and looked something up for a friend.
  21. Reported my findings.
  22. Ate some Tuscan bean salad, mozzarella, and some bread.
Now I'm going to go to the postal boxes we have for packages and pick up a delivery. They put a key in our mailbox for them. I am always amazed that I get packages from the Science Fiction Book Club without fail, but things from Amazon are never delivered correctly. Go figure.

It looks like the rain is coming close. We're supposed to have storms and the high will be about 20 degrees lower tomorrow, when I visit my family. So I better retrieve that package now. Have a pleasant evening. I'm not sure if I'll blog again tonight, or even tomorrow since I'll be visiting with my mom, grandmother, aunts, and uncles.

Which brings me to the following question: What do you get a woman who has pretty much everything for her 88th birthday???? If you have suggestions, let me know in the comments. Thanks.

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